Good Monday morning!  I hope y’all had a good weekend.  After lunching and shopping with my girls on Saturday, I found some time to work in the studio.  Now that it’s all clean and all!  I spent a couple days last week putting away all the Christmas decorations and cleaning up my CHA messes.  It sure it nice to have a clean room without a path leading into it.

Before I left for CHA, I received a note from Melanie Muenchinger, stamp designer for Gina K. Designs.  She had noticed that I was from the Kentucky area and wanted to know if I was interested in her set Stately Flowers 2, which has a Goldenrod image, the State Flower of Kentucky.  Well of course I said yes!

Here’s my first card with this set.


The image was embossed with Ranger’s Queen’s Gold embossing powder and then water colored with Tombow Markers.   The paper is from Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934.   I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect match for Goldenrod.

I have to admit here that I had this huge post written all about my girls and our recent weather.  However, when I went to post it to my blog, Live Writer crapped out on me and I lost my post.

Friday’s weather was absolutely uncanny.  Here at my house we didn’t have that first drop of rain, but not even 5 miles up the road tornados!  I’ll tell ya . . . I love storms.  Love to listen to them, watch them, etc.,  but I was a little edgy all day Friday.  I had the local weather on staying updated and our tornado siren (at the end of my street) was going off about every 5 minutes.  Mallory was already home for break and I had her in the basement with the dogs (all of them scared of storms), water, flashlights, etc., just in case.  I worried about Kate who was working north of us, where the tornados were.  All the students had left for the day but as they were in route, the sirens went off.  The bus drivers turned around and headed back to the school where they were able to get the students into a safe area.  Thankfully they were all safe and protected.   The tornado that had been spotted by her town headed north a few miles and completely devastated the town and the school (where she taught her first year).  If you haven’t already seen some of the sights on the news, here’s a link to some Google images.   Friday was also Kate’s 26th birthday . . . for some reason I can always associate her birthdays with certain events.  On her 2nd and 16th birthdays, Mr. Stodgy found himself in the hospital.  It was also her 2nd birthday when I found out I was pregnant with Mallory.  Now I’ll remember her 26th birthday with the storms.

Mallory and I spent Sunday getting some clothes together to drop off for some of Kate’s students that did lose their home.  So many have been devastated with loss and the outpouring of prayers, aid and support from the surrounding communities has been remarkable.

To shorten this post, I’ll included Mallory’s update later.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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10 Responses to “Wild Weather and Stately Flowers!”

  1. Lovely layers and and Stately Flowers. I love Melanie’s work also.
    Glad to hear you are all safe. I had the atlas out and weather station most of the weekend..It is unbelievable what mother nature can do.
    Have a great week.

  2. SO relieved that you all were OK! Such weird weather this season – so unreal.

    Lovely take on your state flower, Sherry 🙂 You’re right, that patterned paper is perfect for the colors! xo

  3. The thought of tornado’s and hurricanes, just terrifies me. That coming from a born and raised Californian who has weathered a few earthquakes. The biggest one happened the year the movie Earthquake came out and 3 days after my son was born. I had just seen the movie and was suffering from post pardum I am sure. I just remember gathering up my baby and standing in a door jam crying as the whole house seemed to be rolling. Right about then, my brother and his best friend who had been on a large rig (a telephone company truck), decided to swing by to see his new nephew for their lunch hour, and hadn’t felt a thing and had no idea we had just had an earthquake. As they walked in they found me there balling my eyes out like some total lunitic and I went running to them thanking them for coming to rescue me. Of course they thought I had totally lost it or that something was wrong with the baby. Once they got me settled down and I realized that it was nothing like the movie and that I was just totally over reacting the power was restored and they got to spend a little time with the baby and had a good laugh at my expense. Almost 40 years later we still laugh about it. Anyways, I am just glad to hear you and your family are safe.

  4. I’m so glad that you and your family were safe from the tornados, Sherry. As a Missourian, I know how devastating they can be. Thank goodness for early warnings and basements! I love your card. Since I make cards, I’m always anxious to see your pretty creations and this one is great!! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I am so glad that you all are safe. My heart goes out to the people who lost everything they owned and especially to the ones who lost loved ones. I just read in my hometown paper where the baby found in the field in Indiana died and then it said that the father, mother and two siblings were also killed, how sad. Thank you for sharing your beautiful card it made my day brighter.

  6. such pretty embossing and coloring of the flowers, the papers are perfect with it 🙂
    Glad to hear you all made it thru the storms safely

  7. Your card is beautiful. Being from Missouri, I was fortunate enough to win the set when I correctly identified her sneak peak of our state flower, the hawthorne, and I’ve had a wonderful time with it. I’m glad you and your family are OK. We had a tornado just three miles from our home on New Years Eve 2010. We didn’t lose so much as a twig or even have much rain, but the loss just down the road was devatating.

  8. I can only imagine the sadness of those who suffered such loss. I hope Mother Nature gives your area a break. Your card is beautiful, but then your work always is.

  9. I’m so glad to hear you are okay after all the storms and tornado activity. Poor Kate – “Birthday in a Basement” will be a good title for a scrapbook page at least!! I love your card – didn’t know what the Kentucky state flower was until reading this post. Beautiful!!

  10. Thanks so much for posting Sherry, this design is gorgeous! ( Sorry you lost your post, rats!) Thankful you and family are okay!

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