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Good morning all . . . I am awash in a coffee bath morning and I’m running late with my post.  I wasn’t going to actually make it this morning, but then I saw Micki reference it up on her blog . . . so here I am.

I’ve done a number of Zentangles over the last week, but alas I have no photos taken and nothing recent to post.  However, I do still have some that I did prior . . .

One from  my journal pages . . .


One from an actual Zentangle square . . .


Another from a Zentangle square . . .


I’m in a bit of a hurry today . . .

My mother had thyroid surgery yesterday for Hurthle Cell Neoplasm and we are on our way back to the hospital this morning to hopefully bring her home after some monitoring last night.    Things look good . . . that’s all I can say right now until we have results from the biopsy (which will be a week give or take).

Again, thanks for everyone who have left comments and played along with the Zentangle posts . . . I love to see what you are doing . . . even IF you think you can’t, trust me you can Zentangle!  I’ll put an Inlinkz post at the bottom for you to link up too for a little while longer.

Thanks for stopping by and remember . . . life is short, grab on and enjoy the adventure!


14 Responses to “Tangle Time Tuesday #4!”

  1. Love ’em, Sherry!! I’ve been playing with ‘strings’ myself – great starting place!
    Hope all’s well with your mom!

  2. Hi Sherry, I’m glad that your mother is doing well after her surgery. I will continue to pray for her and your family. Take care of yourself, so you don’t get too run down with all that’s going on in your family.

  3. Good luck with your mom and praying everythng will be fine! I’m not a zentangle fan but yours are amazing!

  4. Never have done zentangle and not sure what it is really, but what you posted looks intriguing. Praying for complete healing for your mom as not sure what it is that she had surgery for, but know GOD knows. Just believe for good things to happen and expect to receive them without doubting. GBY and your family.

  5. Best wishes for your mom, Sherry! Your zentangles are amazing!!

  6. Love these tangles. I have discovered my clumsiness with the tangles is the size of my micro pens. I’m going to get all the other sizes and experiment. Even though I’m not ready to publish my tangles, I do kind of like them ! 🙂 Thanks for your inspiration.
    Hope everything goes well with your Mom and that the results are nothing but positive.

  7. Great tangles! Hope your mom is able to come home where she is more likely to have a quick recovery. I do hope that your family gets through this medical rough patch that you have been enduring. Happy thoughts sent your way.

  8. Hi….First….I’m glad your mom is on the mend. Prayers for continued recovery. Next…I love your zentangles. Your art talent surely comes through. I made one….it was super relaxing, although mine is very basic – too basic to post. You sure can get lost in the creation. Keep them coming, as with all your work….beautiful!

  9. Sherry, these are gorgeous! You make me want to play more with this craft! I did actually cut some more suares but haven’t touched them to date. Maybe tomorrow!

  10. Wishing your Mom well and a speedy recovery as well as a good report from the biopsy! Thanks for the awesome zentangles! You are such a talent and so great to share with us what with all that you do each day!!! Thanks bunches!

  11. oh girl I’m so sorry. I didn’t even think to check first…. I know you’ve got to be tired so I didn’t think when I referenced.

    You’re tangles are awesome as always. And yup, you continue to inspire me to keep at it!

  12. They look almost like they should be moving and crawling. Extraordinarily interesting designs!

  13. Just beautiful Sherry. Love the designs. I’m sending prayers for your Mom. Awesome work. TFS!!! 😀

  14. Great tangles Sherry, I’m late joining this week but have just added mine in the links. I hope you like it.
    Alexandra x

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