Happy weekend!  I finally took some time this morning to wrap my mind around the magazine giveaway.

So here’s what I did.  I printed out all the comments, cut them into strips and had Smiley from millan.net pull the winners.  So much easier for me that trying to count through the comments since they aren’t numbered anymore  . . .

The winners are:

Smiley from millan.net

Marcie Smith

Congrats Sherry on being published. It is a magazine that I am not familiar with, but will definitely have to check it out now. I am so glad that you are still designing projects with G45. Their new lines from Summer CHA are amazing as always. Miss you on their team though. They do have wonderful DT’s this year. What a lot of talent.



ohhhh I’ll have to go get me a copy. :-) . I’ve been in my craft room but not getting much done….and yes, first time that I’ve been glued to the TV watching the Olympics.

Smiley from millan.netSmiley from millan.net


Okay girls, email me at [email protected] with your mailing address and I’ll be getting your copy of the magazine out to you!

Thanks everyone for your great support!  It means more to me than you’ll ever know!



6 Responses to “The Winners are . . .”

  1. congrats to the winners….thanks to Sherry for sharing her talents with us all and we all appreciate you for it.

  2. Congrats again, Sherry, on the publication. I’m sure you were pleased with the layout…they really gave it the honor it deserves. Glad I contacted you about it! LOL

  3. holly smokes, that’s me! OMG, awesome!!! A big “muaw” to your other half.

    Thank you!

  4. How exciting. Can hardly wait to see your publication Sherry. I am thrilled to have won. Thank you. Hugs,

  5. Congratulations!!! on being published. Congratulations!!! to the winners. TFS!!! 😀

  6. congrats you guys. You lucky thing’s. hahah I bet you will enjoy that mag.

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