Happy Friday y’all!  Remember my photos from last summer of the Master Plan?  Well I thought it would be fun to share new photos with you!  These are some I took this morning when I went out to water.

The dog run used to sit here:

dog run flowers

and this one is where the hostas and empty pots lined the back of the house:

wall flowers

I have more areas to share, but it still needs a little work first!

Have a great weekend!


Smiley from millan.net Just a quick post this morning to let you know how far I’ve gotten on The Master Plan.  It’s hot, humid and the heat index is in 3 digits.  I work when I can, come in a rest, then head back out.  We’ve had some much needed rain this week so not much has gotten done.  Besides that, I’m waiting on Smiley from millan.net to bring in some more mulch and authorize where the final bushes will be planted.  Lord help me if they aren’t evenly spaced precisely and in a proper row.

I’ve also been able to transplant the Hostas that were being choked out in the larger side bed.  I just need to grab some more Black-Eyed Susans now that the ground is softer. 

There’s still much to be done, but I feel I’ve made a pretty good dent so far.  Does anyone want any chain link and posts? 

OH and I found my whiskey barrel for the side of shed.  A friend has an extra that she offered to give me . . . .Smiley from millan.net

The dog run is finally down I’m just too weak to move the poles.  See that little wagon . . . that was a present from my grandfather on my first Christmas!  I wasn’t even a year old yet!  It’s quite rusted now but still very useful in the yard.  I’m thinking this area would be perfect for a swing and some more flowers.


Here’s the back fence line.  I have a few shrubs planted, one more to go.  There will be a raised bed off to the left.   Smiley from millan.net wants a place to grow some herbs, etc.  More Coneflowers too!


Love the black mulch!  Two Butterfly Bushes by the deck, two more to go.  Haven’t decided where they will be going yet. 


That’s it for today.  Thanks for stopping by and remember . . .  life is short, enjoy the adventure and do as you damn well please!


Smiley from millan.net   Oh my BADness I must give you an update before I go much further.

This is what the dog run looked like on Monday morning


This is what it looks like today!

Dog run down

As you can see there is one post left!  That’s a heavy sucker and Mr. Stodgy Smiley from millan.net  said he would help me with it on Saturday.  See that washtub there . . . the steel one.  That was buried under my parents’ house when we sold it.  It was made to hold ice so they could ice down beverages.  It has a drain at one end that can be opened and the water would come out.  Okay now the drain plug is rusted so it drips all the time now.   The ground was so hard on Monday that I would fill the tub with water and drag it to where I needed the water to drip to soften the soil.  It worked great and I was able to get the first two posts out with no problem at all.  Then yesterday stormed and we had some much needed rain.  Thank goodness, but the last posts were sitting in mucky mud.  I removed the one closest to the shed this morning.  Too hot and humid though and I needed to come in to cool off and rest. I was able to get tons of work done on Monday and then yesterday it rained!  The rain was a blessing  . . . . I want more!

So yesterday morning I was sitting in my recliner having my morning coffee and smoke, and the phone rings.  It was none other than Smiley from millan.net. He called to tell me to run up to Meijers and take some pictures and get prices on things I liked.   So Mallory and I went up after the rain, found a few things and showed Smiley from millan.net when he came in from work.

This is what we bought last night . . .  Golden Euonymus.

Golden Euonymus

They will be planted along this fence on the side.

Side Fence

The shrubs you see behind the newly purchased items are some of our favorites.  It is included in the Master Plan to buy more of those to plant along the back fence line.

Now the search is on for some type of flowering bush to plant by the deck.  The magnolias I wanted last night didn’t seem to make it home with us.  I’m also on the search for a rain barrel.  I have this need for an old time rain barrel.  I remember the ones at the aunts farms when I was small and  . . . well, i just NEED one to put by the broken drain at the shed.

That’s all I have so far!  I’m sure there will be more stories to tell and pictures to share . . . . we might be in for a saga of sorts!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!  Remember life is short . . .  do as you damn well please and enjoy the adventure!

Oh also notice that I’ve added a new category . . . The Master Plan . . . so you can keep up with the saga!


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