Smiley from Happy Tangle Time Tuesday!    I can hardly believe it’s been a week already, but when I took photos of my tangles earlier, I had more than 7 for the month already.  Guess I’ve been doodling lots during the Olympics  . . . and too brain dead to do much of anything else.

Before I start with my projects today, I’ve been reading your comments about framing some of these Zentangle projects.  Great idea and I’ve been meaning to do just that.  I have three 5×5 frames hanging in my kitchen with some old cross-stitch pieces in them and I keep looking at them thinking. . .

BUT, I decided I wanted to make a new one with chipboard.  I got it started yesterday, it took a spin into a different direction Smiley from than I planned (don’t know how it’s going to turn out . . . might be filed in the shit can before it’s all over) . . . and it’s not complete yet.  SO, you won’t get to see a frame today.

What I do have are some of my favorites from the past week:

I got hooked on circles . . .

August 5

August 3

August 4

and then this one reminds me of a candy necklace

August 9

Love how the center of this one just pops out

August 8

Okay that’s all I’m showing today!  Aren’t ya glad . . .

Thanks again to everyone who put up a link.  Boy if we all ever got together on one day, we would have one heck of a hop . . . it’s too much fun for me to see what you are working on  . . .  so one more time.  If you are so inclined to share your work, please a link using the inlinkz link below.

Thanks for stopping by today . . .

oh wait, on a personal note:  sister is doing great and working with PT, mom’s thyroid was benign so we were doing the Smiley from millan.netin the doctor’s office yesterday!  Mallory?  That’s another story and one we are still working on!  Into the last trimester on the new grandbaby . . .

(I read somewhere over the last week that people are turned off by personal talk on blogs . . . . sorry if you are one of them, but . . . you ask, I answer and I share).


24 Responses to “Tangle Time Tuesday #5!”

  1. Sherry, your tangles are awesome!!!

  2. Those zentangles are art! I like keeping up with your family! Keep up the good work!

  3. These are wonderful! You have a real talent for doing these – love seeing what you create. Glad the family is doing better – know you are too!!

  4. Stunning art work, Sherry! thank you so much for sharing with us – and also for sharing ‘personal’ info about what is important to you in your life. For those who don’t like read the personal info….just don’t read it- just read what you want and then stop….that simple. Since you, Sherry, are the owner of this blog, you (and NOT anyone else) decide what is to be included.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sherry-I like to feel like we are friends=personal conversations. If I want to go to a company blog to be sold a product or learn about their new merchandise I would go there. Be yourself, we love you because of that personal connection.

  6. Going to try these circles today. Your tangles are beautiful.

  7. The tangles are gorgeous and I’m so glad that you will be framing them. Please don’t stop telling your story I love them it makes me feel more connected. TFS!!! 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing the tangles all framed up.

  8. Keep on sharing–the personal, the art, whatever you wish! You’re a super artist and a tell-it-like-it-is person. That’s why after I read my emails from family and friends, I read yours next.

  9. I love the bits of personal info. It helps us to “know” you as if you were a friend and neighbor 🙂 Wishing continued successes with everyone in the family.

    Love your tangles this week. I only have a 0.5 micro pen and that is why I think I’m not yet happy with my finished products. I think I’m going to get the other sizes this week. And, even though mine are not as “polished” as yours, I sure am having fun doing this. It is a fun go to when all other projects are just not fitting the mood I’m in. 🙂

  10. Love the tangled circles. How do you draw your circles? Do you use a template? Thank you so much for sharing. I also bought the latest magazine with your frame project done with G45 stuff. Awesome. Love the flowers.

  11. Hi Sherry just been on holiday to Florida and happened to see what you were up to. You have now got me hooked on tangles, cannot stop doing them. Yours are fabulous I need to practise. Hugs from Jersey U.K.

  12. Sherry, I find these Zentagle fasinating and intriguing, but don’t dare start another project technique just yet until I have all of my other projects that are back logged and unfinished completed first. Then and only then will I start something new. Looks like something that I could definitely get hooked on. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Sherry, forgot to say that I like that you share your family with us. I like the personal touch to your blog. It makes me feel like you are a friend. I am glad everyone is doing so well. Time flies and before you know it, that sweet little granddaughter will be here. You will not believe what an awesome journey you are in for Grandma!!!!!!! Hugs.

  14. Your tangle are wonderful, I can only hope mine will ever look like that! The personal sharing is good, it helps keep the community feel in the crafting world.

  15. Please do NOT stop sharing – your personal life, your creations, your anything. You are who you are & your blog is well loved!
    Your tangles are, as always, outstandingly beautiful!! I hope someday mine will look so good!

  16. oh sherry, i love it that you share. this is your blog you can write it any way you want. sharing makes you more human to me, and i appreciate all that you do. love your work and now i am loving the zentangle too. thank you for sharing, thank you for inspiring me to try new things and my very best wishes for all the family stuff that is going on i hope only the best for you and your! great big hugs to all candy

  17. I LOVE personal talk on blogs – it’s like visiting with a friend – sooooo keep it coming please.

  18. AWESOME tangles!!!! I truly enjoy seeing them and I always come back to check them out a bit closer.
    Oh don’t even get me started on the buzz around blogland about people not wanting to hear personal stuff…. That one got my blood pressure up. If they don’t like it, switch the channel! Ok, off the soap box :-). Like I told Vicki, it’s the personal stuff that makes you…. normal, like everybody else, kwim?

  19. Your zentangles are amazing, like all your work. Please keep up the personal comments, it is your blog, as others have mentioned we come here and read your blog because we feel a connection, it is not a commercial blog.

  20. The circles are amazing! You have really taken off with tangling, and I am jealous as I can be! Beautiful work.

    Glad your sis is doing better and happy for the good report for mom. Hope Mallory will turn the corner soon. Have they tested her for asthma? Sometimes it presents as coughing rather than wheezing. When I was a kid, I ended up with pneumonia 9 times before they figured out I had asthma. Just a thought…and obviously, I like personal sharing on your blog. Those who don’t can go elsewhere. So there!

  21. I love the personal touches to any blog. Makes it more interesting to read. I look forward to hearing the updates and what is coming next. I love your tangles too. I don’t think I could do them, but it may be something to try on long RV trips. I just stocked up on mechanicals pencils and some pens. Where do those things disappear to in an RV??? LOL Jusut need to find the right paper to use. Thanks for sharing you talent and family!!!

  22. Weekends are about the only time I have to catch up on reading and commenting on my favorite blogs, so here goes. I love your Zentangles though I’m not really into for myself yet. Personally I am NOT turned off by bloggers who share their feelings and family issues. I’ve come to think of you as a friend, even though we may never meet, and I’m concerned when you don’t post for a while. When you say there’s a family problem, I and your other readers can include you in our prayers. So I’m adding my happy dance for your mom and sis and keeping Mallory in my prayers.

  23. Hi Sherry, Don’t often comment here, but I enjoy your blog. And personally, I LIKE a little ‘personal’ info. Helps a visitor get to know the blogger a little better (IMHO). Makes it more interesting to me, to hear that the blogger has things going on, just as I do. So keep up the personal along with all your gorgeous creations. Oh yes, HAPPY, HEALTHY grandbaby, and so happy that your folks are doing well too. 🙂

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