Smiley from Happy Thursday!  Yesterday some of you left comments and sent me emails about the blender pencil for the Prismacolor Pencils.  Thank you Alexandra for this great tip:

Someone asked about a blending pencil in the comments, a wee tip, if you don’t mind me saying is, if you don’t have a blending pencil, which is a colourless wax pencil, as long as the coloured pencils you use are waxy, you can use a light coloured pencil and blend over to create another colour a bit like mixing paint i.e. use yellow then blue meeting together, overlapping softly, then going over with yellow again result is where they cross over it creates a third colour, in this case a rich green, or use a white pencil to blend and you’ll get a softer green. You can change the colour and blend easily depending on how much of a particular colour you use.

Alexandra from Scotland

Here’s what the blender looks like:


and the link to the page at the Prismacolor website: Blender Pencil, so you can read more about the pencils.

All this week on the Graphic 45 Blog they have been showing projects created by the Graphic 45 Designers using Fiskars products.  I have a card today . . .


but you’ll need to hop over to the Graphic 45 Blog to get the product information.  You will also want to catch Jack and Cats video . . . it’s fabulous!

For today, that’s all I have!

Thanks for stopping by and remember . . . life is short, embrace the adventures that come you way!


12 Responses to “I Can’t Think of a Thing to Call this Post!”

  1. LOL!!! You crack me up! I think I would title it “Prismacolor Pencil Tip.” Great card btw – you really know how to rock the G45!! Have a good Thursday!! xo

  2. Saw your adorable card over at G45 and loved it there, too! Thanks for the prismacolor tips. I don’t have a blending pencil, but we have all the big crafts stores close around here.

  3. Wow!!! Love the image and all the fabulous colors to make this stunning card! Great job, Sherry! Take care!!:-))

  4. Thanks Sherry!! I was wondering..never heard of it before. I am off to “enjoy” my 7th grade grandson play football-his first official big game! He is too little-says I!! I will do my best to embrace the adventure of the day! Hope he doesn’t get hurt and the sun comes out!!!!!
    Renie in MN.

  5. I’m glad to help, it’s such a rewarding way to colour, the results speak for themselves.
    Another lovely card Sherry, great image, looks like our weather in Scotland just now.

  6. Beautifully colored card!

  7. Beautiful card. Coloring in with the pencils looks like it would take more artistic skills than I possess. Thus we have people like you who can.

  8. Happy Thursday to you! I love the way the colored pencils blend. Your card is beautiful!

  9. Another real Beauty. Thanks

  10. Sherry…I studied your card this morning for quite some time. I’m really taken with the layout. It invites you in, leads the eye and makes great visual impact. Of course, I always love your loopy bows!

  11. I love the title on your post, I think that is the thing I hate the worse about blogging is trying to think of a name for each post 🙂
    Love your card, sweet image and great coloring!

  12. Love this card! The image reminds me of the old story books my dad had…and he was born in 1919 so they were really old. The colours and shading are perfect!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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