74 Responses to “Keep Calm and Get Distressed–Part 2!”

  1. Those flowers are stunning, Sherry! What a great looking card you made and again, I’m envious of your never-ending talent 🙂

  2. OMGosh Sherry, the flowers and leaves are fabulous!!! Wish I had a bit of your talent!! Your project turned out GREAT, as usual:)

  3. i always love what you make, you’ve inspired me to make a chunky tag for DH, and now i’m off to make some flowers.

  4. This is just gorgeous, Sherry! I love, love, love those flowers made of watercolor paper. They actually look real!!

  5. Sherry, those flowers are beyond fantastic. I bow to your royal badness and your mad Distressing skills!

  6. Sherry, these are fantastic. Like I said you make sh** look fantastic. You’ll talent just amazes me every day. Love you.

  7. Pure flower perfection…am sooo LOVIN’ those flowers…amazing work!!!

  8. Oh, Sherry, I just love this! I’ve recently gotten the “bug” to make flowers and can’t wait to try your techniques. Thanks a ton!

  9. Totally awesome! I love the idea of using watercolor paper. Your work is always so gorgeous, thanks for the tutorial.

  10. Thank you for sharing the information about watercolor paper and the flowers. I can’t wait to try it. The flowers are really neat.
    Candy Meyers

  11. Graet tutorial thanks. Will have to try it!

  12. Beautiful creation, Sherry! Thanks for the tutorial…it looks so easy, can’t wait to try it!

  13. Wowsers….. those flowers are awesome. And I so slapped myself on the forehead when I read about ‘priming’ the watercolor paper. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight, lol. If I ever have a chance to come visit you or am in the neighborhood, I am so requesting a personal flower making class :-).

    Simply stunning girlfriend.

  14. Love your gorgeous piece, Sherry.

  15. Thanks for sharing your experiments. The flowers turned out great, and so did the finished project.

  16. I LOVE the elegance of those flowers not to mention the softness of the colors.

  17. Sherry these flowers are beautiful. I’ve made you Coffee Filter flower, and they came out fantastic. I’ll have to try this one also.

  18. Your flowers and leaves are spectacular! They look real!

  19. Your creation is amazing. The
    flowers are beautiful. I do believe you
    could make a lovely flower out of anything.

  20. You make the best flowers around girl! I would never have thought of using watercolor papers for them though. Awesome!

  21. I am now going to pull out my unused watercolor paper and give these flowers a go!! GORGEOUS!

  22. You are so creative! Your talent just amazes me! Those flowers are so beautiful and life-like. I am going to try this technique today. Wish me luck! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Wow, they’re so life-like. Just beautiful as is everything you do. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Great project and love how you made the flowers.

  25. I love this Sherry!! Thanks for sharing how you made the flowers I am going to try this out!! I just love your work!!! 🙂 🙂

  26. Sherry, those flowers are just fabulous!!! Thanks for the instruction on how to prime the watercolor paper and then shape the flowers!!

  27. Hey you BAD girl….this is just sooooo BAD!! What a cleever idea you got, thanks for the tut! huggerz

  28. OMG it is just gorgeous! I love the flowers with the watercolor paper. I am doing a happy dance as I have a ton of watercolor paper wasting away in my drawer and have been in a mood to make some flowers! TFS and thanx for the inspiration!


  29. love those watercolor flowers! thanks….

  30. love your watercolor flowers – thanks!

  31. very cool idea, love the watercolor paper flowers. Great colors and great showing of what you did. Thanks.

  32. Sherry –

    This is just gorgeous! Another outstanding work of art! And I can’t leave without congratulations to making it as a Finalist for Graphic 45’s Design Team! They know a good thing when they see it. Best of luck, although I don’t think you need it!

    Elaine Allen

  33. Very cool technique – love what you created!

  34. Love you beautiful project. Lots of SOUL into this ART. You make it seem so simple and always have such an outstanding creation. The flowers are gorgeous. Thanks so much.

  35. very pretty..I love using watercolor paper for flowers, possibly even more than grungepaper..lol. I just love the texture of it. Thanks for sharing your project.

  36. this is gorgeous, love the flowers

  37. Great tips on using watercolor paper! Absolutely fantastic project!

  38. Gorgeous . . . just GORGEOUS Sherry!
    Have an art-filled weekend. xo

  39. OMG these are probably the most beautiful flowers I’ve seen. Love the water color paper,too. There is so much you can do with it. Love your colors too. Thanks for sharing so much info.

  40. Beautiful piece! Your flowers are awesome! Thanks for the tutorial!

  41. Very pretty and love the way you did the flowers and explanation of them. Edna

  42. Wow….love the way the color came out on the flowers!

  43. I love this piece, Sherry. Those roses are mind-blowingly gorgeous! I’ve never tried wrinkle-free distress on watercolor paper, and now that I’ve seen yours, I can’t wait to give it a go!

  44. Oh Sherry your flowers are gorgeous and I love your art project. What a great idea to use watercolor paper. Really want to give this a try. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

  45. Those flowers are soooo pretty. Thanks for your instructions. I need to try them!

  46. Those flowers are lovely! I’m finally getting up the nerve to try the grunge flowers! You do such beautiful work.

  47. Wow…the flowers are just magnificent! You are quite amazing!!! Thank you for the tutorial. I have a feeling that my attempt will not look like yours!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  48. The flowers looked so real, I wanted to reach out and smell them. Thanks for the tutorial now if only mine would turn out like yours…sigh

  49. you have done it again! Love it!
    Sandra ltb

  50. Such very pretty pastel roses!! Lovely accent to your project!

  51. Fantastic! Love those flowers.

    iamvictorias at gmail dot com

  52. Amazing result!I loved this tutorial!!!! TFS!

  53. Sherry! I so love your project!

  54. You have Art & Soul! This is gorgeous!! I did use the wrinkle free distress technique once or twice and I am thinking I need to try it again soon. Do you have particular favorite ink combinations that you like? The one you used here is so pretty. I do believe my life may be sadly lacking because I don’t own any perfect pearls, though.

  55. I look forward to all your postings and as usual I’m not disappointed. This is beautiful & I only wish I was as talented (one can only dream)!

  56. You must have read my mind…I was going to craft flowers today for an assortment of projects. Thanks for the inspiration!

  57. Gorgeous project! Thanks for the pics and great directions 🙂

  58. Beautiful, love the colors in your flowers!

  59. Your art is just a knockout! The flowers looks so real!

  60. Incredible technique! i didn’t know that you could use this technique with watercolor paper and shape the flowers! thank you for the information! I also love how the colors came out on your flowers!

  61. oh, this is the most inspirational tutorial! I love how the flower turns out. Going to bookmark this page for my reference. Thank you for sharing.

  62. you never fail to amaze! thank you for the tutorial, too.

  63. Oh my word! This is simply gorgeous…..I feel like a beginner stamper that thinks she could NEVER do anything like this!!
    Thanks for sharing

  64. Sooo pretty!

  65. I love your project. The flowers are so pretty. Thank you for sharing this technique.

  66. Wow!!!!!! your flowers are absolutely stunning!

  67. Love this project , thanks for the tip on making flowers from the watercolor paper they are very pretty. Your work is so inspiring

  68. LOVE this!!! Those flowers are beautiful!!

  69. I absolutely love yor piece….the soft tones of the flowers are wonderful…I am definitley going to try this…Thanks

  70. These are so gorgeous Sherry and you make it seem so easy and doable but I know there must be a lot of time taken to make each petal look so perfectly curved and coloured! Just beautiful!!!
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  71. Love the flowers & the whole project!

  72. The softest prettiest flowers I have seen in a long time, to die for! thanks for sharing

  73. Sherry-I love the colors in the flowers-you made it look so easy. Love the results-thanks so much for sharing

  74. Lovely looking flowers. You do awesome work. Thanks for sharing!

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