Good morning!  Hope everyone is doing well.  First things first, a great big thank you to everyone who contacted me regarding Mallory’s symptoms.  We so appreciate all your concerns, thoughts and prayers!  Hopefully we’ll know more sooner than later.

On another note, today is Hadlee’s first birthday!!!!!  The big party is planned for tomorrow . . . WOO HOO!!!  She’s not walking yet, but she is starting to stand on her, climb everything that’s in her path and is becoming quite the little dare devil . . . and she has 2 bottom teeth!  Hope she can eat that cake tomorrow.

My last thing today . . . it’s my day to post over on the Quietfire Creations Blog.


You’ll be able to find all the details and more pictures on the Quietfire Creations Blog.

Thanks for stopping by today!!


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7 Responses to “A Very Wicked Halloween!”

  1. Happy Birthday little one! Great creation too. Love the purple!

  2. Happy birthday to Hadlee; she is a real doll, Sherry. Love the purple treat; purple is a favorite color of mine to use on Halloween cards. Enjoy watching Hadlee have her cake and eating it too!

  3. Happy Birthday Hadlee! Love your card Sherry. Take lots of pics of the birthday girl!

  4. Happy Birthday Hadlee does not seem 5 mins since you were posting her birth. Good luck to Mallory hope you get positive news. Hugs from Jersey Channel Islands.

  5. very kewl – love the color palette and the design

  6. I hope Hadlee had a great birthday and was able to enjoy that cake! She is SO LUCKY to have such a creative Grandma!

  7. I love the ‘shabby chic’ look of this! So pretty!

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