258 Responses to “Handmade Holidays Blog Hop 2011!”

  1. Gorgeous project Sherry!!

  2. wow…what a frame..flowers r amazing

  3. Wow! Absolutely Gorgeous Frame. Beautiful Flowers and Granny’s picture is perfect.


  4. Lordy, those flowers are gorgeous!

  5. What a beautiful frame and your flowers are awesome!

  6. Always love your projects Sherry. Keep them coming.

  7. Sherry, I just love your blog. You are so creative. Everything you make is gorgeous. Your signature flowers are just beautiful on the frame.

  8. Flowers are beautiful…love the whole project!

  9. Love the flowers, Especially the metal ones. I just saw a demo of them being used the other day and Im so ready to buy them and get busy with some metal flowers!!!! Love the pic of your Grandmother too!!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  10. Oh, I just love the Renaissance Faire collection. Never thought of using it on a frame. This is such a great gift idea. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your frame is beautiful, I love the flowers.

  12. I love the flowers, vintage is the look that I enjoy making. Frame is great!!

  13. Oh what a stunning frame! Beautiful!
    Thanks for the chance to win that pretty gift set too! πŸ™‚
    True πŸ˜€

    Posted by: True πŸ˜€

  14. Hi Sherry,
    You make the best flowers ever!!!!!

  15. Beautifully designed! The colors match the vintage effect you were going after here.

  16. Sherry I have followed you for some time now and you never fail to amaze me. You are so very talented and I love your flowers. Thanks for the chance to win such great prizes.
    [email protected]

  17. another beauty, your grandmother would be pleased if she could see it, the flowers are gorge as always.

  18. WOUW your frame is just gorgeous and I love the flowers, youΒ΄ve made on it here, and such awesome papers. Really gorgeous work.

  19. Wow. Such flowery goodness…not badness. Thanks for the chance to win with the handmade holiday blog hop.

  20. Love the flowers love the frame and I love the G45 prize.

  21. This is great! I love that project–the flowers especially. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Sherry, you are the “Mother Nature” of the paper kingdom. I absolutely love your flowers. Your creations and Graphic45…..a match made in heaven. What a beautiful frame!

  23. What a beautiful project! Those flowers are gorgeous. Such a great gift idea. Definately inspired to start making my gifts for Christmas, the sooner the better as I’m such a procrastinator :p

  24. What a gorgeous layout – perfect flowers!

  25. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Of course, I love the flowers!!

  26. Beautiful project, as always Sherry!

  27. I love your frame. It’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Your flowers are so beautiful!

  29. What a beautiful frame! You did a great job!

  30. I’m off to try those paper flowers…..they are gorgeous……And what a beautiful photo…..such a classic beauty…..

  31. Another beautiful project from you, love your flowers.

  32. An absolutely amazing project!! Your Grandmother would be so proud.I love following your blog whenever I can – you really inspire.

  33. love the blog hop & your ideas-gorgeous frame & flowers

  34. Love the mix of patterns you used and the roses are gorgeous!

  35. Great project! Thanks!

  36. Oh my! gorgeous flowers!

  37. Wow! Look at those flowers. What a lovely frame.

  38. I just love the Renaissance Fairy collection.
    absolutely amazing project!

  39. Wow, what an impressive project! The embellies are particularly awesome, especially the metal flowers and the leaf picks. Thanks for inspiring!

  40. Love the frame. The flowers are gorgeous, something I’ll have to try.

  41. you are seriously an artist-love the frame.

  42. The frame is stunning! Scrapping older pictures is so fun because it accents that ‘vintage’ look so well. I am enjoying every bit of the blog hop. Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

  43. Look at those flowers — WOW!! Thanks for letting me hop with you.

  44. your frame is beautiful, those flowers are amazing!

  45. Dear Bad Sherry, you are amazing and never cease to surprise me.
    Keep it coming.

  46. Great alterations! That paper makes wonderful flowers!

  47. Your flowers are absolutely stunning! So happy to discover your blog through this holiday hop.

  48. Love love the paper flowers on your layout!!! great work!

  49. What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful grandmother! She would be proud to have her picture encased in this beautiful frame. Thank you for sharing this lovely project.

  50. Fantastic flowers on the corner – this looks great!

  51. So pretty!! Great vintage effect.

  52. Love the colours and techniques you used.

  53. Love the flowers.. thanks for letting me hop with you..

  54. Love your Frame and your Flowers are Gorgeous! You did an Amazing Job! Love It!!! :0)

  55. you always have such beautiful creations.

  56. A lovely frame and absolutely LOVE the flowers!!! TFS πŸ™‚

  57. Wow look at those flowers! They certainly don’t look like metal!

  58. Sherry, I am always fascinated by your roses, mine don’t even come close to looking like yours! Great project.

  59. Sherry you are an inspiration! Loved the flowers.

  60. I love thi picture frame vary Beautigul the colors and the papers are perfect. and the embellishments are great love love the flower. thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.

  61. Fantastic project, lovely tribute to your Grandmother. I love all of the flowers, that dimension just sings!

  62. Just beautiful! Your flowers are fantastic, both metal and paper!

  63. Wow, you make the most awesome flowers. Your frame is fabulous. Thanks for the chance to win. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  64. Really beautiful and unique!

  65. Love the frame – beautiful flowers!

  66. I just love all your work Sherry and this frame is awesome, thank you so much for sharing it and the chance to win.

  67. Great frame Sherry, and I love the Grainy Granny πŸ™‚

  68. cute ideas love em!

  69. Very pretty frame. I think the leaves from GrungePaper are very interesting looking, I alway used my GrungePaper as flowers. And the Renaissance Faire Collection is my very Favorite! But it’s really hard to find. Love, love, love your project.

  70. Hey Bad Sherry, Graphic 45 sent me. Fabulous frame; I love the vintage charm.

  71. holiday hop sent me over!! Nice frame!!

  72. love your work and ideas! thanks!

  73. So fancy!

  74. What beautiful handmade roses, and that paper just makes them even more stunning!

  75. the flowers are amazing , I love vintage thanks

  76. What a wonderful frame project – great idea!

  77. LOVE the flowers and the frame is amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. absolutely love the frame and what a perfect idea!!

  79. Your projects are always true works of ART!!! Beautiful frame (and subject)!!!

  80. this is gorgeous! this is the third time that I have seen those metal flowers, I must get some!

  81. Pretty frame. I love the red/aqua flowers.

  82. Pretty frame. I love the red/aqua flowers and the paper used to cover the frame seems like it would have a great many potential uses.

  83. LOVE the frame, those flowers are beautiful!!! TFS! Charlotte

  84. The flowers are so beautiful!
    Greetings Mieke’S

  85. I love altering frames and yours is beautiful. I love the flowers you created!!!

  86. So many layers, so many textures…we, the observers or students, take for granted how labor intensive such a project is. I loved the paper flowers especially, the pattern, the shape. Thanks for the chance to enter the drawing.

  87. I LOVE your flowers!!!! They are beautiful!!! Great job!

  88. Love those metal flowers! And the metal buttons make perfect centers for them.

  89. Thanks for explaining how you made the flowers so special.

  90. Love your frame! I have some old photos that would look good in it.

  91. Those flowers are beautiful! Everything you do is absolutely gorgeous.

  92. Love the frame, the flowers are beautiful. Your art is so inspiring.

  93. Love the flowers!

  94. Wow, Sherry, what a gorgeous project. I love the flowers and swirls. TFS.

  95. Sherry, you have been knocking out some awesome projects lately! Love your Peony’s done with the Graphic45 papers, they are just beautiful! This blog hop has been so much fun, there is so much to see, so much inspiration. TFS!

  96. Lovely frame and picture!

  97. The frame is great. The flowers are fabulous. I love hearing how these things are done.

  98. I have got to learn how to make those flowers – they are just gorgeous!

  99. The frame is beautiful. I especially love the flowers! TFS

  100. Hi Sherry, I have been following you for a significant while and your art work is magic!!!

  101. Lovely Frame! Such beautiful flowers…

  102. Pretty granny and a pretty frame for her photo. Metal flowers-don’t think I have seen those-neat touch to the frame.

  103. Stunning frame Sherry!!

  104. love the flowers

  105. Thanks for sharing! And, your Grandma’s pic doesn’t appear grainy to me! And, that would have been a pic of her time; therefore, you would want the real pic, to be the right touch! πŸ™‚

  106. Love the frame.
    [email protected]

  107. Beautiful frame

  108. Nice prize package, hope I win.

  109. Gorgeous paper flowers!

  110. I love the flower frame. This is a great hop for ideas for the holidays!

  111. I love the flowers you’ve added to the frame. Next time I’m at Ikea, I think I might get a couple of frames to give altering them a go. Thank you for your inspiration!

  112. WOW!!! Those flowers are amazing and your project is just gorgeous!

  113. Love love love those flowers you used!

  114. BEAUTIFUL!! Love those flowers! And I am so excited!! I have been looking for a fern die! Thank you for a source!

  115. Wow this is stunning-love those flowers.
    Great project to share sweetie

  116. Flowers are AMAZING!

  117. Love the flowers! Great project!

  118. Thank you for the inspiration! I have just ordered the grand peonies by spellbinder after seeing your beautiful flowers!

  119. I don’t know why I cant post a comment I hope this one goes thru Sherry I have been an admirer of yours for a few years now…Love Graphic 45 all their products are quality and such talents on their team! Love the altered picture frame and the use of the poinsettia flower it’s beautiful! You did a wonderful job great picture!

  120. wow I do love the flowers, I think I need to try that!!

  121. Your frame is beautiful, what a wonderful idea!

  122. Beautiful frame. Love it.

  123. What a great prize package – I’d love to win it!

  124. As always you have done a wonderful project to share for us. Love it.

  125. Love the flowers so beautiful. Great prize too.
    Thanks for the chance to win it.

  126. Those flowers are drop-dead gorgeous! Love the papers.

  127. Sherry,
    Your Grandmother would love this frame! It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  128. Beautiful. Just BEAUTIFUL!

  129. The picture frame is beautiful. TFS

  130. Your frame is lovely… your flowers are stunning! TFS.

  131. Awesome! This frame is absolutely gorgeous. πŸ™‚

  132. Those flowers are to die for!

  133. What a pretty frame!

  134. beautiful frame, those flowers are gorgeous!!!!

  135. Stunning frame. The flowers are gorgeous.

  136. What a pretty project! on to the next hop.

  137. I love the items listing. It helps alot!

  138. the flowers really made a nice finish for the frame~

  139. Love your project. What a lovely gift idea.

  140. Beautiful project, love the flowers. A very special gift to be sure. Thank you for sharing, and a chance to win.

  141. What an absolutely beautiful frame! It’s perfect for the photo of your grandmother. What a wonderful collection of products for the blog hop giveawy!

  142. I love the metal flowers! I have seen so many wonderful uses for these flowers lately I just have to track some down so I can start playing!! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.

  143. I love the background paper on the frame–it looks so different from far away. And I also love the metal buttons inside the metal flowers. Beautiful!

  144. Wonderful frame…AWESOME flowers!

  145. I love the frame! I can quill some flowers but I can never make punched flowers that look that good!

  146. Beautiful frame with some great flowers and paper.

  147. Great project! Those flowers r outta this world! Amazing blog hop! Thanx~prhmangel at gmail dot com

  148. Wow! Stunning. Beautiful flowers, papers, picture, everything. TFS
    Beth Anne in PA
    woody42997 at aol dot com

  149. Those flowers are amazingly realistic, thanks for sharing the idea.

  150. Your frame is incredible. The metal flowers I haven’t seen before and you better believe it I will be looking for them tomorrow. The patina look on the metal petals coming from the white ColorBox Frost White Pigment and Mix’d Media Peridot Inks is just out of this world. Thank you so much. Just the touch I was looking for. Isn’t this Blog Hop the best!

  151. The frame is stunning!!

  152. Lovely frame! Your flowers are the best!

  153. What a great project. Your flowers are always perfect. Graphic 45 rocks! It’s my fav.

  154. What a beautiful frame. I love the flowers!!

  155. this frame is beautiful. awesome job creating it to look vintage to go so well with the photo.

  156. Your creations never fail to move and inspire me.You are amazing-thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us.

  157. Your beautiful frame is a wonderful way to honour your grandmother’s memory Sherry.

  158. Wow Sherry! This frame is gorgeous! I think the grainy photo just adds character to this great vintage project πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this.

  159. beautiful! LOVE the flowers and pins!

  160. this frame is simply a-ma-zing…love your color choices:)

  161. So creative and beautiful work, thanks for sharing

  162. Beautiful Frame, Sherry! Love the Peonies. My Grandmothers Favorite Flower! Thanks, Hun!

  163. I love the flowers, vintage is the look that I enjoy making. Frame is great!! Thank you for sharing, and a chance to win.

  164. Oh, I especially love the flowers. No matter how I try I can’t get them to look like real flowers, but I keep trying.

  165. Your flower frame is gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration!

  166. That picture frame is so cool….i loved it, an Grafic 45 sent me…..hop….

  167. Just love the way the colors worked out on the flowers. Great project. Me think thou may exagerate thou baddness, Sherry. LOL

  168. Hey Sherry! So great to see your work showcased on this hop! I love your pretty altered frame and those roses are amazing as always.
    Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  169. WOW – gorgeous frame Sherry – LOVE your flowers!!!
    Thank you for the inspiration and for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  170. Beautiful!
    Love your flowers.
    Sandra ltb

  171. Beautiful! I love the metal flowers.

  172. Wow! Absolutely Gorgeous Frame. Beautiful Flowers and Granny’s picture is perfect. Love your work!


  173. Beautiful Sherry!

  174. I love the flowers you made with the G45 paper….they seem to draw your eye to the slight ruffle of your grandmother’s blouse. Everything is gorgeous! The small details make it perfect!

  175. Hi!! So cute project!! Love this combination and the beautiful papers of Graphic 45! The papers flowers are gorgeous!!! TFS! Hugs.. Maggy πŸ™‚

  176. Such a fabulous frame. Thanks for sharing.

  177. very nice. tfs.
    littlen44 at gmail dot com

  178. Would love to win the Graphic 45 stash…
    The frame is incredible.

  179. WOW!! This frame is beautiful…I love the flowers. Doesn’t Graphic 45 just have the best papers ever!!

  180. I am new here…but I love what I see. You are very talented. TFS. The flowers are amazing !!!

  181. Your frame is beautiful, very fitting for that photo of your grandmother!!!

  182. Gorgeous papers making such pretty flowers. A great project!

  183. I love it. The flowers are so beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration.

  184. What a great frame! I love those flowers! Thanks for sharing!

  185. Always love your creations. Thanks for sharing

  186. this is so very pretty! thanks also for a chance to win!

  187. OHHHHHH! This frame is so beautiful! LOVE your flowers:) Thanks for the chance to win–sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  188. wow Sherry, you did a fab job altering that frame, it’s perfect for an old photo of a loved one. I really love the papers you used for the flowers, they just pop off that frame, gorgeous…once again πŸ™‚

  189. Wonderful project and a great gift!

  190. This is just gorgeous Sherry…. Love the flowers…

  191. Having fun learning new things and visiting sites!

  192. I think the bit of grain adds to the photo’s personality and really captures the time and fact that this was history in your family. The frame is gorgeous as well!

  193. gorgeous frame. Love the flowers.

  194. Wow – those flowers are amazing πŸ™‚

  195. Stunning frame and I love those flowers!!

  196. Beautiful frame. I love the flowers.

  197. I really like the flowers you made.

  198. At first glance, the frame looked like it was decorated with textured fabric/paper…such depth. Flowers are gorgeous!

  199. Sherry, you know how much I love your work….and you inspired me to make my own altered frames. Turned out great, and I had so much fun! Thanks!

  200. what a beautiful frame for a lovely pictures

  201. Love this blog hop!

  202. Sherry, You never disappoint! Another amazing piece!

  203. Oh my goodness! This frame is beautiful and is just the right gift for a difficult person on my Santa List! Thanks!

  204. Love the vintagey look of your frame and the Graphics 45 products!

  205. Beautiful frame–love the flowers.

  206. Pretty frame idea! Hopping along…great prizes offered! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  207. I am late commenting for Day 1, but Day 2 is completed. These are wonderful. As always, these hops are so inspirational. G45 and Clearsnap sent me. Thanks for giving us a chance to win. Good Luck everyone. TFS.

  208. Fun blog hop and such great ideas and prizes.

  209. Love this frame and the flowers are beautiful. TFS.

  210. great project, as always. thank you for sharing.

  211. The frame is beautiful with AMAZING flowers!

  212. Stunning frame and the roses are gorgeous. I think there no bad photos just memories

  213. Those paper flowers are to die for. Beautiful

  214. Those metal flowers are awesome, I just have to try them. Beautiful and elegant. Thanks for sharing.

  215. Beautiful frame. You make the lovliest flowers. I like that you used the Graphic 45 Renaissance Faire Collection. Such pretty papers. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation!

  216. Love the flowers you made from the G45 papers… they are my all time fav!!!! your frame is beautiful… TFS!!!!

  217. What beautiful floweres. This has got to be my fav. Paper Co. TFS

  218. Pretty posies! This blog hop is so much fun! Love all the inspiration and great projects I am seeing!

  219. Your flowers are amazing. Love your projects.

  220. Love your flowers. Great. Thanks for sharing.

  221. Beautiful frame and amazing flowers!!

  222. Thanks for sharing! This is a great blog hop!

  223. I’ve been a fan of your for a LONG time. Always such a treat to stop by your blog and see what you are creating. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  224. LOVELY!! Very nice color scheme.

  225. Nice frame . Thanks for sharing. France

  226. Thanks for sharing your project. You grandmother could be the grandmother of my brother-in-law’s girlfriend. Could be twins generations apart!! Lovely work1 Thank you for sharing! Talented to the max!

  227. THANKS for sharing!! =)
    LOVE the flowers I think that you have them DOWN!! =)
    Have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  228. WOW you are one busy Blogger today Sherry!!
    Your frame is beautiful but I wanted to share a thought I had last week in viewing your lovely projects ~~ why don’t you produce a video tutorial creating & explaining all the brilliant flowers you create? I would be first in line to buy it !!!! πŸ™‚

  229. Great frame and beautiful flowers.
    God bless,
    Peggy Allen

  230. Awesome vintage look!!! Love it!!

  231. Very pretty – loved the flowers on the frame. I never seem to get it right, but yours looks great

  232. Love the frame!!

  233. Such a beautiful frame. Love all the details that you put into it.

  234. Wow, stunning frame and holy cow 237 comments, that’s a lot of blog love.

  235. Fantastic as always!

  236. What a beautiful frame, and I am so glad I took the time to follow this blog hop, leading it to here. Not only do I like your creations, but really appreciate the effort you take to list the items used in picture form for us. Thank you!


  238. The frame is beautiful. Had a lot of fun participating in the Blog Hop

  239. Lovely!

  240. amazing project! the flowers are incredible!

  241. what a wonderful blog hop Thank you

  242. beautiful frame, love the flowers!

  243. What a BEAUTIFUL frame! Lovin those flowers and the paper znd how everything works together.

  244. Gorgeous frame-I always love your flowers!

  245. About to start my Thanksgiving cards today – thanks for the inspirations!

  246. Your work always blows me away, Sherry! Gorgeous flowers!

  247. Your flowers are always wonderful. You look very much like your grandmother.

  248. That frame is beautiful! And the flowers on it are gorgeous! This is a wonderful project for a Christmas gift.

  249. You seemto be able to make everything you craft look good! Thank you for sharing!

  250. Those flowers are fantastic! I am impressed!

  251. I loooooove the flowers… this is all new to me .. i couldnt figure out how to follow you πŸ™

  252. I am loving those peonies. Thanks for the project!

  253. this hop is fun! too many cool project ideas

  254. Such a fun hop!!!

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