5 Responses to “Getting Tangled!”

  1. What fun….I wish I were there, or you were here! Zentangle….now that’s interesting. I’m gonna have to check that out….Have a creatively special week.

  2. Love your Zentangles…I have a book…but never have had time to fiddle with it. Maybe I’ll break it out this weekend…yours are awesome!

  3. Your Zentangle samples are gorgeous. Nice work. I’m sure it was loads of fun. TFS!!! 😀

  4. awwwww LOOOOVE your Zentangle. Wish there was someone around here to teach some classes. Actually, wish you were closer!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Hi Sherry, it has been a while. Had computer problems for the past week, and finally got them worked out. Would love to know more about Zentangle. Wish I were closer so I could take a class with you. You will have to keep us posted. Sorry to hear Mallory is still not feeling well, but glad you got to see the ultrasound. I know how exciting it was to see the twins ultrasound. We didn’t have that when I had my kids either, so it was so fun to watch the grandbabies prior to delivery thru ultrasound. I am also glad you were able to find out the sex. Sure makes planning alot easier. October babies are the best. My husband and I both have October BD’s. Enjoy & have a great weekend.

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