Good Thursday morning!  I know I have posted much over the last week, but let me tell you . . . I have been very busy with projects that I can’t show you just yet.  I know what you’re thinking . . . well that just bites!

Tuesday evening I had a sorority meeting and had a gift for the outgoing President.  It had been in the Vice President’s stuff (which was me) in my basement.  It was so tiny (1×1”) I didn’t want to drop it into a gift bag because it definitely would have gotten lost.  All of a sudden I remembered the new Spellbinders™ box templates.  You can tell I haven’t used them yet because they didn’t come to mind until late Tuesday afternoon.

I went to work quickly and came up with this gift box.

I used a Krylon Gold Leaf Pen to mark along all the edges for some added trim.

Sorority Gift Box Open

See how tiny the gift was  . . . wrapped in layers of tissue paper.

Sorority Gift Box Flower

Of course I could envision my “sister” keeping this box so I had to make the flower faux porcelain.    I think she liked the box  . . . she did say it was nice.

Anyway, I have to say that these little boxes are perfect for small gifts.  I can see folding up some money and using these as money boxes for Christmas or possibly even birthdays.  Before I forget, the box was 2” square when completed, and I’m sure if time is taken you will come up with something better than the above.

That’s all for me except . . . thanks for stopping by!


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7 Responses to “The Best Little Gift Box!”

  1. Such a cute idea and of course I just love the flower!

  2. The box is beautiful! I’ve held off buying the Grand Calibur because almost all the dies needed for it cost a lot more than those here at home…lol Guess I’ll use a Michael’s coupon and gift cards to purchase it because it doesn’t look as if the box template will fit into the Cuttlebug 🙁 PLEASE correct me, if I’m wrong 🙂 Thanks for sharing another great gift idea, Sherry!

  3. Very pretty, Sherry!

  4. I Love this box. I bought pre-made boxes at the dollar store and put my flowers on it and it sure was fun and appreciated by my friends and family. Keep it up MS Badness, You are the best. Sharon

  5. What a cute box! Your work is beautiful!! Hugs!

  6. Well Hi Sherry! I was just thinking about you this morning and considered sending you a message, but thought better of it. Figured you were busy. Then Lo and Behold–tonight, here you are! What a cute little project! Bet my granddaughters would like those with a little gift inside. Or my grandson-if I could think of something boyish. A flower on top-he wouldn’t like. He’s a tweenager:)–the land between a kid and a teen. Thanks Sherry!

  7. A sweet splendid box! And that flower is perfection…love it! Take care!!:-))

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