Apr 062008

Good Sunday morning! Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and we had planned to go to lunch on Friday, but the weather was so nasty and time was very limited. I think we are going this coming week instead. I have her gift and card ready, but of course I can’t show you, because she hasn’t received it yet. She reads my blog and I hate to ruin the surprise!

What I would like to do and of course, I’m a day late, is poke a little fun. She’s been poking at me since we were little. She is 2-1/2 years younger than me actually. If any of you have younger siblings, you’ll understand. Carrie (oh yes my mother named us those similar sounding names) would pick at me, until I would break and go after her. Then she would run to mom and whine “Sherry’s picking on me.” Well guess who always got into trouble – it sure wasn’t Carrie! Still, to this day, I have pencil lead in my thigh and scares from scissors being jabbed at me. I can vividly remember her chasing me around a table wielding a hammer in her hand. She wanted to crack my head open and see what was inside.

All kidding aside, I have a wonderful sister. She always steps up when someone in the family needs anything, and is a doting daughter and aunt. Her heart is big and her family ties strong. She helps my aunt on a daily basis and keeps track of mom’s comings and goings. We don’t spend as much time together as we should, but when we do – there are always laughs to be had. There have been many times when I’ve had medical emergencies with either my husband or the girls, and it was always Carrie that I called. She has helped me get my husband to the hospital, watched the girls when I needed help and has even puppy sat.

Just recently I ran a picture of her with Katie, and I think it deserves a rerun today.

Kate and Carre

It was taken at a banquet that we attended with Katie.

AND here’s a picture of both of us together. Carrie is on the left. I really don’t remember how old we were, but notice how our mother always dressed us alike. The same outfits, even down to our black patent leather shoes. Tell me honestly, who would take a child to a race track in black patent leather shoes – well our mother, of course! It even looks like I have one of those Toni Home Perms.

Me with Carrie

When we were kids, we had a pedal car. It was always painted with the number of our uncle’s race car. This picture always cracks me up! My cousin, Billy, is driving the car and there is Carrie all poised on the front like she is the Race Queen, ya know the trophy girl! Carrie is actually 6 weeks than Billy.

Carrie and Billy

This next photo is all four of us kids. I say all four of us, because we grew up with our cousins, Billy and Shannon. We were always together when we were kids and over time have drifted apart. However, even though the years have changed us all, we still have one tie that binds us all – we are family!

4 Kids

This picture was taken Christmas morning and we are all sitting with our great-grandmother. To my knowledge, this is the only picture that exists of us with her, and it was a rare occasion that she was with us that morning. Going left to right, Billy, Grandma, Shannon, Carrie and me. I don’t know why I was always rolling my eyes to the other side. Someone probably said something to me!

Well Carrie, I hope you had a fabulous day yesterday and I love ya, Sis! Happy Birthday!!!


Apr 042008

While I am waiting for the stamp room to dry and get things back in order, I decided to go through my retired SU stamps sets. When I moved into the new stamp room, I boxed them all up and just stuck them in the closet. I knew that one day I would have time to go through them and see what I wanted to keep or get rid of. Well, today was the day. So far I’ve only gone through the stamp sets, but will have an accessories/tool list in the next day or so. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in modestly priced SU sets, you can find them on my new blog page, Stampin’ UP! FOR SALE.

Edited to add:  I have posted more sets and tools.

More tomorrow!


Apr 042008

What do you think of my new banner? The one I’ve been using was my first banner made by Beth Silaika at Freckled Fun Designs. I’ve made a couple myself and then had another made around December. None of them seemed to reflect my style any longer and I felt an update was in order. I was talking to Beth the other day, when I mentioned to her that I would love to have a new banner. Well! Within a day, Beth had a new sample for me to look at, we dinked around with the fonts and this is what she came up with. I LOVE IT! Even better, I sent it onto Mallory, my eyes, to see what she thought, and she loved it. As I told Beth, it’s quite hard to find something a 19-year-old likes.

Anyhoo, if you are looking to update your blog’s look, I would suggest you take a look at some of the samples Beth has made. I had a little problem trying to get to her site the other day. I typed in the wrong web address and was redirected to another banner site. I thought it was odd, and tried again a different way. I was typing in freckledfundesigns, but each time I typed it in I was still redirected to another banner site. Here’s the link you will need when you go check out Beth’s other samples: https://freckledfundesigns.blogspot.com/. I forgot to add the blogspot!

If you are wondering where my stamping is today – under water. Once again I have had to take the carpet up out of my stamp room and pull out the carpet cleaner to suck up the water. I had a faint thought today of just pulling up all the carpet squares and leaving it the concrete floor. Nope, too cold on the bare feet. Luckily, when we built the room for Kate, instead of putting carpet in, we used carpet squares. A few weeks ago I only had to pull up about 8 squares, today maybe 12. But at least the floor is dry and I have the squares all propped up to dry. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to try and get things back to normal, it’s supposed to rain more tonight.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday, and since she reads my blog every morning, I think I’ll have a special surprise for her tomorrow.

I hope that the rest of you have a pleasant day and start your weekend off just right.


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