There was an accident yesterday in Jeffersonville. It was a horrid event which occurred around 3:30 p.m. and caused much distress to Her Royal Badness. I was out working in the yard. I made up my mind a few days ago that I truly needed two starts from this snowball bush in the median strip.

boulevard bush

I planted this bush close to 10 years ago from a start that a friend gave me. We cut the bush down for the first five years or so. The bush as it is now having not been cut down during the winter for four or five years. I can’t really remember. Heck I can’t remember what I did yesterday! Anyhoo, at the same time I planted this bush, I also planted one in the side yard.

bush side yard

This bush we have cut back every winter and kept under control. You can definitely tell the difference in size. The one in the median is absolutely beautiful when it blooms. I particularly love the way headlights hit it at night – it is just stunning in early summer with those big white blooms.

So here is my thinking. I have a spot in the backyard that is in desperate need of help. Since we did the remodel, we haven’t paid much attention to the backyard. This summer it is our goal to get more grass to grow, add some vegetation that we lost in the remodel, and in general make the area aesthetically pleasing. I am going to dig up three starts from the bush in the median. Two for me, and one for a neighbor that has been wanting a start for a couple of years. While out there today, I moved the bush to the side and spotted a huge mass of Naked Ladies. Now I don’t know what you guys call them, but around here, Naked Ladies is the name. I truly don’t know them by any other name. In the spring they are a mass of green leaves that die back, and then in the fall a stalk with a single pink bloom comes up. Okay, I just did a Google Search and this is what I found at Wikipedia: they actually are: Amaryllis is a monotypic (only one species) genus of plant also known as the Belladonna Lily or naked ladies. Well, I did not know they were an Amaryllis. We learn something new every day!

Anyhoo, I decided that these needed to be transplanted too. I had planted two groupings, one on each side the bush. I quite easily got most of the first bunch dug up, and moved around to the other side of the bush. These were actually easier to get too. However, this is when the accident happened, and here is the scene.

accident site

I stood there in dismay, not knowing what I was going to do. I picked up my tools, and pulled my little wagon into the backyard. Speaking of the wagon, this is the very wagon that I got for my first Christmas. This wagon is now 49 years old and in desperate need of a coat of paint and some tender loving care. It does serve the purpose I need it for – pulling gardening utensils and plants around the yard. So now in my backyard I have this wagon loaded down with Naked Ladies.


And sitting next to it on the ground is the victim.


My shovel!

My favorite (and one and only) shovel died yesterday. It’s poor little handle just gave out and snapped right in half. It has given me close to 25 years of valuable use. We’ve been together digging holes, breaking up sod, busting through roots and moving dirt and plants from area to another. My husband even informed me last night that this particular shovel was his favorite tool to use while cleaning up after the dogs. Hmmmmmmm, little did I know!

As of the writing of this article, I now am the proud owner of two more shovels. I called my mother to inform her of the accident. You see my dad gave me the shovel when we bought our first house. He had it for years and decided to pass it along to me. I thought there might be another old one up at the river that I could grab so that I could finish my planting today. Luckily, my mother had two in her garage that she was going to get rid of. I know they won’t be the same and I probably won’t like either one of them, but until I can get the handle replaced on my old one, these two outsiders will have to work!

As I leave you today, here are a few photos of things growing in the flower beds right now.

My favorite blue Columbine.


The Foxglove that Kate gave me for Mother’s Day.


And lastly, a basket of New Guinea Impatiens.


I hope you have a great day, and I’ll be out transplanting some Naked Ladies.


Can you believe it’s Thursday already? I can’t! Not only that, I can’t believe it’s already afternoon here. We are still having some technical difficulties with the blogs, but I have no doubt that the guys will figure it out. They have been working the last few days and are probably screaming as loudly as we are. I’ve got to give them props though, they are the best!


A few days ago I was out walking the dogs and noticed that my Bleeding Hearts were starting to bloom, but the Hyacinth are so pretty this year that I had to snap a picture.


Flower bed



You can just barely see the Bleeding Hearts in the background. I also see the Astilbe peaking up behind the Hyacinth. I also see tons of work to be done in the flower bed and should really be out there while it’s pretty and not in the house. I also need to move some hostas from the front walk, but I keep procrastinating. Do you think the gardening fairies will come visit?


Today’s Ways to Use it Challenge on Splitcoast is to find ways to use eyelets, grommets, etc. Now lets face it, I’m not an eyelet person. I LOVE my brads and never ever reach for anything that resembles an eyelet. For me, this definitely WAS a challenge!



WT161 Thanks Bunches


The image was stamped, and then cut out with rectangle Nestabilities. I embossed it, and then using the die as a stencil, the background was airbrushed very lightly. I colored the image with Copic Markers, and then decided that it was too flat and highlighted the flowers with Spica Glitter pens. Which, you can’t even see in the photo. The background paper, my new BasicGrey Cupcake, was sewn to a panel of SU Old Olive. The grommet was inserted into the triangle panel (it helps if you have something that will set these things – I thought a Crop-o-dile would – BWAHAHAHAHAHA), and the ribbon was wrapped around the background panel, up through the grommet and tied in a bow. I was a little bothered with the size of the flower panel, and decided to cut a larger scalloped panel for the bottom. I then raised the top panel with mounting tape. I like it better.





Stamps: Thanks Bunches from Lizzie Anne Designs


Paper: Neenah Classic Crest Solar White; SU Old Olive; BasicGrey Cupcake


Ink: Ranger Adirondack Pitch Black


Accessories: Copic Markers, Airbrush System and Spica Glitter Pens; Spellbinders Rectangle Nestabilities and Wizard; Karen Foster Favorite Things Grommet; Sewing Machine; Ribbon


I hope all of you have a terrific day and if the sun is shining where you are – enjoy! It’s gonna be in the mid-70’s here today but we are expecting thunderstorms. I need to catch up on some projects I have going and I keep getting farther and farther behind.


I’m so excited and I just couldn’t wait to show you this picture!  Sydney and I had to make a little road trip this morning — Mallory forgot her lunch and mom doesn’t do anything during the day at all!  When we got back home and walked through the side yard, I was ecstatic!  The daylilies are blooming — WOO HOO!


By looks of things in a few days I should have a sea of orange.  I can hardly wait!  I will have some stamping for you later today — what I did have unfortunately can’t be used today.  So, I’m in the studio creating but wanted to share!

What a gorgeous day it is here today. I’ve been working in the studio most of the morning, but have nothing that I can show you. Sorry – you’ll get to see it later, but only if you are SCS Fan Club Members. I didn’t want to leave you without a picture or two today though. I took the puppy out earlier this afternoon for a little frolic and couldn’t resist getting my camera.

First off, the Columbine are in bloom now. These are the wild ones I dug up from the river many years ago that just keep multiplying.


The Hostas and Astilbe are doing well and the Sedum is looking terrific. The Sedum is planted in one of my grandmothers concrete planters that always sat on the front porch when I was a little girl.


Sydney loves to frolic in the landscaping along the front walk and if she is in a playful mood, she lies in wait for you to walk by and then pounce on your feet. Here she is waiting for me to go by.



Well, I’m off to the tennis match and then a quick trip home to change and back up to school for Honor Society Induction tonight. Oh the joys of having a graduating senior.

Happy Monday! I’m sorry I have no stamping for you today. As some of you know, my oldest daughter had an accident at work yesterday morning and I’ve been running around making doctor appointments and and trying to get radiology reports faxed here and there. For those of you who don’t know, my oldest daughter, Kate, was diagnosed with epilepsy close to two years ago. We believe she may have had a seizure yesterday morning, fell off the stool she was sitting on and the concrete floor came up and met her in the face. When she finally woke up, her employer had already called EMS, who arrived within a few minutes time and they were quickly on their way to ER. They were able to call us once Kate came too, and EMS was practically out the door with her. I have to say, when I finally got to the ER and saw my daughter lying there my heart fell to the floor. She was such a pitiful sight. Thank goodness this happened very shortly after she arrived at work and not while she was driving. Luckily she came away with only a broken nose, a few gashes from her glasses (7 stitches) and a busted lip.

Anyhoo, in lieu of stamping today, and after seeing Leslie’s pictures of her garden over on her blog, I walked around the yard a few minutes ago and took a few pictures. Spring has come to the Ohio Valley!!! These are the last of my daffodils, they were in full bloom a few weeks ago. But, what I did find was my lilac bush and weeping cherry tree in bloom today! Ah I love spring time. Now just need to find the time to get out and dig in the dirt a little. Nothing rejuvenates me more than playing in the dirt and getting those first plants out for the growing season — I always feel like I’ve come home!



weeping cherry

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