Happy Friday y’all!  Remember my photos from last summer of the Master Plan?  Well I thought it would be fun to share new photos with you!  These are some I took this morning when I went out to water.

The dog run used to sit here:

dog run flowers

and this one is where the hostas and empty pots lined the back of the house:

wall flowers

I have more areas to share, but it still needs a little work first!

Have a great weekend!


14 Responses to “More of the Master Plan!”

  1. Beautiful! Peaceful, restful….

  2. Very pretty. Love all the flowers and the bird bath adds to it. Edna

  3. Lovely flowers – I can’t grow any thing it just dies. You have a great weekend also

  4. Great job! It is BEAUTIFUL. What a great place for the birds, the bees and thee. Happy 4th of July!

  5. Since it would seem you’ve got a great start on your master plan; can I expect your arrival any day now to help me find my yard?!

  6. I wish I had that green thumb of yours and by-the-way that crafty one too! Lovely flowers bad girl.

  7. Your artistic abilities show through in this beautiful flower garden. Don’t let your green thumb get too much dirt on your crafty fingers. Enjoying the pretty weather. After all the rain we had this year, sunshine is so welcome. We are maybe getting rain and maybe storms over the 4th in Louisville. Hope you have a great 4th no matter what the weather.

  8. Beautiful! Your hard work is paying off.

  9. OMG! You have been so busy! I do remember the pics from last year. Looking good!

  10. Looks like all your hard work and sweat paid off!

  11. it looks so pretty, great job!

  12. Wonderful garden! Your hostas are great and are those violas I spy? Were my grandmother still alive she’d be *green* with envy (I’m alive and I’m envious)!

  13. Your flowers look really nice. I love them! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Beautiful garden Sherry! It has been forever since I have been crafty blog-hopping and yours was my first stop. I’m not surprised at the amazing technique posts that I found here today, but I was pleasantly surprised to see one about gardening! Your pots and hostas are absolutely delightful. 🙂

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