Today I went down to the studio to work on some new cards for Quietfire Designs, and when I went to use my Sizzix Tim Holtz Vagabond, it kicked the plates back on me and now the lower roller is groaning, rocking, grinding, and making all sorts of noise.

I used a sandwich that I’ve been using forever . . . Base plate, thin adapter plate, thin chipboard shim, Spellbinders embossing folder with cardstock, clear plate.  This sandwich has never failed me and if I remove the thin adapter plate and shim, add in the extra clear plate that Sizzix recommends, it doesn’t go through and jams up.  I know . . . I tried it, and I learned from it.

I called Sizzix and they informed me that since I did not use the recommended sandwich there was  nothing they could do.  I then wrote them via their contact page and told them the sandwich again, explained that it was thinner than theirs, and they again stated that it was not covered under any type of warranty because I did not “use” their “recommended sandwich” .  However they would offer to sell me a new Vagabond at the discounted price of $100.00.  Well let me tell you how excited I was with that one . . . NO THANK YOU!  I’ve already spent $300.00 for a machine that should last longer than 2 years . . . don’t ya think?

So in light of the current circumstances I’m selling all of my Tim Holtz Sizzix dies and embossing folders for $5.00 a die or $5.00 a set, plus shipping.  If you are interested in any of the following product, send me an email at [email protected] with your mailing address and information so I can send you an invoice through Paypal.

Texture Fades:

  • Bingo and Patchwork  SOLD
  • Checker Board and Cracked
  • Rays and Retro Circles  SOLD
  • Merry Christmas and Vintage Holiday Set  SOLD
  • Plaid and Snowflakes


  • Heart Wings  SOLD
  • Caged Bird  SOLD
  • Tattered Florals  SOLD
  • Gingerbread SOLD
  • Styled Labels  SOLD
  • Pine Trees  SOLD
  • Flourishes  SOLD
  • On the Edge Brackets  SOLD
  • On the Edge Scrollwork  SOLD
  • Vintage Market Alphabet  SOLD
  • Paper Rosette  SOLD

Keep in mind that most of the above have never been used!

All purchases will be mailed via priority mail, no insurance.


27 Responses to “Sizzix Tim Holtz Products for Sale!”

  1. Sherry, I’l buy your Vintage Market Alphabet.

  2. I’m sending you an email!
    I’m interested in the Merry Christmas and Vintage Holiday set
    And the brackets die and the paper rosette die.

    Thanks so much

  3. Sizzix is so wrong on this one. I’ve posted to their FB page – and it’s not a favorable post.

  4. So sorry to hear about this treatment. Especially in today’s market. Thanks for being so honest with us.

  5. Oh my, Sherry, can not believe your machine is broken! My sweet husband bought me a Vagabond as a gift and now I’m worried that it won’t last as long as my dependable Cuttlebug machine. Have to admit that I learned the hard way when it came to thinking that all the “plates or shims” came with the machine and ruined several pieces of dp using a Sizzix die. Had to call Sizzix customer service and was told to buy another adapter that would work with that specific die. Good thing I never got rid of the Cuttlebug!

  6. Sorry to hear about about your problems (it’s horrible them not replacing it for you), but it may be good info for me. I am considering buying a Vagabond to replace my Big Shot. All that cranking gets to me. Now after what you just went through, I may just stick with what I have.

  7. I am glad to read you are doing this. Your actions make a statement loud and clear. You go girl!!

  8. Oh my Sherry, So sorry to hear about the vagabond. My Big Shot is my work horse. I call it the Big Boy. Again my condolences. Maybe you could take the vagabond apart and use the parts for steampunk projects. Just a thought.

  9. So sorry to hear about your issues with the vagabond and the reluctance of Sizzix to send you a new one. I think you might want to email Tim Holtz about the poor customer service from Sizzix. I am sure he would not be happy to hear how you were treated with his products. Love seeing your fabulous creations!!!

  10. Two years, that’s not what should happen. My Big Shot is almost 7 and (touch wood) it’s still going strong. I get really upset when people don’t stand by their product, and when they don’t listen…that’s really upsetting. You’ve been a treasure to them, they should have rushed you a replacement. Shame on them.

  11. Sherry,
    I have an electric Big Shot. It fizzled out on me. Sizzix replaced it for Free since the machine had a bad set up and they had lots of problems with it. So far it has been over 2 yr. and it still works. I am very careful with it. My friend got 4 replacements from them for hers. Her last replacement they sent for FREE was a Vagabond. We’ll see if it holds up.
    Sorry I do like an electric machine because I do not like cranking the little Cuttlebug if I am doing lots of work.

  12. Yeah, had the same problem with my first Vagabond. Take it apart for altered art. The gears will make some real cool steampunk art (if I would just get around to it….) Anyway, I did get another one but only because I had enough store credit from the bi-annual used stamp sale and with my hand issue, I do like the electric – no crank. So far so good …..but I definitely agree that something that expensive should last longer than 2 years.

  13. Sorry to hear that happened to you. Everyone I know that has bought a vagabond has had the same trouble and Sizzix can be a real snit to deal with. I have had 3 dies replaced due to poor manufacturing and they told me that they couldn’t replace it because I didn’t have a receipt and couldn’t prove it hadn’t been outside the 3 yr limit. I told them it was issued after the Summer CHA 2011 in the fall but that didn’t matter they wouldn’t replace it cause I didn’t have the receipt. Just because it has Tim Holtz name on it doesn’t mean it is perfect or excempt from good customer care. I try not to buy Sizzix now.

  14. So disappointed to hear that ….Such poor customer service….

  15. This is awful but I think with this move you’ve made a real statement and at least, with most of your stuff sold now, you’ve made some money back, but it’s still a big hassle. I have never yet seen a post anywhere stating that someone is really happy with their Vagabond, from all I hear it’s a crap machine and should be avoided!!

  16. Not too customer friendly, are they. Let me tell you, I had a problem with my Spellbinders Wizard once, the handle wouldn’t catch when I brought it down. It was a couple of years old. I emailed Spellbinders, and they just sent me a new handle and a thing-a-ma-jig to put it on with, with instructions. It worked perfectly! Sizzix has too much competition out there not to stand by it’s products. I agree with you completely.

  17. Sherry, the same thing happened to me – 2 times! – using their recommended sandwich. They’ve replaced it both times but I now have a brand new Vagabond sitting in the delivery box afraid to use it as it will happen again. I’m now back to my Big Shot with the old style crank handle.

  18. I too had a problem with my Vagabond and it was only a month old. Using the recommended sandwich, something snapped and it wouldn’t work. After about 2 monthes of emailing back and forth, they requested I send them a video of the sound it was making when I turned it on. I think they were hoping I would give up. They eventually sent me a new machine but abount 2 weeks after it arrived, I received an $85.00 shipping bill from Fedex. I just paid it….I was fed up with arguing with them and just wanted it finished! I would hesitate to recommend this machine or buy another if something happens to this one.
    Glad you took the step you did Sherry…it makes a bold statement. Open your eyes Sizzix!

  19. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry to hear about the Vagabond problems you and others have had. It is a product I have been thinking of but have been hesitant to purchase. Here is why. When something is electric and moves something thru like that you cannot “feel” what is happening…you will not necessarily feel that is too tight. To me, that is not good. I used to do alot of sewing and one of the things I did was English smocking. When they came out with a powered pleater I was first in line. I hated it because I could not feel when the fabric would get stuck…the powered machine would just keep on cranking causing the needles to break. It is the same with the electric Big Shot and the Vagabond. I will continue to “crank” stuff thru my manual Big Shot, I guess. Good Luck.

  20. Ouch. the machine should last longer than that. i had an issue with the Wizard base plates flaking apart and they replaced them without any fuss. no problems w my Wizard and i use it a LOT. i’d love a bigger/ electronic machine but want one that will use ALL the dies on the market which is why i got the Wizard in the first place. i’ll buy the Sizzix dies but not their machines.

  21. Really sad when these companies let their customers down, and this will hurt them in the long run. I mean look how many people are reading and being made aware of this problem. Because of this I have removed the “Vagabond” from my Christmas wish list.
    I had a problem with the “Spellbinders Grand Caliber” never got a response from spellbinders. I even went to their site and tried to post a rating of it, funny they never posted it. So for now I will just use my little cuttlebug. I love my cuttlebug have had it for many years and it is still going strong.
    I am glad you are taking a stand and thanks for letting us all vent a bit.

  22. How disappointing Sherry!!!!! Nobody seams to stand behind their products anymore. I had the same problem with Spellbinders and their Wizzard. I went through 3 of them. They did nothing about that either. Didn’t even offer me a discount price. Finally, they came out with the grand calibur and so far I haven’t had any problems. I had thought of getting the vagabond, but my big shot just works like a charm and I have had that for several years now and figure -” if it aint broke don’t fix it”. I use my big shot for all my sizzix dies, and my grand calibur for all my waiver dies, and I have a cuttlebug also and it never comes out anymore. It two has been a really reliable little machine. Like you and most crafters, I have a fortune tied up in dies and the machines to cut them with. I just can’t believe these companies don’t do more to back their products and keep us the consumer satisfied !!!!!!

  23. Been trying to understand why your so mad at Sizzix and I am truly at a loss. By your own words you said you made your own sandwich which worked for 2 years. So after over stressing The Vagabond for 2 years it finally broke. It had enough of mis-use. You wrote to Sizzix and they offered you a brand new machine for 100 bucks, and the warranty had been over for one full year. Then you said this to Sizzix “That’s okay Facebook campaign in full swing and products priced to sell! I hope Tim Holtz doesn’t mind having his name attached to all the mud slinging going on.” So how did Sizzix not stand behind the product. Does a one year warranty mean just that? One year and not two. So I guess it’s ok for all of us to try your logic when our computers or iPhones break after a warranty and not by a day or two by a year. I wonder how far that would get me if I tried to bully a company by “mud slinging”. I think Sizzix did stand behind the machine just not the way you had assumed they should. I’ve tried every which way to put myself in your shoes and I just can’t make any sense of your point of view. Maybe it’s just me and I am missing something.

  24. Hi Sherry,
    Sorry to hear of your problem. However, I’m not surprised. Folks often get caught up in the Tim Holtz fanfare & think anything with his name on it is the end all & be all.. The products are high priced and not always so great. Too bad we can’t launch some sort of campaign of e.mails to Sizzix (like the old letter writing campaigns) I like your approach though. Get rid of it.

  25. Wow this is interesting for sure. Sherry I think all stampers ‘know’ of you and I’d think Sizzix would jump at the chance to keep you a happy customer, then on the other hand I guess being a celebrity doesn’t change their position. Sorry you had this issue, but thanks for warning the rest of us out here in stampers world. I’ve had my Cuttlebug since they hit the market. I love it, it still works great even though it’s had tons of use. Like others have stated I guess I’ll stick with what I know works. I do have some major hand issues so if a reliable electric machine is ever manufactured I might have to try it.

  26. So … any further developments with Sizzix? I saw Tammy was reaching out – very nice! – but, what about those who don’t know someone like you or Tammy? Sizzix really needs to stand behind their product better. It’s just sad – and I love my Vagabond so!

  27. I bought a big kick that wore it in a week n tossed it. have also had those emboss mats jam two big shots. have also replaced a cuttlebug n two quickutz machines. i haven’t really used my holtz machine yet but your issue does not surprise me a bit.

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