Good Tuesday morning!  It’s time for another tangle and this week I’ve experimented a little.

First let me show you the thread that I started with.


I will admit that I drew this one a little sloppy because I was in a hurry to get this post done and remembered at the last minute that I wanted to show the thread.

Here’s the first project that I did with this thread.


After I finished it, It dawned on me that it would look really cool done in color BUT I didn’t want to color this version.

Now before I show you the watercolor version, I need to share a little background with you.  I’m sure most of you have read where I’ve talked about my dad and stock car racing . .  . he drove in the original NASCAR Sportsman Division on the Old Beach Course well before Daytona International and Darlington were built.  Actually, he drove in the first race at Darlington and if I’m recalling correctly, he finished 5th to Junior Johnson’s first place finish.  Anyhoo, I digress . .  . after his racing career ended, he became a Race Director/Promoter at our local track, Fairgrounds Motor Speedway in Louisville, Kentucky.  During the summers I would work at the track either in the office (during the week days) and then on race nights I would work in the souvenir stand.  One year a son of one of the drivers asked if I could draw him a picture of his dad’s car.  Having just finished my first year at college and in particular some art classes that I truly loved, I decided to do him a pen and ink/watercolor drawing of the car.  I sat the picture up in the stand waiting for him to come by that Friday night, and would you believe that by the time I left the track I had orders for 10 more of other drivers.  That’s how I earned my college money that summer . . . doing pen and ink drawings that I water colored of the race cars.  Great money at the time!

So taking myself back some 35 years, I decided to watercolor the pen and ink tangle with Distress Markers.  Oh My BADness . . . what fun!!


It’s amazing how cool it looks water colored, but what’s even better is the fact that I used the same thread, the same tangles and it looked so different from just that.

I want to thank everyone who has linked up your own Zentangle/Tangle projects to show!  I’ve had a great time looking at what you are doing and hope that you continue to link up . . . cause I wanna see!

Maybe this week you can try the same thread and see what you come up . . . AND then you can come back and post a link to your project!  It might be fun to see the difference we all come up with.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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