Happy Thursday!  Smiley from millan.net I know this post is late for today, but I taught a class last night and then had some appointments this morning.  I’ve had a few questions from my post on the altered frame and thought I would answer them here so everyone would know.

First, I received an email from Rebecca:

I love the red and cream striped flower you made. Can you tell me how many of each size of die cuts you used? And did you distress it somehow? I made one trying to get it like yours but it was too ‘perfect’. Any tips?

I used two different sized dies and cut 4 pieces with both dies.  In the end I had a flower with 8 layers of petals.  I learned some time ago while playing around that if I wanted to make paper curl, I could use a dry emboss tool and rub the paper in the side I wanted to curl.  So one petal to curl under, I rub the back of the petal.

A number of you asked where I got the frame . . . at Old Time Pottery.  I also saw some at the Dollar Tree the other day.

On burning ribbon . . . I use a grill lighter most times, and light singe the ends or the sides.  Nylon and sheer ribbon will melt.  Sheer simply crumbles all together but nylon will actually get a hole if the old the flame in one place too long.  I move the flame back and forth.  Way too much for us fire bugs!

Oh almost forgot this one . . .  you miss my smileys!  Smiley from millan.net Sorry that they’ve been missing, but I was having trouble the other night saving a post and it ended us being the smileys.  I had to delete them to get the post to work.  If you see them all is good . . .  if not, I had to remove them. Gee I love you guys Smiley from millan.net

I’m going to leave you with some photos from my alcohol ink class last night.  Mallory went with me as my assistant and did a fab job with the camera!


We’d already been through the basics and the group is working on a faux bleach/alcohol ink tag.


Fun was had by all and it was a great class!


Mallory’s artistic side (so she said) with photography!


The candles were tons of fun to make!

I’ll be back later tonight or first thing in the morning with my JFF Color Challenge card!  Great hop tomorrow guys . . . lots of inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by and remember   . . . life is short, enjoy the adventures of the day!


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