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  1. What fun you must’ve had creating this wall hanging. Love it.

  2. Love, love your style. So many techniques in one piece.

  3. OMGosh! You totally ROCK this hop – LOVE this project!! Of course, the flowers and that wonderful faux porcelain technique = WOW! TFS 🙂

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. Love these blog hops.

  5. What a great wall hanging! I love all the different elements. Beautiful colors too! TFS.

    dietzrobles at yahoo dot com

  6. I just love your wall hangings Sherry. From the faux porcelain flower technique to all the wonderful embelishments, paper and that special addition of wood. Your projects are always awesome. Please share with us were you find your hobby wood trims. I have been searching but have yet to find any. I am probably not looking in the right kind of stores.

  7. Love your wall hanging, but then I love all your work, thanks for sharing.

  8. What a cool project! I think it wonderful.

  9. Sherry – your creations are always so awesome! Such a wonderful talent you have.

  10. fabuolous as always Sherry

  11. Wow! What a beautiful work of art!

  12. What a great card. Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. Super, as always! Thanks for allowing me to participate.

  14. this is fabulous!

  15. Wonderful, wonderful wall hanging! Love the vintage look and those flowers …. Wow!

  16. What a great wall hanging. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  17. You’re the queen of wall hangings, Sherry!! Love the colors and the details.

  18. I love how you used corsage pins for the flower centers……guessing you cut off the pointy end pretty close to the flower? Anyway, what a gorgeous project.

  19. Love your wall hanging Sherry!! Just gorgeous!!

  20. I love the look of the flowers so much. A beautiful project!

  21. Wow, you have done it again with this gorgeous wall hanging! Love those porcelain flowers.

  22. Your projects are always so lovely and unique. LOVE the faux porcelain flowers. Really must try that technique soon! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Sherry, I would love to see your craft room just to see how you have so many beautiful things stored in there! I love your wall art especially! What do you mean the flowers were dipped in UTEE? Did you actually melt it first and then dip the flowers in it? I’m not getting how that worked….

  24. How wonderful! Great job.

  25. What a wonderful beautiful project thanks for sharing with us.

  26. This is beautiful! love all the details and layers.

  27. Fabulous job! It’s amazing how you can balance your creations to have so many elements without making them ‘busy’.
    Thanks for sharing.

  28. OMGoodness what a gorgeous project love the vintage look
    so much to look at ….love it….love the flowers
    hugs Linda

  29. Love the entire vintage-y look in this project! Perfect use of Graphioc 45 papers~corsage pins taking distressed ink colors? Need to try that out~

  30. Sherry, this is so pretty! I love how you’ve used so many of the sponsors products. Your projects are always so lovely and unique. I adore the faux porcelain flowers. Thanks for sharing and giving us the inspiration. xxxx

  31. Such a beautiful wall hanging. The flowers are wonderful.

  32. Your projects always earn a “WOW” from me, Sherry! Your talent is amazing and so is this fabulous project!!!

  33. What an amazing wall hanging. LOVE the roses and all the fabulous details.

  34. Oh this is so cool looking! I just love, love, love those new JR stamps too!

  35. I love this distressed project so much. I especially love the way you list all the items you used in each and every project.

  36. I love this wall hanging. You have combined so many elements to make a truly beautiful project.

  37. Gorgeous wall hanging!!

  38. This is an amazing project. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

  39. WOW! Great wall hanging…and with sooooo many elements!

  40. Another beautiful wall hanging. I just bought a melting pot, I can’t wait to try out your flowers.

  41. So. Unique. Love them.

  42. Love your wall hanging so much detail and elements. Thanks for sharing

  43. What a wonderful piece! I love it!

  44. gorgeous!

  45. What an amazing project. You have showcased so many techniques.

  46. beautiful! very creative!!!

  47. Love all the work you put in making this art work.

  48. I absolutely love your wall hanging. TFS!!!

  49. This is wonderful! So much detail!

  50. Your flowers are lovely!! Wow!!

  51. Nice vintage look project !

  52. So many pretty elements especially the flowers.

  53. I love your gorgeous wall hanging, Sherry. Your use of these wonderful new items has created a wonderful piece.

  54. Oh my! The detail you put into this! A true work of art!

  55. Such a lot of work went into this, it’s obvious – and fabulous!

  56. This wallhanger is gorgeous, and I just love the vintage look on it. You´ve done an awesome job here. Really stunning project.

  57. Love your wall hanging the flowers are beautiful.

  58. You gave every element of this wall hanging a special enhancement–and I love everything about it. Thanks

  59. Love it!! 🙂

  60. I always love your artful flowers! And the vintage postcard and label are classic!

  61. Wonderful wall hanging. I love all the details you always add, great shape, cool use of wood, and cool flowers!

  62. I really love what you have done. You are an excelent collage artist.

  63. great wall piece!

  64. WOW!!! Lots of techniques…Pretty impressive!

  65. This is very layered and impressive! Love the detail!

  66. Just beautiful Sherry!! I love your altered projects. Thanks for the videos on how to make your flowers. They are very informative and I have learned alot from you.

  67. beautiful love the old time look the Flowere are great. thanks for sharing and for the chance to win. love spellbinders. [email protected]

  68. Your hanging is stunning! I especially love the flowers.

  69. Beautiful job! I love the flowers!

  70. Sherry, the faux porcelain tutorial is killer bee! And I’ve watched it before! I am NOT killer bee! But I AM at work so I plead tax overload! I’m SO excited to try these flowers!

  71. WOW! Your flowers and combo of stamps are AMAZING! That chipboard base is awesome too!

  72. impressive as always. love it

  73. I love your wall hanging. You did a great job. The layout is perfect.

  74. This is just gorgeous. It has those ‘Signature Sherry’ flowers which are just so beautiful. TFS

  75. Sherry, I always love your wall hangings. You make the best flowers. Love your technique.
    God bless,
    Peggy Allen

  76. Love, love your style. So many techniques in one piece.

  77. As always, your flowers ROCK!!! Thanks for the inspiration & great directions.

  78. Awesome wall hanging….your hard work really shows!!!

  79. Love the roses and leaves and the techniques you used to give them their beatiful shine!

  80. Love you wall hanging with the vintage look.

  81. Gorgeous, love your wall hanging but especially love the flowers.

  82. Very unique!

  83. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  84. Another “WOW!” Sherry. Your work is so inspiring.

  85. Loved the porcelain flowers.

  86. its gorgeous, your papers match so perfectly with your theme, I love it

  87. Gorgeous creation!! It’s just a WOW!!

  88. wow awesome wall hanging. Love your flowers! And the feel of VINTAGE is so nice!!!!! love it girl!

  89. This is beautiful!!!! I love the Paris theme!!!

  90. Love those flowers! Great wallhanging.

  91. Most EXCELLENT artwork! You have such an eye for details on all of your art!

  92. That is going to look gorgeous on your wall!

  93. Gorgeous wallhanging! the lacquered roses are amazing!

  94. Gorgeous!

  95. oooooohhhhhhhhh so lovely !!!

  96. Awsome creative beautiful work. I loved how you shared some new techniques that I will have to come back and check out. Great job!

  97. Gorgeous wall hanging, Sherry! Love the technique you used on your roses!

  98. Don’t know where to start – it’s all so awesome!!! A shelf even 🙂 But – my favorites are the faux porcelain flowers! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them done like that.

  99. Oh, wow–what a bunch of shabby awesomeness! I just love the roses you created, they go so well with the rest of the design!

  100. Your wall hanging is gorgeous!!

  101. Your wall hanging is gorgeous!

  102. Your wall hanging is exquisite! 😉

  103. oh my word – those flowers are stunning! great job on this project, TFS!!

  104. Another beautiful project and your flowers are certainly your signature. Love the color choices.

  105. Love the wall hanging! Gorgeous flowers! TFS

  106. Just love everything about this wall hanging!

  107. Sherry, what a beautiful project.

  108. Your project is gorgeous. TFS!!! 😀

  109. I love the colors and vintage feel.

  110. Wow Sherry, just love it!

  111. love the flowers!

  112. What an awesome wall hanging! Really loved your roses.

  113. Love the wall hanging! A lot of work went into that and it shows!

  114. I love the faux porcelain flowers. I have been trying to think of a way to harden paper flowers. I wasn’t to make some for my granddaughters to wear. Thanks for the idea! I love the wall hanging.

  115. A great project with lots of different things to try. Thanks

  116. Your wallhanging is beautiful! I love the faux porcelain flowers!

  117. This is great, Sherry. Love the vintage look.

  118. This is really beautiful! So many pieces that work so well together. I love it!

  119. What a gorgeous project!

  120. Awesome wall hanging. Would love that on my wall!!

  121. Wow! Great use of everything… and I do mean everything. I learned so much just from your blog entry. Thanks for sharing your creativity, and all the links.

  122. Sherry-as usual-your work is outstanding! Knowing so many techniques certainly make your creations special. thanks!

  123. Cool the way you did your flowers!

  124. Bad girl, you always ROCK with your projects and this wall hanging is no exception! I especially love your roses.

  125. I just love the stamp you used! I just need to have it.

  126. Wow! Wow! Wow! Totally awesome in every detail!

  127. Wow!! what a gorgeous wall hanging!! love those flowers and the stick pins!!

  128. Great wall hanging Sherry!! I have used your technique with the hobby wood trim and just love it. I tried the flowers coated in clear UTEE and the first one didn’t turn out so grand so I am going to try again. Yours are so beautiful!! Hope I can get mine to look just like them.

  129. What a fun projects; love all the details. Thanks for sharing. Jo4Him

  130. WOW! This is so cool. I’m speechless. Great wall hanging.

  131. Wow! Love your album cover! Very beautiful! TFS!

  132. Amazing project. Its beautiful.

  133. What a lovely wall hanging. I love the different leaves and pretty flowers.

  134. Very pretty, really like the effect.

  135. Gorgeous wall hanging, Sherry!! Love the vintage look and all of the roses. I really like how you create the shelf, great for all the little trinkets. Fantastic project!!

  136. Just gorgeous!! A beautiful project!

  137. THANKS for sharing!! I really LOVE the way this turned out!! I have ALWAYS LOVED your flowers!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  138. WOW!! Stunning! Will you make one for me? 😉

  139. Love this project, great job.

  140. How beautiful! Lucky person that gets to hang this in their house. I am loving the Paris theme!

  141. Great wall hanging.

    craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

  142. I have been following your blog for awhile and I absolutely love your pieces. Thank you soooo much.

  143. Love your Shabby Chic wallhanging!

  144. This is AMAZING!!! I have never seen anything like your flowers before and now I must try that technique!! Everything you did looks so beautiful on your wall hanging! Gorgeous 🙂

  145. NICE WORK SHERRY!! the flowers are really great!! Love the color!!
    I always look forward to what you do next!! Amazing!!

  146. Fabulous wall hanging–I like the little shelf.

  147. Fantastic project! I really love the flowers.

  148. Olá, Sherry!
    Eu gostei muito de seu trabalho!
    Estou vindo de Sharon e sigo adiante dia 7 BlogHop!

  149. Wow, none of this looks just made. You have made everything look really old and authentically antique. Wow!

  150. Wow, none of this looks just made. You have made everything look really old and authentically antique. Wow! (hit the wrong e-mail address on the previous post.)

  151. Sherry,

    So very Chic!!! Lovely choice of colors, love the outcome of the techniques.

  152. I absolutely love this! I also like how you used all the products and I too would love to see your scrap space to see how you organize all of it!
    I love the flowers and all the colors.. oh how i would love to be the recipient of this gift! Gorgeous!

  153. Love the flowers, beautiful vintage look

  154. Just love it, especially the flowers!

  155. This is such a stunning project. Thank you for sharing.

  156. So pretty. i love the different textures.

  157. What a gorgeous wall hanging! Your creations exquisite! I love the techniques you have used and your beautiful flowers! I have just recently purchased the Rose Creation dies and have yet to master them! You are an inspiration! Thank you.

  158. Absolutely love this great job!

  159. Beautiful wall hanging. Your attention to detail is amazing. And those roses!!
    Sharon L

  160. Love the vintage Parisian feel and those gorgeous dipped flowers.

  161. What a wonderful creation… so shabby chic! I just love those roses!

  162. WOW!!! I don’t know what to say. I want to steel that and hang it on my wall. AMAZING!!!. I love it. Great work, i am going to follow you and see some more amazing creations.

    [email protected]

  163. Great I love all the details. The dies, flowers, leaves ..everything very nicely done.

  164. oh my gosh! LOVE this the colors the flowers the vintage feel! just yummy!

  165. Beautifull wallhanging. I love the flowers you made.

  166. What a gorgeous vintage creation, love your beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing the various techniques you used, very inspiring!

  167. This is a great wall hanging – love these stamps and images and the roses are so pretty – thanks for sharing

  168. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing with us.

  169. Sherry, I love your work and this is no execption. Just beautiful.

  170. Love all the elements of this wall hanging. So much to see in such a small space- love it!

  171. SO pretty! TFS!

  172. wow so many things to love about this project. it’s just gorgeous. i just cant get my eyes off of the flowers. gotta figure out what utey is, may have to get it. they are just superb (the flowrs.) love the project.

  173. This is so gorgeous, Sherry. I really, really love your flowers.

  174. Gorgeous project. Thanks for providing the great details.

  175. So Beautiful. I just had to read through your blogs to learn about all your techniques. All of your work is beautimus. ( that is more than beautiful). This wall hanging is so inspiring.

  176. Wow this is gorgeous and you have done so much work.

  177. Oh my word!! Your wall decor is fabulous!! Soooo much amazing detail! I MUST try the Faux Porcelain technique….love it! TFS!

  178. That is so beautiful! Really love those stamps.

  179. Sherry, another AWESOME project that has me drooling. You’re still my #1 inspiration in the paper craft world.

  180. wow wow wow that is absolutely gorgeous!! So many details and amazing things to look at. Thanks for sharing!

  181. Sherry…your wall hanging was fantastic. Thanks for all the details you provided. Especially loved the flowers.

  182. WOW! What a beautifully detailed wallhanging!! Absolutely STUNNING!

  183. Beautiful as always Sherry. Love those flowers and the composition of it all!

  184. Absolutely beautiful!! I just love your flowers.

  185. AWESOME wall hanging! Love everything about it – but, those flowers are positively gorgeous!

  186. So beautiful; so many fun techniques! Love the faux porcelain flowers.

  187. Your creation is stunning–love it and would love to win too!

  188. What a great project!!! I just love it! LOVE the flowers!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  189. This is such a pretty wall hanging. I like that you linked to tutorials on how to do some of the techniques.

  190. oh so detailed & pretty

  191. You had me at Graphic 45…all the terrific details are so amazing!

  192. What a beautiful hanging! And you’ve reminded me that I’ve got to try your technique for making faux porcelain roses. Thanks, Sherry!

  193. Sherry – Love your project. You always have such a great composition – thanks so much for sharing.

  194. Oh Sherry…can it get any more fabulous than this!! Beautiful!!

  195. This is inspiring. I like your composition, use of product. I am caught between being on this blog hop and wanting to go create.

  196. I love your wall hanging, it is so beautiful. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing

  197. Love the flowers!

  198. Your walll hanging is awesome! Love the flowers. tfs

  199. Sherry,
    Wonderful wall hanging, all your work is so evident, such detail!!
    Love it, and thanks for sharing.
    Donna P

  200. I love your wallhanging! Thanks for sharing.

  201. I am in total awe over your flowers!!! Wow! Thanks for sharing the technique!
    Kindest regards,
    Jennifer Ferrell

  202. Inspired to try the vintage look you created

  203. This is adorable. Thank you for the inspiration.

  204. Wow Sherry! Your card exudes vintage loveliness!

  205. Very nice job… I really like the Paris look.. especially the chocolate stamp!

  206. Great wallhanging project!

  207. What neat ideas. Want to try a few of them now!

  208. Oh WOW, this is gorgeous! And your flowers totally ROCK!!!

  209. Wonderful wall hanging. Thank you.

  210. Another GORGEOUS work of art, Sherry!

  211. Sherry, this is absolutely gorgeous. Love your work.

  212. Wow. I have no words. Your project is so beautiful I’m literally speechless.

  213. So much fascinating detail! Lovely

  214. the flowers are amazing!!!!

  215. Wonderful project! I absolutely love what you did! It’s very inspiring!

  216. Very cool!! The inspiration from this hop is fantastic!!

  217. THis is out of this world!! I had to bookmark it so that I can come back to really spend time and LEARN!! Thank you thank you!!!

  218. Hi Sherry, I’ve visited your blog before and been awe inspired by your artisic flair. I absolutely love the vintage wall hanging, so much detail and such an eye for colour and composition.
    Kasey ~ in Oz

  219. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Beautiful composition and color combinations!!

  220. Oh my word! This is amazing! I love the little wood shelf and the faux porcelain flowers! How clever!

  221. So pretty.


  222. WOW!! What an awesome creation….. Every little thing is finely detailed and works together. Beautiful!

  223. Beautiful project!

  224. Oh my Sherry! All the wonderful techniques that went into making your amazing wall hanging – you made a work of art! Thanks for sharing the UTEE Faux Porcelain technique. I have got to try this!!!

  225. Absolutely stunning. Love all the details and those flowers are awesome!!

  226. boy does that card look like a real old post card.hope your well.i met you at florida show year ago.lori

  227. Love the flowers! I love blog hops so I can find great blogs and ideas like this. Thanks for the chance to win!

  228. beautiful wall hanging. Love how you did the flowers.

  229. What a beautiful wall hanging! I absolutely love the gorgeous flowers!!! And your colored pearls are fabulous.

  230. This is stunning! love those flowers,just gorgeous!
    Hugs Julie P

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