48 Responses to “eclectic Challenge – You’re a Good Egg!”

  1. Besides using the egg carton which is the coolest thing ever-the butterfly is truly wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your project! You woukd never know that was an egg carton flower!

  3. I absolutely love the flower you made with the egg carton. great Project

  4. Sherry, if I tell you that I’m going back to school, will you make another beautiful frame for me? I never would have guessed that the blue flower was part of an egg carton; it’s gorgeous!

  5. What a wonderful project and just perfect for Mallory, Sherry! I love all the perfect little details and creative process you used for this work of art!! That butterfly is awesome!!!

  6. Bad Sherry – good flowers! The whole project is great – love how you used the shadow flowers as a mask.

  7. Well! ALL my egg carton flowers ended in the trash, so I am very impressed with yours! Great little wall hanging!

  8. I just love your project, you are so creative I would never know that you used an egg carton. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Gorgeous project and those faux porcelain flowers are wonderful. Love all the details.

  10. Love the “porcelain” flowers! As well as the overall project

  11. Gorgeous frame! Love the flowers – just amazing. Beautiful sentiment! TFS

  12. Once again you have created a beautiful project. I need to lift some of your ideas for gifts, and hopefully I shall be able to make one or two to keep. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Gorgeous project, Sherry. Your flowers and butterfly are beautiful.

  14. so was it styrofoam or cardboard egg carton?? such a cool look. it made a great flower. love the b’fly and the sentiment is perfect for a college student

  15. Sherry:
    What a great present to send off to school with Mallory! Love it. Great challenge too, egg cartons huh? Who’da thunk it:)

  16. Fabulous! I can’t believe how great those egg cartons turned into flowers!!!

  17. Sherry….love that you found flowers in an old egg carton. Only you, honey!
    Beautiful project!

  18. Stunning. I’m with everyone else: can’t believe that blue flower used to be an egg carton! Love the clear atop the butterfly too. Gorgeous!

  19. Wonderful!
    Love it!
    Sandra ltb

  20. Your project is fabulous and I love the variety of flowers you placed together!

  21. Beautiful project! What a very nice twist for a new challenge. Your flowers are wonderful, especially the colors.

  22. Very cool, I couldn’t imagine how you were going to use an egg carton, terrific idea and results!

  23. Love, love, love this project. Just beautiful!

  24. Great project. I wouldn’t have know the flower was made from an egg carton! Beautiful!

  25. Sherry, beautiful project. Love the flower made from the egg carton, and the butterfly is gorgeous. What great art to go back to school with Mallory.

  26. THAT butterfly is awesome with all those details. I see a tutorial in there….please?

  27. Sherry – another amazing project created by you – you have an amazing creative ability to go beyond the expected making you extraordinary!
    Bless your heart.

    Amazing butterflies!

  28. I agree, the porcelain flowers are awesome. I love those Art Parts that Wendy puts out, they are so great for making little home decor pieces. Your framed artwork is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing and inspiring.

  29. Love your project! You are so creative.

  30. Great project and a lovely egg carton flower.

  31. Just a wonderful project Sherry.

  32. What a cool project, i love the sentiment! you really did a great job. thank you for sharing! hugs candy

  33. Another stunner, Sherry! No one would guess that you used an egg carton in your project! I especially like the colors of your hanging.

  34. I LOVE how your egg carton flower turned out. And those Faux Porcelain flowers….. I am always at awe at your flowers and projects. Simply stunning!!!!

  35. This is ADORABLE! LOVE IT!

  36. Beautiful frame Sherry, your egg carton flower is gorgeous!

  37. Love the flowers. Only you could think to make something so pretty from egg cartons.

  38. Loving how you turned a simple egg carton into such a beautiful flower

  39. Perfect color and pattern matching! I love how you’ve used the carton, and enamel flowers …. ESPECIALLY the enamel flowers!

  40. Great project Sherry. I just love your flowers.

  41. The flower is beautiful – love how you colored it – love the full frame all together.

  42. What a BEAUTIFUL project!! I LOVE all of the layers and the FLOWER is AWESOME!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

  43. What a beautiful project. I didn’t guess that the blue flower was the egg carton! Love it!

  44. Fantastic!

  45. Those flowers are to die for. I will have to give that one a try, they look so elegant. Thanks for sharing with the tutorial. Very nice frame!

  46. Such creativity! It’s awesome. Thanks.

  47. I love your wall hanging Sherry! The flowers are all so pretty and the butterfly is such a pretty embellishment with the clear overlay.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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