10 Responses to “Old Chalkboard Brought Back to Life!”

  1. Goodness Sherry, I hope your throats heals quickly. I love your work. I wish I had a little of your talent. Keep posting…

  2. I watched the video…. How awesome, but I freaked out when you cut the paper off the front. I go to great lengths to not waste any paper. I’d be cutting real close to that to save all the paper I could:) Beaitiful piece. How can you go wrong with G45. Hope things turn out ok for you, medically. Laid up with a bad knee. Going stir crazy so crafting as much as I can:)

  3. you are so awwwwwesome. This work is fantastic. I know two girls that would like to have these hanging in their houses.

  4. So cute, Sherry!! I sure like those flowers and the Graphic45 paper!! Hope all goes well with the tests!!

  5. You are such a talent!!! Hope your throat is better soon.

  6. Those flowers knock me out every time! Love the chalkboard idea.

  7. Sherry, Love this matching chalkboard. Makes me want to hunt for one to alter also. You are very talented and Brave. You are my Hero.
    Love, Sharon

  8. I was wondering what was up with you when you first said the doctor was cutting your throat! Hope all is well and you recover nicely! Love this project; as always your flowers are to die for! Are you gearing up for the holidays?

  9. AWE…..some!
    love it LOTS!

  10. Hope you are starting to recover and able to swallow and chat again…although not at the same time of course! You could choke!
    Love your bulletin board and matching chalk board. I love the chalk tied onto the string around the finger. Such pretty flowers.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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