Good Tuesday morning!  I know it’s Tangle Time Tuesday and I do have a couple of new tangles to share with you.  BUT first, I have to share a couple of photos . . .

recently we’ve had a number of geese roaming the streets.  There are two ponds by my house, one on each side of the block to the rear of us.  I haven’t gone by recently to check on the water levels but my guess is that they’ve been fairly low.  We always have some type of ducks or geese at the ponds but recently they’ve taken to walking up and down the streets.  This was the scene Sunday morning.


and then at the front end of the boulevard.


These were taken from my front porch .  . . Mr. Stodgy warned me to be careful when walking around the boulevard, watching where I step.   That is my normal walk with the dogs . . . one lap around the boulevard and it’s a half mile.

Geese are not unusual to the area, and in most places where they are there are hundreds of them.  I don’t actually know that they ever leave the area anymore what with the weather we’ve had the last few winters . . . maybe they still do and I just haven’t noticed.

Now for some tangles.

The first was done on a Zentangle Square (you can tell by the rounded corners).


The second was done on hot press watercolor paper.


That’s all I have for today, but wait until tomorrow . . . I’ve got a surprise post coming up!

Thanks for stopping by and remember . . .  life is short, enjoy the adventures that come your way today!


Happy Tuesday!  Since I missed last week, I figured we were due for another Tangle today.  I haven’t been in the mood to tangle recently, and am pulling from some that I did back in the beginning of the month.

Here’s one I don’t think I showed you when I was hooked on the circles.

August 6

These final two are the last one I finished up.



That’s all I have today.  Thanks for stopping by and remember . . .  life is short, enjoy the adventures that come your way today.

AS AN ASIDE:  The last two days I’ve typed that last sentence, it has meant more to me that I can possibly say.  This afternoon I’m heading to visitation (funeral tomorrow) for an old high school friend of mine.  He was admitted into ICU just about 4 weeks ago for kidney failure, and he earned his angel wings this past Saturday.  He was 54 years old and one of the best men and best friends I’ve ever known.    Every once in a while you develop a friendship in your life that stands the test of time and distance.  If you are lucky enough, you might have a handful of friends like that.  The ones that you may not have talked to for a year or more, but if they call you and need you, you’re there . . . and if you need them and call, they’re there.   He has been one of my best friends for 41 years.  When I looked at the number of friends on his Facebook page, there are 332.  There are 332 people out there that Steve really loved and knew and loved him in return.  There are 332 people out there that thought of him as one of their best friends.  When I looked at my page, I have 796 friends and I’ll wager to guess that I only know a third of them.  He truly was a very rich and blessed person.  The only thing I can say is  . . . life is too short, please make the most of your days whether it be getting fit and healthy, spending quality time with family and friends, wherever the adventures of your day take you . . .


Smiley from Happy Tangle Time Tuesday!    I can hardly believe it’s been a week already, but when I took photos of my tangles earlier, I had more than 7 for the month already.  Guess I’ve been doodling lots during the Olympics  . . . and too brain dead to do much of anything else.

Before I start with my projects today, I’ve been reading your comments about framing some of these Zentangle projects.  Great idea and I’ve been meaning to do just that.  I have three 5×5 frames hanging in my kitchen with some old cross-stitch pieces in them and I keep looking at them thinking. . .

BUT, I decided I wanted to make a new one with chipboard.  I got it started yesterday, it took a spin into a different direction Smiley from than I planned (don’t know how it’s going to turn out . . . might be filed in the shit can before it’s all over) . . . and it’s not complete yet.  SO, you won’t get to see a frame today.

What I do have are some of my favorites from the past week:

I got hooked on circles . . .

August 5

August 3

August 4

and then this one reminds me of a candy necklace

August 9

Love how the center of this one just pops out

August 8

Okay that’s all I’m showing today!  Aren’t ya glad . . .

Thanks again to everyone who put up a link.  Boy if we all ever got together on one day, we would have one heck of a hop . . . it’s too much fun for me to see what you are working on  . . .  so one more time.  If you are so inclined to share your work, please a link using the inlinkz link below.

Thanks for stopping by today . . .

oh wait, on a personal note:  sister is doing great and working with PT, mom’s thyroid was benign so we were doing the Smiley from millan.netin the doctor’s office yesterday!  Mallory?  That’s another story and one we are still working on!  Into the last trimester on the new grandbaby . . .

(I read somewhere over the last week that people are turned off by personal talk on blogs . . . . sorry if you are one of them, but . . . you ask, I answer and I share).


Smiley from

Good morning all . . . I am awash in a coffee bath morning and I’m running late with my post.  I wasn’t going to actually make it this morning, but then I saw Micki reference it up on her blog . . . so here I am.

I’ve done a number of Zentangles over the last week, but alas I have no photos taken and nothing recent to post.  However, I do still have some that I did prior . . .

One from  my journal pages . . .


One from an actual Zentangle square . . .


Another from a Zentangle square . . .


I’m in a bit of a hurry today . . .

My mother had thyroid surgery yesterday for Hurthle Cell Neoplasm and we are on our way back to the hospital this morning to hopefully bring her home after some monitoring last night.    Things look good . . . that’s all I can say right now until we have results from the biopsy (which will be a week give or take).

Again, thanks for everyone who have left comments and played along with the Zentangle posts . . . I love to see what you are doing . . . even IF you think you can’t, trust me you can Zentangle!  I’ll put an Inlinkz post at the bottom for you to link up too for a little while longer.

Thanks for stopping by and remember . . . life is short, grab on and enjoy the adventure!


Good Tuesday morning!  It’s time for another tangle and this week I’ve experimented a little.

First let me show you the thread that I started with.


I will admit that I drew this one a little sloppy because I was in a hurry to get this post done and remembered at the last minute that I wanted to show the thread.

Here’s the first project that I did with this thread.


After I finished it, It dawned on me that it would look really cool done in color BUT I didn’t want to color this version.

Now before I show you the watercolor version, I need to share a little background with you.  I’m sure most of you have read where I’ve talked about my dad and stock car racing . .  . he drove in the original NASCAR Sportsman Division on the Old Beach Course well before Daytona International and Darlington were built.  Actually, he drove in the first race at Darlington and if I’m recalling correctly, he finished 5th to Junior Johnson’s first place finish.  Anyhoo, I digress . .  . after his racing career ended, he became a Race Director/Promoter at our local track, Fairgrounds Motor Speedway in Louisville, Kentucky.  During the summers I would work at the track either in the office (during the week days) and then on race nights I would work in the souvenir stand.  One year a son of one of the drivers asked if I could draw him a picture of his dad’s car.  Having just finished my first year at college and in particular some art classes that I truly loved, I decided to do him a pen and ink/watercolor drawing of the car.  I sat the picture up in the stand waiting for him to come by that Friday night, and would you believe that by the time I left the track I had orders for 10 more of other drivers.  That’s how I earned my college money that summer . . . doing pen and ink drawings that I water colored of the race cars.  Great money at the time!

So taking myself back some 35 years, I decided to watercolor the pen and ink tangle with Distress Markers.  Oh My BADness . . . what fun!!


It’s amazing how cool it looks water colored, but what’s even better is the fact that I used the same thread, the same tangles and it looked so different from just that.

I want to thank everyone who has linked up your own Zentangle/Tangle projects to show!  I’ve had a great time looking at what you are doing and hope that you continue to link up . . . cause I wanna see!

Maybe this week you can try the same thread and see what you come up . . . AND then you can come back and post a link to your project!  It might be fun to see the difference we all come up with.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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