10 Responses to “Little Holiday Notebooks!”

  1. This is adorable and looks like it can be pretty handy to use for this holiday season for notes and such.

  2. cool project, bet they will have fun doing them!

  3. OK that is simple enough for a non crafter AND a Crafter to whip out quick and CUTE lil gifties!!!! Gotta love a supportive Family… I have a Pampered Chef turn about, haven’t seen the new spice rack… hmmm….. LOL I use the turn about for my hand tools on my craft desk… who cooks??? LOL

  4. Great project! These would make great stocking stuffers! I’m sure the girls will have lots of fun making them.

  5. Oh yea, I am one of the lucky ones who gets to craft with the bow to sister. I can not wait, and I am not a crafter. Looking really forward to it.

  6. Hey, these are so cool for non-stamper/crafters and perfect for this time of year! I can’t wait to see what you do with your Mom and uncle’s boxes. And I really can’t wait to see your PC spice rack with the salvaged bottles!! Oooooo, so much to look forward to!!

  7. Sherry, really like how you list your products; what a help for visual learners. The note pad is too cute; your friends will oooooooh and awwwwww over it like I just did :=) Countdown for returning to Texas is now (remember we’re almost a day ahead of the east coast) 11 days! I can’t wait to see my kids and grandsons!!!! Have fun with your friends crafting; hope I can attend one of your classes one day.

  8. Wow, how sweet of ya to do that for your friends!!! Those holiday notebooks are a great idea…too COOL…love it!!! You are so so creative…love all your projects…take care!!!

  9. Sounds like a totally fun craft nite. Cool project.

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