12 Responses to “Holly Gift Tags!”

  1. What a great idea! Thanks for the pics showing how you made these lovely tags!

  2. The pictures of things used is a great idea. And the tags are cute. I may just have to make some. That is if I get all my cards made. Do you have your cards done yet? Think I have about 30 done so far. Edna

  3. I am really loving your beautiful work of gift tags, and Christmas cards. I just may have to case a few! Miss you!

  4. AGGGGHHHHH!! The guilt of it all!! Ok….maybe I’ll try and crank out some tags today!! (or maybe I should try and make some Christmas card designs…that would be something new for November too!! (snort)

  5. so cute, great idea using the ornament die, I am just hoping to get some cards made, then maybe I will see about making tags 🙂

  6. I’m not the only one that writes the names on packages??? WAHOOO!!!!! OK, that and these AWESOME Tags have inspired me to create some today!!!!

    I have these dies and LOVE them,

    Thanks SO much Sherry!!!

  7. Thank you for posting the pic about leaving space at the top of the fold to make the card. I finally get it!!! 🙂

    So…I buy the sticky “to/from” tags (on clearance) for all my gifts, now I feel guilty that it’s so easy and it looks nice. :p

  8. Wow! I really like your idea of your product listing (the pictures) and LOVE your creations. Thanks for sharing.

  9. waouhhhhhhhhhh super bravo md

  10. These tags are so pretty, I love your blog, you always make me smile Sherry, thanks x
    I really must make time to get my Christmas cards done (I’ve only managed to make around 10 so far, waaay behind this year), and now tags too, how can I resist, they’re too cute. lol

  11. very good! Love them!

  12. How perfect! Love these!

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