I have a small confession I need to make . . . I’ve discovered Angry Birds!  Oh for pity sake . . . addicting . . . it’s like having a good buzz and listening to your favorite LP . . . not that I would know anything about that . . . but it’s a total waste of time and simply mindless . . . addicted!

Now if you can believe this one, I have a surprise for you today . . . my very first . . . ever . . . scrap layout (with a little guidance from my friend, Linda Duke)!  I’m not a scrapper.  Far from it actually, but . . . it’s my final submission to Graphic45.

Believe it or not, I even have a story behind it.  The picture is of my grandmother when she was young.  I’m going guess that it was maybe taken somewhere around 1935 to 1937.  It looks like it was when she first moved to the “BIG” city from the country.  My grandmother was the oldest of nine and after helping to raise her younger siblings (they lived on a farm), she moved to Louisville where she met my grandfather . . . who by the way, was from the same area as she was.  Heck, the may have known each other before but I’m sure that’s a story we never heard!  They weren’t ones to talk about their past much.


What I find great about this photo, is the fact that my grandmother is dressed up and is standing on the street . . . maybe waiting for a bus.  She didn’t drive and whenever she was going to “town” (meaning downtown), she would get all dressed up . . . fancy shoes and all . . . walk up the street to the main drag and catch the bus.  She called that puttin’ on the dog!  I never knew my grandmother to wear makeup or be anything more than she was . . . simply put, she was herself!

I also never knew my grandmother when she looked this young and beautiful.  By the time all us grandkids came along, my grandmother had been sick for a number of years and the wear and tear on her body was apparent.  Needless to say, she never complained and for the most part we kids never knew she was sick.  There was no need to complain or stay put in bed because she was the one who cared for all of us . . . 4 grandkids, 3 adult children and my grandfather.  She had her hands full!

Anyhoo, I digressed . . . the layout is all about my grandmother going to town.  I can just imagine her hopping a bus to see a movie, maybe a little lunch at the dime store, some window shopping and then the bus back.   Going to down was a big deal!  Of course, I don’t know if my grandmother ever did see a movie in a theater  . . . that’s one we can only imagine that she did!

I lost my grandmother in the early 80’s and so wish she had seen her great-granddaughters.  She would have been so tickled with them.

Thanks for stopping by and remember . . . life is short, embrace the adventures that come your way today!


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