Oh my BADness, I really didn’t mean for it to be so long before I shared my last Majestic Labels One project.  This one didn’t make the cut for CHA, which in one way makes me very happy . . .  it will now have a permanent spot on my studio wall!

Lets talk about the frame first.  It’s made from chipboard that was die cut with Spellbinders® Grand Squares.  There were four pieces die cut with the square to form the actual base, that were all glued together and set aside.  The top part of the frame was made by leaving the Grand Square taped to the base plate and adding the Grand Labels One in the center.  Four or five pieces of chipboard were die cut for this layer and then glued together with the base piece that had been set aside.

(I failed to take pictures of this process, but if there are enough interested in the process leave your comments and I’ll recreate it for you).

The frame was painted black  and portions of it were covered in white crackle embossing paste.    (I thought the frame was going to process from there into something I could submit for CHA . . . but I changed my mind at the last minute and pulled out my Ten Seconds Studio patina paints.)

I started applying layers of bronze and iron patina paints, letting them dry thoroughly.  From there additional layers of paint were applied and misted with patina solution. Ten Seconds Studio has excellent video tutorials on this process so I won’t re-create the wheel . . . Please hop over to their YouTube Channel and see what the fuss is all about.

The inside of the Labels One opening is watercolor paper that I die cut/embossed with Majestic Labels One painted in the same way as the frame.  My post on the mini pizza box tells in detail how the Majestic Labels One were die cut/embossed.

Just look at all the wonderful patina and textures created.  The orange patina is from the Iron paint, the greens are from Bronze and Copper paint.

I absolutely love how the patina ran into the cracks of the crackle embossing paste!  This entire piece reminds me of an old kitchen tin tile that has been left out in the weather for years and years.

I am amazed at the results achieved with simple chipboard and some paint!  The middle pieces were glued down with E6000 adhesive.

I wonder how cool it would be to make three more of these, all with different elements, and made them into a larger wall hanging?    Hmm maybe some projects down the road!

Well anyway, that’s my CHA reject.  So happy that it was because it sure wouldn’t be here with me!!

Thanks for stopping by and joining me today!


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