Oh my heavens . . . I haven’t been here for so long!  I’ve had so much going on here at home that yesterday was the first day I’ve truly walked into the studio since returning from CHA.   I really didn’t forget about y’all!

A week last Saturday, Mallory called from school and was very sick and we told her to go to the emergency room there.  She went, found out what was wrong, was treated and released all on the same day.

On Monday morning Mr. Stodgy woke early with problems breathing and drove himself to the emergency room.  He called me around 7:30 and woke me up, then told me what he had done and wanted me to come down to the hospital.  By the time I got there, he was no longer in the ER, but had been admitted.

In the meantime, Mallory was getting worse and I was monitoring her via text and phone to see if we needed to bring her home.  Which we did end up doing Tuesday morning.  To make her story short, she was allergic to her medicine and by the time I took her back yesterday, she was doing much better!

Mr. Stodgy on the other hand was not doing so well.  He was in congestive heart failure and had had a heart attack.  Finally on Friday afternoon, after a battery of tests, blah blah blah, he was released and is resting at home for a few days.  He was actually released to go back to work today, but I fought him on it and told him he had some vacation days he really should take.  The man has never ever taken a vacation day . . . . never.  Well a few weeks a couple of years ago, but that’s been it.

I had to laugh because he did tell me the other day he knew he really needed to stay home and wondered if I could stand him being around the house.  Why of course, honey, I answered . . . . I’ll be in the studio, I need to work!

We are also working on diet and other life style changes around here.  Luckily and hopefully, I’ll not be the lone non-smoker anymore  . . . let alone the only one that will eat chicken instead of insisting on having red meat with every meal.  I told you it was a big life style change!

So that’s the story of my vanishing act.  Now lets talk about how I’m trying to get the mojo flowing and back into the groove. You know, its been three weeks since I’ve really put my mind to creating.

I think what I’ll do is create a separate post for my card.  I hope you don’t mind!  For some reason I feel that I need to not glob up a card post with all this other information.


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