Wow what an exciting week it was!  I so enjoyed spending time with the other Red-Hot Mommas, but I’m also very happy to be back home on my couch getting puppy kisses.

On Friday we shopped at the Super Craft Show and I was truly enable with Candy.  I went into the Papertrey Booth with both her and Broni.  Oh my BADNESS . . .  and I was very very BAD!  I was also lucky enough to purchase a few other items that I’ve had my eye on. 

loot from show

At the Splitcoaststampers Booth, where they were giving away cupcakes in the morning, I finally was able to get my picture with Beate!

with beate

I was also finally able to meet Deb Felts and we grabbed Carole Burrage for this quick photo.

with carol and deb

Yesterday Bev, Broni and myself visited the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios to spend some time with the The Mouse!  Unfortunately I arrived at the park trying to take pictures and my camera would not turn on.   I soon realized that the battery was in the charger back at the house!  So I had to rely on my buds to grab some pictures for me.

I hope you all had a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Hey there!  Today was a pretty mild day for us.  We went to CHA early and walked the show looking for things we had not seen yet.  Even though I had walked past the Making Memories booth  . . .  oh some 5 to 6 times each day . . . . it wasn’t until today that I finally saw this paper.  Oh my BADness, take a look at these fabulous vintage papers!




Even though I didn’t get pictures today, and am hoping that I get them tomorrow, I finally got to meet Amy Rohla and Beate Johns!  I have been waiting to meet Beate all week and she is absolutely gorgeous with a smile that reaches across the room.

Broni and I have been wanting to get some sun and float in the pool all week, but each day when we leave CHA and arrive back at Kittie’s, it’s raining.  So today we planned to leave early and spend some time relaxing in the pool.   It was perfect!  Broni and I were able to spend a few hours floating in the pool and Bev and Kittie could relax inside.  Candy came over to join us a little later in the afternoon.  I learned the other night that Candy is petrified of frogs.  While we were sitting outside chatting, I noticed a frog on the window but didn’t point it out until Candy was ready to go in.  Now I have windows very similar to the ones Kittie has on her home . . .  the old aluminum framed with outside tracks.  I never knew that frogs did this . . .

frog in window

Thank goodness that we have storm windows in Indiana!  This little frog actually climbed so far up in the window I couldn’t see him.

Tomorrow is the big shopping day!  Thanks for stopping by today and maybe I’ll have pictures of some great loot for you tomorrow!

Good Thursday morning!  Even though we swore that we were going to leave CHA earlier today and come back and enjoy some pool time, it just didn’t happen.  We hooked up with Joy and Cami this morning and walked the show with them.  It was so much fun helping Joy spend money . . . BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.   It seemed like every time we started down on aisle, we would run into someone we knew.  We also took today to do a few make-and-takes.  Suze Weinberg had a fabulous one today, faux soldering, and I just couldn’t resist the picture of Bev and Broni getting their kicks from Suze.

Broni Bev with Suze

The other girls didn’t get a chance to do the make-and-take and the idea-ology booth yesterday so we made another stop today.  Now tell me this trio doesn’t look like trouble. (Bron, Cami and me)

Broni Cami Sher at TH

Today I finally made it over to the Graphic 45 booth.  Oh my BADness!  This has to be the best product and booth I’ve seen at the entire show.  I literally drooled!!!  Now I understand all the excitement at the Anaheim show.




I have more pictures from this booth and will show you more later.

It was another great day filled with friends, lots of talking and more laughter.  As we were leaving I just couldn’t resist!


That’s all for today!  It’s time to call it a day and try to get some rest for tomorrow.

Since so many of you asked to see what we did in classes yesterday . . .  here ya go!

From Suze’s class, 3 Christmas ornaments and 1 boo boo

Suze projects

From Tim’s class, a Christmas chipboard book

Tim project

Of course, and you can’t see it because these pictures were taken outside on Kittie’s pool deck, but they are covered in a brand new Ranger product  . . .  Rock Candy Stickles.  There is also Rock Candy Crackle Paint.  Could you hear me sigh . . . . I will need this stuff in a gallon size jug!!  It’s is marvelous!!!!!  The calendar has the crackle paint on it.

So here we sit in Kittie’s living room after a long but fabulous day at CHA, drinking ‘ritas Smiley from (Kittie is actually slurring her words).  I must say that I am very disappointed in the size this year  . . . instead of three rooms, or even two, it is one.  There are very few vendors and if we had not stopped and chatted for hours with friends, we would have been able to see the entire show in one day.

Even though it took a few hours to get back to the Spellbinders booth, once we walked in it was all chaos.  Spellbinders was the happening booth!  It seemed like everyone you wanted to see was or would be walking in soon.  I finally got to meet Becca Feeken, the master of mixing and master Spellbinders dies.  Here we are with Kim Hupke of Spellbinders.

with becca and kim

Of course I was coerced with the girls twisting my arms, to play Vanna with my Spellbinders projects.

playing Vanna

Heidi was working in the Spellbinders Booth today and it’s always great fun to see her.

with Heidi

We finished the show walking around, seeing more SCSers, chatting and lots of laughing.  So the ‘ritas have kicked in, dinner is almost ready and the pool is whispering my name . . . I’ll post more tomorrow!

Morning y’all!  Wow what a fast few days.  Got into Orlando yesterday a tad late than expected due to the weather, but Kittie was there to pick us all up at the airport.  It was so great to see the girls yesterday and Bob (Kittie’s main squeeze) had a fabulous dinner waiting for us.

Today was class day and what a day it was.  While waiting for the first class to start this morning, I finally got to meet Cambria Turnbow!  She’s da BOMB baby!  We’ve have been trying to meet for the last few years and finally got too!

Sherry and Cambria

Joy Kennedy was with Cambria and it’s always so much fun to get to visit and chat with Joy.

Broni Bev Joy Kittie Sherry Cambria

Sherry and Cambria

Bev and I had our class with Suze Weinberg at 8:00!  I have never had a class with Suze before but she was just as funny and fabulous as I expected.  Her projects with UTEE were way too much fun!

With Suze

Candy joined up with us right before the Tim Holtz class.  WOW was that a class today.  Grunge, distress, stickles . . . I was in my seventh heaven.  One of my stamping idols, Wendy Vecchi, was helping in Tim’s class today  . . . WOO HOO!  BTW, Bev took this picture and my eyes are definitely closed.  Oh well!

with Wendy

After our class, it was picture time with Tim!  You just have to love his creativity and enthusiasm for this art!

with Tim

So, after a long day of classes we headed out to lunch with Candy and then headed back to Kittie’s for some down time and lots of chatting.

Tomorrow we’ll be on the show floor and can’t wait!  More later!!

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