8 Responses to “Crazy Days!”

  1. Beautiful spring time cards — and at least Mallory doesn’t have kidney stones — here’s hoping they don’t eliminate things one by one! DH has a teammate (on his 5th grade teaching team) who is 23 and herniated a disc playing golf with her boyfriend! 23! Who knew golf was such a dangerous sport!?! She’s out for a week! Here’s hoping Mallory figures it out and feels better — meanwhile, no golf for her!

  2. Love your pretty flower cards. Hope Mallory is better soon!

  3. Sherry your cards are beautiful!! I hope your daughter finds out what’s ailing her quickly.

  4. sending hugs and prayers – hope Mallory is ok. hugs

    oh love your cards, my favorite is also the 2nd one. Absolutely love how you did the inside of the cards.

  5. Sherry – Hope Mallory is better soon. I will say a little prayer for her and for you. Lovely cards as always, especially love the second one. It is gorgeous as always.

  6. Nothing like a trip to the ER to get your heart thumpin! Hope all is well! Both of these cards are amazing, but my favorite is the last one! Just gorgeous colors!

  7. Hope your daughter is diagnosed soon and that treatment consists of simple exercises to strengthen her back muscles. Love the cards; the flowers are gorgeous looking!

  8. Sorry to hear Mallory is having troubles and she can’t get a clear answer as to why, hope she is better very soon!
    Such lovely cards, beautiful coloring, I especially love the colors and image in the second one!

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