50 Responses to “The E-Team . . . Journaling We Go!”

  1. Totally Awesome! I love the page idea and will be trying that out soon.

  2. Great job on the journals; the spiral is my favorite!

  3. As always, super ideas. Swore I wasn’t going to buy a binder, but will definitely think about it now.

  4. Great collage of stamps on the cover.

  5. Two wonderful journals and so very different. Great job, Sherry.

  6. wow your creation is awesome i wish i can be so talented . congrats

  7. these are both wonderful! I love the idea with the spiral bound, but adding in the pages. VERY clever!!! The way you used the canvas and decorated it is great too. Love the tip to stick it to the craft sheet.

  8. Oh Sherry…above and beyond once again. Love the first journal and your great idea for the single sheets. Your creativity on the “messy” journal has great color and will be wonderful for doodles, notes and just being messy!!!! ( which is mostly my handwriting!) Thanks for the fun and the motovation to get me going on a long time idea.

  9. Love both journals. That Sticky Back Canvas creation you adhered on your 2nd journal is simply artful. Can’t wait to see what goes in those blank pages.

  10. Fab journals Sherry! Love the collage and added elements to the top one!

  11. Gonna miss you on G45…but change is good, right?

    The engineering in the first journal is pure genius….and the design/art on the second journal is a signpost of new directions for you. And I love them both!

  12. I love the idea of the strips of paper to add the pages to. It is a very creative solution to the disadvantages of working in an art journal that you mentioned. Both of the covers are very pretty, yet each a completely different artistic approach while still having a heart theme. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Love your journals as I do all of your work. You are fantastic – I have followed your blog and your creations for some time. Keep up your great work.

  14. Stunning creativity going on here! Both are gorgeous!

  15. Great journals you have got started there. Wow, where do you find the time! Of course you added your signature gorgie flowers to the front. Nobody makes them like you.

  16. I love both of them! What fun to have 2 new journals to work in.

  17. I love this earthy tone cover…so perfect for some precious memory journal.

  18. Sherry, I am so sad that you are leaving the G45 Design Team because I always loved what you created and looked forward to your next creation. I am sooo excited for your next adventure(s). I absolutely love the journals and I hope there will be lots more journaling posts in the future. Your blog is always a “must look” on my daily route through cyberspace. Thanks for all your creativity.

  19. Wow! I just love both journals, you flowers are great, thank you for sharing them.

  20. I love both your journals!! (You can send either one to me! :0)) On the first one, all your embellishments are so creative – especially the door knob! On the second the texture of the sticky back canvas plus the colors you used are really interesting.

  21. Love the loose page idea.

  22. Love your journals, I love the details… and those flowers…AWESOME!
    Almost makes me want to do one LOL !

  23. These are both just fabulous, Sherry! The first one shows such a creative way to assemble it! And I love your signature heart/flowers! But the second one is such a fresh and new direction for you, and I think I’m REALLY gonna love that direction!!

  24. I am soooo impressed with both of your journals. Great idea on the first one to be able to work on the pages and then attach them in the journal. Love the colors used for both journals.

  25. Oh Sherry!! I love both of those! I like that you can add pages to the first one and for the second one you can just smooosh stuff around! Great books!

  26. Love both journals–especially the first one with the doorknob!!!!!

  27. Love the ideas! The spiral bound format is great and lots of cool details on the cover! Love the sticky back canvas on the other cover too! Great texture!

  28. Fabulous journals both! LOVE the fabric of the 2nd and the page idea in the first is just brilliant! Looking forward to seeing more!

  29. The are both great! I’m glad you didn’t make me pick a favorite!

  30. I work in different journals, too, and I bet you will be really glad you made that second one. Love your different styles.

  31. Sherry-
    I was over at G45 and realized a lot of my favorite projects from the last year were yours. How exciting to be heading in a new direction with journaling; I am still trying to figure out where the right journal is. I know, what an excuse, huh? I finally broke down and bought a spiral bound book…we’ll see. I look forward to seeing what you, Marjie and the others create in this new venture. Enjoy.

  32. Cool beans — on both of them since I like your “old” style anyway! I love the door knob too.

  33. love both journals! great job (as always)

  34. wow!!!!!!!!!! awesome journals and make me want to run home now and get started. I have one of those door knobs I got in a box of goodies from May Arts Ribbon and didn’t know what to do with it well now you’ve showed me an awesome way thanks so much looking forward to this hop!!!!

  35. Great cover! Love all the embellies! Thanx for sharing 🙂

  36. WOW! Two covers! I appreciate your idea of converting a spiral bound journal into a folded page journal. You are a genius! I also love your soft blu cover very much. The bleeding of the red stain on the canvas is fabulous! Great work!

  37. What a great journal. So original and clever. Iris

  38. Seeing the different journals used and the different approaches is giving me the confidence to try this myself. While you may feel your creativity wasn’t stretched in the first one, it is a great cover and shows what all can be done to a cover.

  39. Love your cover and Art Journal very interesting techniques…

  40. Your covers are great. Those curiosity shop papers are my new favorite too. I can’t stop myself from buying them.

  41. At one time I used a journal to write and draw in as well has write down those “Oh I should do that” moments. I think this is a great time to start that again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  42. Sherry what amazing work as ever – I just love the cover on the first one and the way you can add pages as and when. The second ones colours just blow me away – hopping over to see your other work now – thanks for all your inspiration

  43. Brilliant idea on the bound strips to attach pages!!! And my favorite thing is the beautiful door handle on the front. Where did you get that?!

  44. This sooo ROCKS!! LOVE it!

  45. I loved the idea of using the sticky back canvas on the bound journal. I will use that tip. Wonderful insperation.

  46. These are awesome! Best wishes with your new directions.

  47. you certainly are an over-a “cheever”! (like you have never heard that before!) the two journals are wonderful! thank you for sharing. rush88888 at gmail dot com

  48. wow you are a totally and truly art journal God. I mean that too. That is a wonderful idea. I am new to the art journaling world and have a blue water color paper canson journal that I bought and now I am thinking that I totally need to find someone I know with one of those binder thing’s so I can get myself a journal like that..That so makes more sense. I love each and every element that you put on there. I have the same taste in goodies and crafting that you do just without all the stuff. hahahah You really put the elements to it and that makes for a fabulous journal. I bet you will have a blast putting art into it. thanks for sharing

  49. The old curiosity shop papers look fantastic as a background for your cover and I love how you have used the art parts and flowers to mimic the boot design on your blog banner! How clever to cut out the pages so you can work one page at a time (I could have saved a bundle on wax paper and painters tape had I had the forethought to do this :)). My favorite part is the patina door knob, the whole thing is absolutely lovely!

  50. Both of your journal covers are so cool! I love the flowers and hardware design, and the freehand art on the second cover is great!

    Now we’ll be waiting to see what you do with *two* journals! 🙂

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