34 Responses to “Witch or Bitch Hat?”

  1. OMG Love the hat!!!!and Love you!!! You always make me smile…or is it Laugh??
    Would love to be your friend. have a great time.

  2. What fun! YOUR hat is fantastic and much more you. Power to the _ithches!

  3. And well you should be the one who refuses to conform! I love your hat! Should be the hit of the party!

  4. Just exactly what the modern day witchy would be wearing..very stylish! Love it!

  5. That is sooooooo you! You’ll be the hit of the ball – with or without the hat! Have a great time, you fantastic lady!

  6. OH WOW…. I love your witching hour hat! So cool 🙂 Have a great time!!

  7. Hey Sherry,
    That is bitchingly cool!!!!
    have a great time….

  8. You go with your Bad Self!! Gorgeous hat and definitely says Sherry!

    Elaine Allen

  9. Love it- you are too funny! Love the grunge flowers…everyone will want one of yours, you know…

  10. You are one crazy lady!! Love the *itch hat.

  11. Verrrrry clever! I’d like to be a ghost at one of your parties to see what goes on. Bet you all have a great time. Have fun. Edna

  12. AWESOME! Have fun you BAD witch…lol. Love it!

  13. You go girl! Love it and I like to be the one who doesn’t quite follow the rules and be different! Looks great.

  14. Fantastic project! Love it!

  15. OMG!!!! That hat is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!

  16. OMG …you are just too funny!!! I love your hat!!! You are just too darn creative…hope ya have lots of fun!!!

  17. LMAO! I LOVE IT!!!! And all the other witches will be jealous!!!! HAHAHHAHA they are stuck being plain ol witches when deep down they wanna be Bitches!!! LMAO



  18. Love it!!! And it’s quiet alright to be a ‘bitch’ ,lol trust me…. I’ve been a bitch all week, lol.

    Awesome hat 🙂 Love that memory glass…..

  19. So great:)

  20. I knew I would enjoy what you were blogging about. I love it. That is so YOU. Have fun from those of us who are not at the party but who live in the internet. 🙂

  21. LOVE it!! Absolutely LOVE it!

  22. You have done an excellent job & how unique xx

    Perhaps you could go into business designing caps x

  23. What can I say the hat calls your name…love it! Sue said the meeting was fun last night hope you enjoyed it also.

  24. Love it…have bewitching great fun at your get together. Thanks for the fun.

  25. I love this hat, Sherry!!!! SO FUN!

  26. You do realize that you have started a new trend…We all need a bitch hat once in awhile…..some more that others.

  27. A very modern witches hat I’m thinking, very cool.
    I think you’ll look good in this Sherry. It’s definitely you.
    Have fun tonight and at the Witches and Bitches Burn too.

  28. Sherry this hat is sooooo you! And I don’t think it screams “Halloween”, maybe you could wear it other times or alter it a little. Love love love the flowers. Cool! Hope the stop smoking campaign is going well. Don’t give up!


  29. Great hat! Or, I should say, “Wicked”!! Hope the meeting/party was fun.

  30. Your hat is fabulous! Way too cool!!!!

  31. so creative and will be one of a kind that’s for sure, terrific embellishing!!
    Have fun!!

  32. This is so wicked kewl Sherry – LOVE IT!!!

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