Oh my heavens . . . I haven’t been here for so long!  I’ve had so much going on here at home that yesterday was the first day I’ve truly walked into the studio since returning from CHA.   I really didn’t forget about y’all!

A week last Saturday, Mallory called from school and was very sick and we told her to go to the emergency room there.  She went, found out what was wrong, was treated and released all on the same day.

On Monday morning Mr. Stodgy woke early with problems breathing and drove himself to the emergency room.  He called me around 7:30 and woke me up, then told me what he had done and wanted me to come down to the hospital.  By the time I got there, he was no longer in the ER, but had been admitted.

In the meantime, Mallory was getting worse and I was monitoring her via text and phone to see if we needed to bring her home.  Which we did end up doing Tuesday morning.  To make her story short, she was allergic to her medicine and by the time I took her back yesterday, she was doing much better!

Mr. Stodgy on the other hand was not doing so well.  He was in congestive heart failure and had had a heart attack.  Finally on Friday afternoon, after a battery of tests, blah blah blah, he was released and is resting at home for a few days.  He was actually released to go back to work today, but I fought him on it and told him he had some vacation days he really should take.  The man has never ever taken a vacation day . . . . never.  Well a few weeks a couple of years ago, but that’s been it.

I had to laugh because he did tell me the other day he knew he really needed to stay home and wondered if I could stand him being around the house.  Why of course, honey, I answered . . . . I’ll be in the studio, I need to work!

We are also working on diet and other life style changes around here.  Luckily and hopefully, I’ll not be the lone non-smoker anymore  . . . let alone the only one that will eat chicken instead of insisting on having red meat with every meal.  I told you it was a big life style change!

So that’s the story of my vanishing act.  Now lets talk about how I’m trying to get the mojo flowing and back into the groove. You know, its been three weeks since I’ve really put my mind to creating.

I think what I’ll do is create a separate post for my card.  I hope you don’t mind!  For some reason I feel that I need to not glob up a card post with all this other information.


33 Responses to “Family Update!”

  1. so glad that all turned out well for your daughter and husband …. never a dull moment, huh?
    take care!
    Sandra ltb

  2. Sherry: so sorry to hear about the Mr.’s problems and Mallory too. Hope everyone is on the mend. Tell Mr. Stodgy he and Elizabeth Taylor now have something in common. He should rest a bit. Men are a pain when they’re sick, arent’ they? Good luck with everything!


  3. Oh my, that must have been so scary for all of you. Hope the lifestyle changes work out with Mr Stodgy and that both of your patients are fully recovered really soon.

    Enjoy being back in your studio – I’m sure your mojo is just raring to get creative 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear that the family has been sick. I had a similar scare with my Mr. and so far so good and he is sticking to the diet. He likes the part of a couple small glasses of red wine every night if he can’t get his red meat. Dr. said it was good for his cholesterol so he is all for it! Hope to see you back at work soon.

  5. My gosh Sherry, that certainly was a double-whammy wasn’t it? I’m just relieved to hear that Miss Mallory & Mr. Stodgy are on the road to recovery. It must have been exhausting for you being the care-giver x 2, so please ensure you’re looking after your own health too 🙂 I need you in my life sweetie!
    The healthy habits will do everyone good in the family — we have the same *problem* —- I am approx. 95% vegan & my DH is 125% red meat LoVeR. Is there a healthy middle-ground for us? Nope, not according to my DH ! He lives for his steaks, ribs and pork … I adore my fresh veggies, fruit & seafood. Let me know if you’re able to establish a healthy medium, as I would like to achieve that for my household too =D
    So glad you are back to the Land of Blogging — you know how distressing it is for me when Miss Badness herself isn’t posting — talk about depressing !!

  6. Have been wondering what happened to you. So many things at the same time. Glad you held together and your husband and daughter are both on the road to recovery. All take care. Edna

  7. Just knew it was something serious, or you wouldn’t have just disappeared. Best Wishes for all to return to normal. Get some rest, time to create and enjoy the new life style. It all bites us now or then. Besides Spring is on the Way. I did miss you.

  8. I was wondering where you were – missed you! Sorry to hear of all the health problems, but hopefully all your patients are on the mend. Good luck with the new life style. We need it in our household too. Missed you!

  9. I am so glad to see you back on-line. I was getting ready to call out cyber search and rescue. I was honestly worried! So sorry to hear about your honey. Mine went through that 5 years ago…He’s doing well now, but you are right, there are many changes to learn to like. Salt (or lack of it) cigarettes need to be gone and alcohol greatly limited. Tell him he will actually feel much better. Best to all three of you…Lord your plate is full!

  10. Missed you. Glad your patients are on the mend.
    I know you must have lots of ideas on projects
    after being at CHA. Looking forwards to seeing
    what you come up with.

  11. OMGosh, Sherry…yes, never a dull moment. But so RELIEVED to hear that your DH & DD are on the road to recovery :0) Hugs to you, my friend!!

  12. Sherry, drop by my blog I have a special award for you, because you make my days so special

  13. I was just wondering why I hadn’t seen anything from you in a while!! Wow when it rains it pours! I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and Mr. Stodgy glad they are both on the mends. Yep sounds like some changes will be happening at your house. It is all for the best, and it won’t be easy. Good luck Sherry!!

  14. WOW! What a trying week you had. Glad to hear that Mallory’s problem was diagnosed quickly and could be fixed, and I hope that Mr. Stodgy will soon be up and dancing again soon (that’s one of my favorite internet images ever). Sure makes one appreciate the little things in life. Take care!

  15. Sherry, I am married to Mr. Stodgy’s twin brother except his twin washes all that red meat down with Vodka. I used to say he was going to leave me a young widow but now I think he is going to put me in an early grave worrying about him! Good Luck and I hope (finger’s crossed) that he will behave!

  16. Hi Sherry

    Sorry to hear its been a rough few weeks for you all. Hope everyone is much better really soon.

    Take care

    Billie x

  17. Holy Moly! What a week. I’m so glad there was a positive outcome for both family members…and that you’re doing OK. One call like that is enough; I can’t imagine dealing with two emergencies at the same time. Sending positive vibes your way as you work on incorporating changes with Mr. Stodgy. It’s great to have you back!

  18. You have really been missed, her royal badness. Your family never has easy health issues and I hope hubby can kick the smoking habit. It will be good for both of you and think of the money he will save that you can spend on new eye candy! Seriously, good health to all 3 of you. Take care of yourself too.

  19. I’m so sorry for what you and your family’s been going through. I send healing and healthy thoughts your way and hope everyone gets and stays well.

  20. I am sorry to hear about your family. I was missing you. Hoping everyone is feeling better. My husband had to have a mechanical heart valve at 35, which was almost 7 years ago. Good luck with the diet thing, men are resistant to change. But we love them anyway 🙂

  21. Have been missing you. You’s the Momma and takes care of the fam. Also .. good thinking on the lihe style changes. You’s one Brave “Bad” gal.
    My prayers & thoughts are with you & fam. Hugzzzzz

  22. So glad Mr survived his heart attack, my DH has survived his and we are 1yr and 9 mths along on the new normal. DH was a junk food addict, if it was greasy, fried, had cheese or came shrink wrapped he was all over it. The big kicker is that I was a clinical nutritionist in a big mediacl center and always cooked healthy, ate healthy , preached healthy. Now it is salads, chicken etc, plus he exercises!!!!!

  23. Oh my you have had some crazy stuff happen, so good that you were back home when all this happened. Well I hope that you are all able to stick to a good routine of eating and exercising, I know it is hard to change what we are use to eating and doing for years….. hope everyone is on the mend and doing well!

  24. Oh, my, what a terrible week or so you’ve had!! I’m glad that your husband and daughter are on the mend and hope they’ll continue on to better health! I’ve missed your talents. Take care of yourself, too, Sherry, as you have to be the nurse for awhile. Yikes!!!

  25. Sorry to hear of all the health issues. Hugs, girl.

  26. So sorry to hear your family has been dealing with some difficult health issues. I had wondered where you went! Hope things calm down and you can find some ‘me’ time for yourself! Take care!

  27. Sherry–glad to hear that all is going to be OK! Life DOES wake us up from time to time, doesn’t it? Many blessings to you all!

  28. OH my!! WHat a 3 weeks you’ve had! Glad to hear everything is looking better:) Now go that mojo:)

  29. Sherry, I actually read my emails backwards, which means I saw your GORGEOUS card first and I read the first comment as I was mentally drafting mine and I wondered what the heck the commenter was talking about! I didn’t see a word about Mr. Stodgy in your post! So I cleverly clicked on your banner and read about what a thoughtful guy you have there — driving himself to the hospital while having a heart attack — IS HE NUTS!!!! DO NOT LET HIM OUT OF THE HOUSE! (No matter how much you want to send him on his merry way so you can have your space back.) He coulda killed someone AND himself! Oy! But you do have to admit, it’s a great story of perseverance and strength — driving yourself to the hospital while having a heart attack! Meanwhile, I hope Mallory bucks up. We were in Indy for the weekend for a family wedding; old fogies that we are, DH and I went back to the hotel early — what we missed was a near brawl on the shuttle. Apparently one lady was a bit too inebriated (a cross between a fish flopping on the bench and a squid with bones), she fell forward and head butted my darling, pure, beautiful, and perfect daughter. My daughter’s uncle then got up from his seat to help aforementioned squid when her clearly almost inebriated male companion decided said uncle was not helping; said companion then made a disparaging remark to said uncle. By now my darling, pure, beautiful and perfect daughter’s older, protective, handsome, strong and sober brother had had about enough and pointed out to the male companion that there were more of our family than his on the shuttle. In his inebriated state he was not clear on the meaning of, “Dude, there’s more of us on this shuttle,” either that or he was hard of hearing and asked my protective, handsome, strong and sober (well, pretty much) son to repeat himself, which said son gladly did: “I’m just sayin’ dude, there’s a lot of US here.” Male companion asked where protective, etc. son et al. were from — and here’s the point for you, “southern Indiana” he replied, completely straightfaced, knowing a good Confession later (if he believed in it) would resolve all his issues with respect to veracity. Both families were predominantly from southern Indiana — Indy was a trip north and I guess DS figured he’d have better fighting bona fides than if the guy thought DS was just a gangster from DC. Anyway, male companion was mollified to be among friends and they all made it home and darling daughter did not have a black eye, which her other uncle, the doctor, worried about. God woman I’ve missed you! I am SO GLAD you are back at it!

  30. Wow, Sherry… sorry to hear all of this. Thank the good Lord things are getting better. Yes, all the lifestyle changes are TOUGH, aren’t they?? Well, hope all goes well. Lots of love & hugs…Ree

  31. So sorry to hear all your family’s problems. I hope health wise you all pick up…. and stay healthy! You’ve certainly had your share of the not so good.
    Take care

  32. So sorry to hear about the sickness at your house all at once…Wow!!! Am glad that your daughter and husband are doing better. That all certainly had to be a scare! Ok…so now…get to it…I wanna see some great projects from ya…hehehe! I miss seeing your work! Seriously, glad all is ok…you take good care….hugsssss!!!

  33. Hi Sherry –

    Sending get well wishes to everyone in your household. And tell Mr. Stodgy he’d better take some vacation time or else he may be taking a permanent one. Men!

    Elaine Allen

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