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Yesterday I got this bright idea to take some pictures of my work room.  It really is a mess and I can use something, set it down, and then not find it again.  I wonder where my tweezers are?


If you look close enough, you might see some CHA projects laying around!


Mr. Stodgy came down for a visit the other night . . . he didn’t have anywhere to sit. Smiley from


Shipping boxes under the table, the Graphic 45 on the table and a box of new Spellbinders releases.


I keep tripping every time I try to squeeze into the closet . . . Smiley from

Anyhoo, just thought I would share . . .

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day . . . remember, life is short . . . enjoy the adventures of today!


Me marching to the beat of the little drums in my head! Smiley from

30 Responses to “My Room of Stash!”

  1. Gee, now I don’t feel so bad. I try to always put my tweezers back where I keep them and my spellbinders also. In fact everything has a place, but the paper, Yuck! Pieces everywhere. Oh well, can’t work and be neat also. Edna

  2. haha i love it, what a great room, just like mine.

  3. Well, it looks to me like there is a lot of desktop showing and I can see lots of carpeting, so I think it looks well used, not a mess. I got out a magnifying glass and held it up to my monitor, but I couldn’t find the tweezers. I couldn’t see the spellbinders releases either. The chair in my craft room is piled about 5 feet high. I think a really tidy room is probably an unused room. Ours are difinitely used. Bobbi

  4. You are such a tease 😉 Your studio doesn’t look to dissimilar from mine either. You can’t be too neat because then you wouldn’t be a great artist 😀 I try to put everything in it’s rightful space after using it, but when I am on a roll, well, then I clean up when the project is finished. If you need a holding place for any of your overages, I’m not too far away and would be willing to drive 😀 Have a great day and good luck on your continuing project of getting ready to leave this weekend. Looking forward to seeing your projects!

  5. Nice to see where you hang out Sherry 🙂 Your room is a lot neater than mine. I am messy, quite distractable (my new word), and can sit and mess with one thing for hours. Right now I can’t get to most of my stuff..I have a ladder in there and some Christmas decoration bins, until they can be taken and stored where they belong. Then when they are gone……dun dun dun dunn…it’s still a mess. Getting over the flu, so am not in the mood to grapple with it now. When I do tackle it, it is going to be a few days in there just to get it neat enough to make a mess again. My Mr. Stodgy doesn’t usually have a place to sit in my room either. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing all the videos hit you tube on CHA. It would be fun to go to one, especially with lots of moola in my pocket. I will have a kind of fun trip to CHA through watching all the videos 🙂 Have Fun!! and Safe Journey 🙂

  6. Hey this looks great compared to mine. Glad to hear that someone else lays things down and can’t find them. Can’t find my brayer and I just saw it the other day but it has taken legs and walked off. Do you have it Sherry – do you??? Have a great day and enjoy the mess – it means you’re having fun.

  7. great looking room! so much fun to see where you create the wonderful projects that you share with us. I can not wait to see what is in store once FRIDAY gets here!! Gee I wish I could go

  8. I would looooooove to come help you organize it all!

  9. no comment…lol!

  10. You have a great room. You should see mine.

  11. Well good to know that my room isn’t the only one that looks like this, but then again I don’t have the excuse that I have been working on projects for CHA either ;(

  12. Sherry, yours looks better than mine, which has been a big project for a couple of week now with no end in sight (LOL!!). However, I do know where my tweezers are (not much of anything else though, especially the floor!) Thanks for sharing…I love seeing what everyone else does! Hugs Lori

  13. I’m soooo glad you have the same problem as I have….I was beginning to think the kids were getting ready to pick out a “home” for their dear ole mom. Thankfully I usually find the item sooner or later! Your room looks very productive. I spent 3 days this week cleaning and organizing mine. Now I’m afraid to mess it up…ok, not really. I posted photos of my clean room on my blog. I tell everyone to come quick, it won’t be clean long! Have fun at CHA. My favorite scrapbook store owner will there and I told her to say hello! Sherry meet Karen!

  14. Mess? What mess? All I see is creative clutter. So glad you have your creativity flowing again. Can not wait to see all the great things you have made for CHA.

  15. Sherry, when my room looks like that I know that good things are happening and work is in progress. Excited to see all your new ideas. Always inspiring.

  16. TFS as now I do not feel bad! My room is much smaller and at times even worse. i get into these creative mood and go tossing things all over trying to find what I need. I end up crafting in another room as ever inch of space is taken up by something.

    I guess Nietzsche was right ‘ You need CHAOS in your soul to give birth to a dancing star . Thanks again! 😉

  17. Love your workspace! You should check out WOYWW , What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday and share it with other crafters/artists/blogger’s from around the world. the link is It is a lot fun. Vickie

  18. I feel better about my studio, which looks pretty much like yours while I am working. Now if I can just get all the boxes of Christmas stuff back in the attic and clean the living room I will be good to go.

  19. I always say’ “A clean desk or craft room is an indication of a confused mind.”

  20. Can I come over and play?


  21. I was working at my desk at work today trying to draw something up quickly for a display in our children’s library. THREE times I lost my eraser in 20 minutes. Good job there was a stationery cupboard behind me. When I had finished they were all sitting next to each other on the desk. (!?!?!!) So I totally sympathise. I can cope with mess but I do get irritable when I just can’t see where I have put things. So TFS, good to know we are not alone!! Happy WOYWW, Cindy #51

  22. Hm….. I think my messy craft space still is messier than yours, lol….. it really doesn’t look that bad!

  23.’ve got a great crafty area. I hate to tell you but you may not find it…I lost 3, yes THREE bone folders…then realized one of the cats found them and must have had play time with them. Today when I moved my paper storage unit I found one, and the other had fallen inside a box of paper embellishments. the other??? no clue yet.
    Can’t wait to see the new spellbinders and all the Graphic 45 items. I love those papers. Have a great week Sherry

  24. Had to laugh. My craft nook took over the kitchen counter top and floors. So I’m in the midst of creating a real craft room. Ordered furniture and everything. My agreement with my really tolerant husband is that if the paper crafting stuff doesn’t fit in the craft room, it can’t come in the house. I’m building a stamping station and have ordered lots of storage. It will look nice for about 15 minutes while I admire my hard work. Then the paper will fly, the stamps will come out, the ink pads will be scattered to say nothing of the embellishments. Creating is messy, order is boring. I love looking at your creations. I say keep on being messy! WRE

  25. Well, you have been a busy girl, a room full of crafty goodies and all those sneek peeks for the CHA, can’t wait to see those creations, have a great week, Hugs May and a great WOYWW x x x

  26. I think your room is great – lots of potential to hide stuff but who wants to spend time tidying when we could be creating! Really like that chair, even if no-one but your stash gets to sit in it 😉

  27. Ohhh your room looks amazing and i am so jealous of all your lovely crating goodies, hope you have a great week Lou x#82

  28. Uh huh what mess??!! So happy that you cannot see my room here! I keep saying that I’ll organize it, but crafting gets in the way! CHA projects…where?? I can’t wait to see them!! Take care, hugs!!:-))

  29. thanks for sharing your special space; it looks like a very creative person spends a considerable amount of time there. I love it!

  30. HA! It’s funny, just this afternoon, my hubby came up to my craft studio & said “holy sh*t, what a mess!” …Funny thing is, I actually don’t see it that way. I mean, I realize it could be neater, but I honestly thought it wasn’t TOO bad! Oh, well! LOL!

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