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  1. Yes, I’m still here and still anxiously waiting for your blogs! I love your creations but do fully understand about having way more to do that you can. Sometimes we just get burned out too. I love your card…you still have the magic touch! Hope your little granddaughter is doing well!

  2. I’m still enjoying your blog posts and your beautiful creations, Sherry. I am generally a patient person, so whatever blogging schedule works for you, works for me, too! Hope all is well in your world.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I watched my new born grandson until his brother came along 2 years later and I would just pass my craft room and watch the dust get higher. No ambition to do any crafting for almost a year and a half. While I love my grandchildren with all my heart they do take a lot of work and I’m not a youngster anymore. lol. I was lucky that dad was a stay at home dad for the second and now they are in pre-school. Whew! I do look back on it now and am glad I did it. Our grandchildren are so precious right? p.s. The dust is gone and now it’s time to get my mojo back!

  4. I have missed seeing your creations. They are always so inspirational. Having 2 granddaughters that are now 5 and almost 7, I remember those first few years and how exhausting it was. I didn’t watch them all that often, but do remember the level of activity when I did. I needed a nap as much as they did at times. I hope you will continue to blog when you can and share your talents when you are able. But if it is time to take a break, I’m sure your followers will understand and thank you for the time you have devoted in the past as well.

  5. While I have no children or grandchildren, I can understand your dilemma, Sherry. Whenever you do a blog post, just know that many, many fans like me will be thrilled to see your terrific and inspirational creations!

  6. Well heavens to betsie I hope you don’t leave blogland. I love all of your projects. However grandchildren are special little people that grow up fast and we want to spend lots of time with them. Whatever you do has to be good for you and your family and I wish you all the best. On the other hand if you could just sneak in one little, oh I guess I better leave it alone. Best Wishes To You.

  7. There are no grandchildren running around our house as often as hubby and I would like, but having a part time job does keep me from “playing” in the craft room as much as I would enjoy. Have to admit that the supplies continue to pour in and sit alone until time is made to use them. Hope you continue to post; your projects are inspiring to many of your blog land fans, Sherry.

  8. Been checking your blog for some time now. Just love looking at your creations and getting inspired. My grandbaby just turned one, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching her. I didn’t do anything else because she’s just that busy. She able to mess things much faster than I can straighten them out, and she’s getting faster. Take the time you need. The grandbabies don’t stay young for long. I’ll wait for you.

  9. Love all your creations Sherry. Thank you.

  10. Awesome, that card. I LOVE the background, but then I like all your cards. You do such lovely things with the dies/stamps/papers. Thanks for sharing.
    Rose (Chester, UK)

  11. Hi Sherry!!!!!
    Yes, I am still here and always glad to see you and your gorgeous creations. As for feeling MIA due to grandkids, I totally get it!!!!!!! LOL Even though the twins are 4 now and going to Catholic School, my time is even more limited. Now it is getting up early and running over to get them ready for school, driving them to school and then returning in the afternoon to pick them up. Like you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love that I can do this for my daughter and for the twins. Grandma’s work is never done! Good to hear from you when you can squeeze us in.

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