125 Responses to “The E-Team Makes Art . . . Studio 490 Style!”

  1. Love the project! My favorite gift was my very first Mohter’s Day gift, a gold necklace that said #1 mom. I love them all, but since that was my first it just stands out!

  2. Sherry, love this bird. You are just so talented. The best mother’s day gift I have given my momma was a little statue I bought at Spencers, probably in 1973. It says “Worlds best Mom”. And mom always to this day has it sitting out.

  3. LOVE this, Sherry! The colors, the whimsy – love it all!!!

  4. Your very creative! Love the bird and might have to copy *wink*
    My best mothers day present was a gift from my two children. They took a wood 2 x 4 and colored and decorated it. They even put a hanger on it so i could put it up on the wall. The funny thing was it was about 4 feet long. I hung their trophy up in the laundry room for years. Wish they would still give those types of gifts but now its just a store bought card. Not complaining. Just miss their creativity.

  5. You are so talanted Sherry, this is bird is awesome!!!!!

  6. LOL! I love that you showed the bird “naked!” Seeing the next picture just made it all the more fantastic!

  7. ADORABLE! Love her Derby hat and so appropriate for this weekend!

  8. this bird is so funny, i really love her, so you.

  9. You’ve outdone yourself, Sherry. This is so awesome. I love it.

  10. Love it Sherry. So Whimsical and creative. Favorite Mother’s Day has to be handmade gifts from my children done with their handprints.

  11. What a Cute Birdie! I love the flower too!

  12. OMG….. and you came up with that yesterday???? That bird ROCKS…. totally outside of (my creative) box but I absolutely LOVE it.
    WOW…… wow….. and I just love the “tail” and the derby hat…. perfect.

  13. You always come up with the best projects for anything you’re involved with. Just love your work

  14. Oh my, how gorgeous is this??!! I LOVE her hat.

  15. OHHHHHHHHHHH u rocked this…your birdy is so darn cute! Wendy will love it! This is my fav by far…really really clever…that hat just makes me smile …love your work and your blog! Can’t stop looking at this one lol…tyvm

  16. Love the bird and the curly flowers. So awesome! And the colors … my, my — this gets my creative juices going!

  17. Love this project….the colors are beautiful! Your make the most beautiful flowers!!!!!! Happy Mothers Day to you!

  18. Sherry, I was so excited when I saw it was going to be Wendy’s stuff! I knew it was right up your alley and I could hardly contain myself to see what you came up with….I visited everyone and saved you for last. I WAS NOT disappointed – this is too dang cute. I must admit I’m hoping you make and put on the blog what you were “going to” make before the bird idea as well. Love to you, and Happy Mother’s Day!

  19. Love your “dirty bird”. It’s my favorite of all the projects – love the hat!

  20. Love the bird! My fave gift to my mom was a mini I made with her 9 children, 15 granchildren & 6 great-grandchildren. We have more greats now, ahve to update. She adored it & it was my fave!

  21. What fun! Great creativity! Hugs

  22. Girlfriend, this is incredible! It’s like….Wendy Vecchi meets Suze Weinberg…introduced by Sherry Cheever!! LOVE, love, love it!! Yep, this cute dirty chick should definitely head on over to the Derby this weekend to show off her bonnet!!!!

  23. Sherry!!! This is just the cutest. Your dirty bird hat is much cuter than most Derby hats!! So original.

  24. Your dirty bird is so very cute! Love all the colors and details. Awesome!

  25. This is so wonderfully unique and totally adorable!

  26. Fun, Fun, Love your little creation!!! I laughed a little to myself, as my old neighbor had Precious Parrots and She always wore a hat with flowers. Brought back some fun memories. First Yr my son was at college, he sent roses to my office I was so happy and surprised (he had no $) and then Sunday he hitched a ride home to surprise me and be with me for lunch.

  27. Wow what a stunning piece, love how you have decorated the bird. A very creative piece. Tracy x

  28. Ohhh… I found another favorite!!! What a perfectly darling altered birdie. I can almost hear her chirping! Love her fashion sense, too.

  29. OH MY HECK!!! That is the most fabulous thing ever! I love this little gal, her hat, her cute little tail feathers….I am so totally inspired! Thanks so much for sharing!

  30. ROFLOL the most wonderful bird ever . . . love this project!

  31. This is a wonderful project. I would not have known where to start!

  32. This bird has to be the cutest thing !!! I love it !!

  33. Love, love, love your creativity here!!! Beautiful!

  34. So much whimsy in this project. I especially love the texture on the tail!

  35. Love it! This is such a fun piece and such great colors and details.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    blessings to you, Dawn ll

  36. Such a cute little bird! You really changed her up and gave her a personality!

  37. Love this. It is so whimsical and just right. You are very talented to be able to visualize this and then create it!

  38. oh Sherry – this is darling! I just love it – wonderful job in true WV style!
    Sandra ltb

  39. What a perfect project. The bird’s “hat” and tail really give it a fun character. Also really like how you provided the list of products used. Thanks!

  40. cute little dirty bird!!!

  41. I love your “dirty” bird!

  42. Love your cute project – especially that hat and the little tag with the light bulb, etc. How much fun is this?!!!

  43. cute little bird. love the hat. my DS came home from school yesterday… best gift ever

  44. Love that Bird….I have one waiting for inspiration and I think by George I’ve found it….yahooooo…
    My favorite gift to my Mum was a little quilted wall hanging. She loved all my little pieces of needlework.

  45. Love this bird! Especially his tail feathers! Wow! You are so talented! I really loved all the projects this hop but yours is my absolute favorite! Psst–don’t tell the others!
    Carole Gatza

  46. Cute, cute K-ute!! I love this sherry!! Awesome job!! 🙂 🙂

  47. I’ve enjoyed this hop, but have to say, your project is my absolute favorite! I love altered birds and the way you used Wendy’s flowers is just outstanding.

  48. Wow! Sherry, that is one neat bird! You make such excellent art work.

  49. Just way to cute! Love the Derby Bird with the saucy hat and it even looks like she should be shaking her tail feathers! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  50. Love the way you used all the steampunk parts! And the hat!! Cute!

  51. I love it! Sometimes your art can be very busy but to me his shows a bit of restraint. After all, the bird isn’t covered in grunge paper flowers! Fab project!

  52. WOW Sherry – awesome bird, I love what you did with it. The hat is too cute, TFS

  53. Wow! Love this bird:0 Love all of your creations anywho!!

  54. wow this is really unique!! I just love this little birdie ….great work


  55. Your bird is so darling. All the details are what certainly landed you a spot on the design team. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  56. Your bird is just too wonderful!

  57. Wow, wow, wow! This is simply amazing! I love it! Especially the tail feathers and the hat!

  58. what a cute little birdie in her perky little flower bonnet. her royal badness scores again.

  59. WOW!!! The bird in her derby hat (how appropriate with the Derby this weekend) is outstanding. My favorite this time around. Good Job!

  60. Whimsical, magical, delightful, adorable, creative and downright FUN! The hat is to die for, and the tailfeathers made me giggle!

  61. Absolutely adorable.

  62. I love your bird. What a great way to use the products out there. Thank you for sharing this creative idea. I agree with KathyC–I too laughed when I saw the tail….KSH

  63. Sherry, this is so creative. Oh, I just love all the details of your bird. I just may have to CAS this project. . Wow, thanks for sharing your art work.

  64. Sherry, your altered bird is delightful–what a rockin’ hat!

  65. OMG, Sherry! This is my fave so far. LOVE BIRDIES! The flower hat is great, and the tail construction is very clever.

  66. Sherry, this makes my heart happy! Your art is always beyond wonderful, and every visit to your blog inspires me. Your little bird is sweet and delightful and masterfully created, and I absolutely love it.

  67. Very cool-love the hat!

  68. Sherry,
    I think I need a new hat and possibly some bright, new tail feathers!
    A Little Bird

  69. Girl….you out did yourself. This is fabulous and just in time for the derby 🙂 Love it…take care.

  70. Girl, your killing me with this bird. It’s PERFECT! The colors are to die for, and the inspiration … Well you always inspire 🙂

  71. Your altered bird is so whimsical and clever, your work never ceases to amaze!

  72. So who does Dirty Bird in her Derby Hat like for the race tomorrow? She’s a hoot!

  73. Sherry – Love what you did with the bird. That hat is to die for. This bird could have gone to the Royal Wedding (LOL)! Thanks for sharing.

  74. how fun and whimsical. love the turn key! thank you for sharing.

  75. WOW!!! Just LOVE the bird you created!!! It sure has some character…oh my…don’t know where to look on it! It’s just all super amazing! A marvelous creation…so sweet!!!

  76. Wow this bird makes me smile. Thank you for the amazing eye candy! I love his tail and hat.

  77. Oh wow, love what you did with the bird! So cute & beautiful at the same time.

  78. Your bird is amazing!! I love the whimsy of it!!

  79. I can almost see those wheels spinning in your head….This is amazing and I love the hat and the tail feathers!

  80. Loooooove this! And the hat is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  81. What a surprise. I would have never guessed your project was a bird. I love all the details and would always smile when I looked at this. Thanks.

  82. Great, great, great, Sherry! Your little bird makes my heart chirp!

  83. Sherry, you are so talented. I love this bird.

  84. Adorable birdie! Loved all your embellishments. You have a talent for sure!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  85. Oh Sherry….you outdid yourself this time. Love this bird and the hat!! The hat is fantabulous. What a great project and you did it proud!


  86. OH WOW!!!!! That is just Fantastic, what an amazing job you did on this, your creation is just stunning, love every little detail you put into this

  87. was so thrilled to see your name as part of the blog hop. I love your art, and believe me this was not a disappointment at all. Fabulous, i love birds and this is so stinkin cute!!! thanks for the great project

  88. Love the bird! Very creative use of all the art parts.
    Aloha, Kate

  89. Fabulous bird, Sherry!!!

  90. Dirty bird? Naw, more like…Who’s a pretty bird?
    Well, I think your wee bird is gorgeous Sherry. I love it, it made me smile.
    Mother’s day here in Scotland was at the end of March, I got a lovely big bunch of flowers, I hope you had a great mother’s day too. tfs

  91. Love your dirty bird. I was just thinking now how I could put some of my mothers jewelery to work. Thanks for the great ideas. Happy mom’s day Sherry

  92. Sherry, this is stunning! I love her.

  93. Delighted the blog hop brought me to you! This is so fun! Every little bit of it, of course hat and tail and keyfob are just a big huge smile! Thank you for sharing.

  94. Brilliant piece. Especially love that hat !


  95. Love your bird project and all the details! Fun!

  96. LOVE it!! Very creative use of the art parts! Thank you for sharing!

  97. This is so totally awesome! I just LOVE it!

  98. how does one find words for how you took a plain white object and turned it into magic!!

  99. You’re bird is awesome! It just brought a big smile to my face! [email protected]

  100. WOW!! What a fun idea!! I LOVE the flower hat and all the colors that you used!! SO SO SO CUTE!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

  101. OMG! TOOOOOO freakin creatively cute! I adore all the flowers and details all over your “dirty birdy”. This whole thing is just way too fun. I adore your use of the art parts but I gotta say, the little metal accents here and there really add that extra texture to the whole thing. FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!

  102. Wow, totaly crazy, groovy and beautiful. LOVE IT!

  103. I just love this one…….. What you can do to a naked bird with great imagination and of course Wendy’s art parts…………I have to do this one……..thanks for making my day and have a great mothers day……. Therese

  104. Too cute! I never would have thought of this! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  105. This is so fun and whimsical Sherry! I love it!

  106. I do believe I saw your little bird at the Royal’s wedding. She was very perky and wearing the same hat!!! Really, I want this bird, she is adorable and makes me smile. I love that about art. This is one little birdie that really needs to fly to my house.

  107. Oh Wow! I adore this blue bird (of Paradise)…couldn’t help myself from saying that! Hee Hee This is a beautiful work of art, and love it’s colorful headdress! I’ll leave a window open… just in case he decides to visit! :))

  108. Love your bird…so whimsical & fun Sherry!

  109. Perfect! Love this bird!

  110. OMG, this is fantastic! Love your art. Off to follow your blog…

  111. I love your bird! The colors and papers are fantastic! I want one!

  112. Everything about this is amazing. But that hat is the best ever!

  113. love your bird…my favorite altered project on this hop so far….thanks for the chance to win…

  114. love your little birdie…my favorite project on this hop….thanks for sharing and the chance to win!

  115. Very cool birdie–love the hat!

  116. Fabulous! Most creative and adorable hat I’vd ever seen!

  117. What a cute bird!

  118. OMG! I love this bird so much! What a fantastic creation! He’d be perfect on my mantel…let me just add this to my “projects I need to make” list, lol! Such talent you have!

  119. STUPENDOUS!!!!! total eye candy!!!!!

  120. Very unusual and creative!

  121. This is really very cute.

  122. Love all the detail and the colors and just so much thought went into your project. Love it

  123. Oh WOW! What a fun project, love it!

  124. way to go in jazzing up that chick….

  125. Love your dirty birdy. Quite a change from the wonderful cards using the labels and borders. And your bird won’t eat you out of house and home or wake you up sooner than you’d like.

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