Smiley from Happy Tangle Time Tuesday!    I can hardly believe it’s been a week already, but when I took photos of my tangles earlier, I had more than 7 for the month already.  Guess I’ve been doodling lots during the Olympics  . . . and too brain dead to do much of anything else.

Before I start with my projects today, I’ve been reading your comments about framing some of these Zentangle projects.  Great idea and I’ve been meaning to do just that.  I have three 5×5 frames hanging in my kitchen with some old cross-stitch pieces in them and I keep looking at them thinking. . .

BUT, I decided I wanted to make a new one with chipboard.  I got it started yesterday, it took a spin into a different direction Smiley from than I planned (don’t know how it’s going to turn out . . . might be filed in the shit can before it’s all over) . . . and it’s not complete yet.  SO, you won’t get to see a frame today.

What I do have are some of my favorites from the past week:

I got hooked on circles . . .

August 5

August 3

August 4

and then this one reminds me of a candy necklace

August 9

Love how the center of this one just pops out

August 8

Okay that’s all I’m showing today!  Aren’t ya glad . . .

Thanks again to everyone who put up a link.  Boy if we all ever got together on one day, we would have one heck of a hop . . . it’s too much fun for me to see what you are working on  . . .  so one more time.  If you are so inclined to share your work, please a link using the inlinkz link below.

Thanks for stopping by today . . .

oh wait, on a personal note:  sister is doing great and working with PT, mom’s thyroid was benign so we were doing the Smiley from millan.netin the doctor’s office yesterday!  Mallory?  That’s another story and one we are still working on!  Into the last trimester on the new grandbaby . . .

(I read somewhere over the last week that people are turned off by personal talk on blogs . . . . sorry if you are one of them, but . . . you ask, I answer and I share).


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