25 Responses to “ICE Resin Faux Porcelain Flowers!”

  1. Amazing Sherry! A true work of art!

  2. the project is just stunning. the flowers are so gorgeous. Please teach this class if you come up north – i’ll be there faster than a heartbeat.
    Be well. xo Ida

  3. Oh WOW……. those flowers are beautiful. LOVE it.

  4. Gorgeous project. I love the flowers.

  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS, Sherry!!! WoW!

  6. Can I just say, YOU ARE AMAZING! I love all of your projects, but the flowery ones are definitely m
    y favorite.

  7. Beautiful project and those flowers really look like faux porcelain, just stunning. Beautiful work. I’m looking forward to seeing how it was done. TFS!!!

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous! I used ice resin on my metal flowers (when we did our journal covers) to give them more stability. I ended up painting each layer separately then gluing the layers together. I’m looking forward to seeing how you did your version! (and with paper…did you “seal” each layer or are your flowers transluscent?)…can’t wait to see how you did it!

  9. Just GORGEOUS, Sherry!!

  10. Sherry, this looks just like the epoxy surenge we used in electronics. Not sure how you applied it to the flowers so I am looking forward to your tutorial. We used a drizzle method to apply or dipped our component in it depending on what we were applying it to. I like that it doesn’t yellow. Gorgeous flowers.

  11. Ice Resin is a good name – your flowers look like icing has been applied, very sweet, translucent, shiny and delicious. Good enough to eat! Beautiful card too.

  12. Oh Wow that is Gorgeous and I do like how the resin keeps it true to it’s origianl color, the curl back edges are cool to!!

  13. Beautiful work Sherry, definately worth the wait. I can’t wait for the tutorial if you do one for the Iced resin. I still need to get me a melting pot to try making the previous faux porcelain flowers you demoed in your video using UTEE. (Iced resin sounds safer, I always manage to singe myself with hot things….irons, glue guns, heat tools or the oven, I’m not fussy! lol)

  14. As always Sherry, you never fail to amaze! I love your beautiful ‘faux porcelain’ flowers and your plaque is so pretty. I have never heard of ICE resin. It looks like fun!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  15. THAT is gorgeous with the ice resin. Your flowers are always beautiful!

  16. Stunning!! And you’re right the extra dry time for the resin is worth it to have the clear finish. I thought it was just me heating the UTEE too long making mine yellow…. so it’s good to know it’s just how it is. Looking forward to the ice resin tutorial too. thanks

  17. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love Spellbinders Flower Dies, need to get those two for my collection!

  18. Stunning and gorgeous and simply amazing. Thank you for sharing such a awesome project.

  19. Geez Louise, Sherry! These flowers are spectacular!! Ok, now I need a lesson. Come down here RIGHT NOW! I promise beers and pool time!!!

  20. Absolutely gorgeous Sherry!

  21. Gorgeous – again! How did you apply the Ice Resin? Having worked with Ice Resin in the past, I’m wondering (1) where you put the flowers to pour (?) on the Ice Resin and (2) where you put them to dry. Since they’re not flat backed, I can imagine the resin rolling off the petals. Thanks for any direction you can offer, oh master of flowers.

  22. What’s the deal with eP? I LOVE this resin stuff!

  23. Wow! Those flowers are gorgeous! The whole project is a stunner!

  24. Those flowers are awesome! Love the project.

  25. Holy cow, Sherry! These are just drop dead gorgeous! They really, really look like porcelain. It’s bona fide. You are a genius!

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