Happy Tuesday!  Yesterday I promised you some stampy fun today.  Well, I’m almost embarrassed to show you my card . . . . I’m asking myself now what in the hell was I thinking.  I actually think this will a test of styles . . . it will be perfect for it.

So I was thinking (oh my BADness, yes it hurt!) that I wanted black and white, with a pop of color.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve done that.  Believe it or not, this card is clean and simple for me . . . no sponging, no extra embellishments, (or for pity sake . . . what in the hell was I thinking?)

Well, we might as well get this over with . . .


As you can see, it’s pretty simple.  The image was colored with Copic Markers and then everything else   . . . well, simple black and white.  The embossing of the Spellbinders dies gave me a perfect edge to add some faux stitching (something else I haven’t done in a long time).  The image is fairly large in size and to find a die to fit left too much white space.   I didn’t want that.  I found the size of die I needed, marked the edges of overhang, and trimmed the image out to fit under my die when I cutting and embossing.  Pretty cool!

I think the next time I use this image it will be inky!

Thanks for stopping by and remember . . . life is short, embrace the adventures that come your way!



33 Responses to “Girlfriends!”

  1. Hi Sherry:
    I LOVE it! On a grey, rainy day here in the south of France, when I feel full of gloom and doom, it made me laugh! Quite an achievement!
    Greetings from me to you — Sally

  2. The image is too cute. Reminds me of me and my sisters! Fat and all!

  3. I know you work and if I didn’t know better I would say I made this card not you! I love it! Too cute!

  4. Whoops that should be…I know your work not I know you work…of course you work…at what sometimes I wonder…LOL

  5. I actually love this card, Sherry! The image is stinkin’ cute … you brought it to life with colour … and the black and white DOES make it pop! What’s not to love???!

  6. I really like this card but wondering what company does these stamps??? They are so cute and would be perfect for my old high school friends for birthday cards. Please let me know. Maybe simple is good once in a while. And look at the work it saved you. LOL Thanks. Edna

  7. I think it’s so cute and found out where the stamp came from. I originally hadn’t scrolled down far enough to see. Maybe simple is the way to go sometimes. Would be perfect for my high school girl friends. Edna

  8. Congratulations Sherry on your G45 spread today! Lovely and talented……I knew you were meant for that DT!


  9. Personally, I like the CAS look to this card (oh wait! But I like CAS! haha) I think too much inky would draw away from the image….and it’s a great image, wouldn’t want it to get lost!

  10. I love this card Sherry. I know it’s not your usual style, but it is wonderful. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. That image is hilarious. As soon as I saw it, I fell out laughing. Thanks for the laugh on a gloomy Tuesday morning.

  11. I just love those feet stick outside the die’s borders! This made me smile – thanks for a great start to my day. I’m pretty sure the babe on the left with the cat-eye glasses and fuzzy slippers was modeled after me. LOL

  12. Love this card, and the sentiment! great colouring, too.

  13. What???? I love it….. it’s elegant and the black n white really puts the focus on the awesome stamp. Love it.

    Ok, now which one are you? I’m the one with the bunny slippers, hehehehe.

  14. You make me scream with laughter. That is such a great card. Looks so much like our family and friends. Love ya.

  15. Isn’t it funny how we get stuck into a style and if it doesn’t look that way we think there is something wrong…. this is just great, LOVE it!

  16. Too, too much ~ I LOVE IT!!! I know, I know….I scream when I’m happy.
    These Gals are something else. I have a few, but this is new. Gotta get it.

  17. Reminds me of my girlfriends. So funny

  18. That stamp is awesome! I love the card too!

  19. Well Sherry, it’s not your usual grunge look, but I like it:) The stamp is absolutely hilarious!!

  20. Pat yourself on the back Sherry, this looks great!! You must be your own worst critic. TFS

  21. Sherry –
    This is one awesome card! I love it! Thank you so much for giving me a giggle!

    Elaine Allen

  22. Love it!

  23. Sherry, this style is awesome with this card! I love the image and the clean style and B&W background really make the ladies stand out!!!
    The gorgeous bow is just a nice finishing touch. It reminds me of the material on those silky housecoats my mom and aunties always wore! Love it!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  24. Sherri…I think you card is wonderful! Hugs

  25. Oh my! I’m still laughing. What a great card! Love it!!

  26. I love it, Sherry!! All the simplicity and black and white allow the colored image to “say it all”. Perfect!!

  27. This card is a hoot!! You did a great job with it so dont think other wise!
    We all have to think and do outside of our box sometimes or life gets a little stale. I think this card reflects your (blog) personality and humor perfectly!!! Awesome job.

  28. Look at all the posts. I Love it too. Yes a surprise from you, but what the heck. I love this kind of stamps because many people will enjoy the fun of it. Great job. Do it again. THANKS!

  29. Oh my, just love your card! Beautiful in every way! Great image with coloring. Lovely bow! It’s set off in black and white…great job!!!

  30. LOVE IT!! The black & white makes your colored couch ladies all the more beautiful. And your coloring is amazing! I am so glad you hopped out of your usual shabby/distressed box and shared this with us. Every once in awhile you make my jaw drop and my eyes pop and I thank you for it.

  31. I love, love, love Art Impressions Girlfriends stamps. Wonderful card and how you made the layers.

  32. I just came across your sight. I absolutely love it 🙂 Thanks for the smiles.


  33. Oh, this is hilarious. I just love this card. I am a new follower and I was browsing some back posts. I would never have believed it, that this was hard for you to do. It is fantastic. I guess you like a lot of embellishments, but it looks like you can pull off a simple yet fun card. Thank you for sharing.

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