Well, here it is another start to another week and I have absolutely nothing project wise that I can share with you.  I never walked into the studio last week . . .  just so much other family stuff going on and when I did have time . . . Smiley from millan.net

I did have a nice surprise though . . . a reader was kind enough to tell me about it before I saw it . . .

I created this project for the Graphic 45 booth for Summer CHA 2011.


AND it’s been published in this issue of Paper Creations Fall 2012.



If you want complete step-by-step instructions for this project, they are in the magazine.  I wrote them almost a year ago and never thought I would see the project in the magazine . . . WOO HOO was I surprised!

I now find that I’ve got two extra copies of this issue (because I ran out on the 31st and bought a couple, then I received a couple in the mail), so if you would like to receive one of my copies . . . leave me a comment!  I’ll pick a random winner (or maybe two) and send you a copy.

That’s all I have for now . . . except How about these Olympics?  Exciting stuff!!

Thanks for stopping by today!


46 Responses to “Paper Creations!”

  1. Girl…..this is jaw dropping gorgeous! No wonder it made it to the magazine. Just when I think you can’t suprise me anymore, you go and create something this wonderful! I’d love to have a copy of the magazine. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  2. Fantastic project, as usual, Sherry. So exciting to be published!

  3. Gorgeous project! I’m so happy for you that it was published.

  4. Congratulations on being published. I agree with the above comments, absolutely awesome project. Thank you for sharing.

  5. how cool to be published!! that project is awesome, but then i think all your work is great. i would love a copy of the magazine, thank you for the chance to win one! hugs candy

  6. Congrats on being published!! I’m sure it’s very exciting to see something you created in a magazine! Gorgeous project!

  7. Congrats on having your project published. I would love to have a copy of the magazine and read about your project. Thanks for the chance, Johanne L.

  8. Sherry as with all your projects and cards this is beautiful. Both it and you deserve the recognition of being published. I wish I had an ounce of your creativity, as it is, it’s just great inspiration. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!!

  9. congratulations! Thanks for the chance to win and would love to see the directions!

  10. What a gorgeous creation!! Congrats on being published!
    I’m sorry we weren’t able to meet at Stampaway – maybe next year. I hope life settles down for you soon!

  11. Another lovely project. It is beautiful. I love the detail you include in your work.

  12. Yet another fabulous creation! Congratulations on being published…it’s a wonderful project! So cool to see you sharing your talent with such a large audience.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and the chance to win.
    Congrats again.
    Sue Brailey

  13. This is awesome. Wish I could be your little pet mouse and watch you work on these wonders coming out of your head! Nelda

  14. Congrats on another published work of art. I am guessing that they notified you at one time and you forgot all about it. Since I have never submitted something for publication, nor do I have anything out there with the exception of a few layouts at Big Picture Classes, I have no idea how it works. The thing I do know is that you are very talented and deserve to have many of your works published. Since I only occasionally purchase that magazine, here is hoping there is still a copy when I get to Jewel tomorrow.

  15. I hope all is continuing to improve in your family’s health drama.

  16. Congrats! A beautiful project…and thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Congratulations Sherry!!! Your projects are always fabulous, they should all be in magazines!! Again Congrats!!!

  18. What a beautiful project! I love these magazines and will look for it at my grocery store (the only place I can find it!) this week, although it would be great to win one!! Thanks for sharing, Sberry!

  19. A timelessly gorgeous piece! Congrats on being published! Thanks for sharing the mags with a lucky one or two people!

  20. Congrats, Sherry!!!!!

  21. Sherry, love your work and would love to have a copy of the magazine.

  22. Congratulations!!! Beautiful piece. Would love to win a copy of the magazine!

  23. Fantastic! I love the colors and the children are my favorites. So glad you were published. Gives more people a chance to learn from you!

  24. Congratulations on more recognition! Even more people will discover you and find their way to this blog. Thank you for sharing your unique ways of using materials. I like the colors and composition of this one. Sherry fans don’t forget to click on the materials below each product you wish to purchase, so Sherry gets a tiny monetary reward along with her accolades!

  25. ohhhh I’ll have to go get me a copy. :-). I’ve been in my craft room but not getting much done….and yes, first time that I’ve been glued to the TV watching the Olympics.

  26. WOW!! how cool!! congratulations!!

  27. Wonderful project, and congrats, thanks for the chance to win. I have always wanted to try Paper Creations.

  28. Sherry~Congratulations! I love your work! You spark my creativity with your incredible talent: your pockets, the way you use the on the edge dies, all the really inspiring ways you fussy-cut the Graphic 45 papers. Spectacular! I’m quite delighted that you were so excited that you ran out to get copies! And, I would be delighted myself, if I were to ‘win’ a copy from you. With your autograph on the cover?!? Here’s hoping! DoriG

  29. YES, YES, YES I do want a copy and I hope I win. I don’t have a good record of winning things though but I did win a set of plastic bowls once 🙂
    Your projects are always interesting. You can put together things that I wouldn’t think of. That is why you are the expert and I am not.
    Hope that you have a great week and the family as well.
    God Bless!!!

  30. Congratulations! What a well deserved bright spot in the midst of all the family and health upheaval! It’s lovely!

  31. I am so happy for you. The project is beautiful and i would love to make it. Good to hear there is some sunshine in your life. Thanks for sharing. xo

  32. I’d love to win. Thanks for the opportunity! Love your “stuff”!

  33. Well of course I’d love a copy! How exciting!

  34. So love all your fabulous projects and thanks so much for taking the time to share. You so deserve to be in a magazine. Thrilled for you.

  35. I love the paper you used and your creativity. Would love to win a copy.

  36. Woo hoo! How exciting, Sherry! A bright spot amongst the family stuff you are dealing with.

  37. Congratulations on being published!!! It’s an AWEsome creation as usual. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and I do love your tutorials. Sorry you didn’t make it to Stampaway….it was great.

  38. Congrats on your published project, anyone would be crazy not to publish it, such an awesome creation!!
    I would love a copy of the mag, thanks 🙂

  39. Another beautiful project! I just love your creations. I am home recovering from a surgery on July 27 and have been enjoying the Olympics too! Love me some Michael Phelps. Congratulations on your achievement!!!

  40. Congratulations! I can understand why they wanted to publish your creation, though – it’s drop dead gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win. If the rest of the magazine content matches yours – it will be one fantastic issue!

  41. I would love a copy and I am not at all surprised you were featured as you do absolutely beautiful work.

  42. Congrats, Sherry!! Great piece of art you created! What a great surprise for you and maybe a pick-me-up from all the doctors, tests, etc. you’ve been helping with. My computer’s down so I came to the church to check your blog, just couldn’t stand it any longer!! Yea, all Olympians, what talents we’ve gotten to see!

  43. Congrats, Sherry, having your great-looking project published. What a nice surprise to discover when least expecting one. I love watching the Olympics and admit that gymnastics are nerve wracking when it comes to wanting the Americans to win gold…lol

  44. Congrats Sherry on being published. It is a magazine that I am not familiar with, but will definitely have to check it out now. I am so glad that you are still designing projects with G45. Their new lines from Summer CHA are amazing as always. Miss you on their team though. They do have wonderful DT’s this year. What a lot of talent.

  45. This is a gorgeous piece of art to have published in the magazine. Congratulations Sherry, well deserved.
    This is a mag’ we don’t see here in the UK, but it’s nice to see your work regularly here on your blog anyway, even if I don’t see it published in print. tfs your news, I’m so happy for you.

  46. I am so way behind in my e mails but I wanted to Congratulate you for
    your project in the Magazine….You do such lovely work and you deserve
    to be in that Magazine and every other paper Magazine….

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