I got in last night around 9:30 and all I can say is . . . . flippin’ cold!  I feel bad for all my friends still stuck in California who can’t get home, but darn it all . . . . it’s warm there.  I hope they enjoy it while they can.

I have a few more favorite product sightings to share with you today.

Love the tissue paper from 7 Gypsies.

Look at this new battery operated glue gun from imaginisce.  This will definitely find a spot on my work table . . .  no more cords to fight with and to get tangled with my heat gun!

Lovin’ these new mini spools from Maya Road!  I can already see them sitting on a little wood shelf with twine dangling down.

Fabulous papers from Melissa Frances . . . . so shabby chic!

. . . and this cake stand also from Melissa Frances.

The new Butterfly Garden Collection from pinkpaislee caught my eye right away.

I ran into Jessica Fick while watching Donna Salazar at the Spellbinders booth!  Have I told you lately how much I love Donna’s new Spellbinders dies!

I couldn’t end my CHA journey without a trip to Stampavie and meeting Diane Zechman!

My Indiana girls running around with their “may the INK be with you” pins. Daisy had these made to pass out while we were walking the floor!

That’s all for now!  I got laundry, cleaning, blah blah blah to do here around the house.  Then my mind is absolutely running with new ideas for projects and I can’t wait to get in the studio!  I’ve got lots of new stuff to play with and much more on the way.


20 Responses to “I’m Home!”

  1. Glad you made it home! I can’t wait to try that glue gun!

  2. Glad you made it home safely. Looking forwards
    to all those projects you will be creating. I’m sure
    you are over-loaded with ideas.

  3. So glad you’re home safe and sound! Looks like you had a blast girl! I’m shooting for CHA this summer.

  4. Forget the laundry….you should have stayed here and we could’ ve played with ideas where it is fairly warm!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the pix. You look fabulous. What wonderful new toys you have to play with.

  6. I can just see the wheels turning in your head LOL! I know they would be mine. Bring on the goodies gf.

  7. Praising one more person made it home from the show! Thanks for sharing all of the new goodies…can’t wait to find them at our local stores!

  8. Sherry, I love living vicariously through your trips! All the fun and none of the travel/luggage/transportation to the hotel issues (of course no clean sheets on a bed made by someone else either)! I love the Maya Road spools — definitely will be mine, as well as the cordless glue gun! How could it have taken so long for someone to come up with this??? More than the tangling up and glue threads all over the cord I remember the limited mobility with them — and when you have troops of girl scouts, it’s best if they can move! Thanks, Mary PS the tissue paper and MF papers — ALL of it looks fantabulous this year!

  9. I think you posted some fab inspiration and such happy pictures from CHA. I can’t wait to see what you create…so get that laundry done…..I can be a bit impatient. (just kidding.) Bevie

  10. Hi Sherry –
    Sounds like you had a grand time. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Thank you for all the posting of photos, really appreciated it. I really want that Glue Gun and I love those tiny spools.
    Elaine Allen

  11. So glad you got home safe and sound, even if it is “COLD”. Thanks for all the updates.

  12. Welcome home, thanks for sharing more photos. Looking good Sherry and lots of cool stuff to see too. A cordless glue gun would be handier the cable always seems to move mine when I let go, a bit of a pain when it’s still oozing hot glue. I usually let it rest where it wants then pop an old CD under to save sticking anything I don’t want stuck, lol

  13. I thought of you on Tuesday night when this blizzard was in full swing. The newscaster mentioned Ohio. I am originally from Southern California so I know how nice the weather is there. And to think I moved to Missouri!!! So glad you got home safe and sound and glad you had a good time. We had 24 inches of snow. The most in the state. I am anxious to see that tissue paper from 7 Gypsies. I am always skulking the stores for solid color tissue paper to make flowers with. Can’t wait to see all the goodies you come up with! Get rested.

  14. Welcome home. I’m happy you made it safely, had a great time and I can’t wait to see what you create.

  15. OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tissue paper from 7 Gypsies. Just last Saturday, I was sitting with the owner of Art on a Lark here in Hillsboro and we were going over all the new Tim Holtz stuff and what would be good for the store. When I saw his embossing folder of the pattern pieces and I said I wish he would come out with pattern tissue paper with small pattern designs on them. This is exactly what I was dreaming of! I wait for JoAnns when they have the 99 cent sales on the patterns and I get barbie doll clothing patterns so the drawings are smaller but they usually have a limit of two at that price, but this new 7 Gypsies paper is perfecto! Thanks for sharing and glad you got to have a bit of fun in the almost sun in LA….at least warmer than here!

  16. looks like some great stuff, glad to hear you made it home safely!

  17. Welcome Home Sherry & Thank You SOOo Much for your CHA Postings & New Products! How sweet are those tissue paper flowers — YUMMMMM ♥ ♥ ♥

  18. Hi Sherry! So good to meet you in person at CHA. I’m a big fan of your work.

  19. Took a closer look at the butterfly and see that you used a small clothespin for the body; how clever is that? I like using butterflies on projects and am going to “case” your idea, my friend; hope you don’t mind 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what else you brought home to share with your blogger readers from CHA.

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