Good morning! We have a winner of the Tawdry Treats. I ran the numbers through the sequence generator at, and this is what I got:

Random Sequence Generator


Here is your sequence:


* 7

My post No. 7 was made by Conniecrafter, and here is what she said in her comment:

I am in Awe, beautiful stamping, love the sentiment and the stitching! I will have to say my favorite book is Tara Road by Maeve Binchy. It is set in Ireland and I just love her writing and characters!

CONGRATULATIONS Connie! I have already sent you an email, but if you happen to see this post first, please get in touch with me!

You guys gave me some marvelous recommendations for reading material. Some I have heard of and read, others are new to me and I will be searching some of them out!

If there is any doubt that I am not a vivacious reader, I snapped a few pics of my stacks yesterday just to show you. I have a very hard time getting rid of books that I have read. Normally, if I find an author that I like, I end up reading everything they have ever written. I have entire works of Maeve Binchy, Fern Michaels, Anne Rice, Luanne Rice – well the list just keeps going. One of my favorite books that I’ve read in the last 10 years or so is “The Color of Water.” It was an Oprah Book Club read and I thoroughly enjoyed every page. Much to my amazement, it was required reading for Mallory this year in one of her classes. I probably enjoyed it more than she did, but I found the biography mesmerizing. I will read most anything, but Tom Clancy, Stephen King, anything along those lines. I love fiction that evolves around historical events, and I particularly love ongoing stories that bring the characters back from one book to the other. I think that’s why I like Luanne Rice so much! Someone mentioned Kris Radish in their comment – well, I have just found her stuff in the last few months. For those of you who love to chic books, I highly recommend “Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral.” Actually, after reading this book, I think a Traveling Funeral would be just fine with me!

This is my original bookcase. We bought a set of three of these when we were first married. I have been allowed to have one over all these years. As you can see, some of these books are very old and have been well read. I can’t bring myself to part with any of them. Most of the books here go back some 30+ years.

Original Bookcase

Here is what is sitting on my night stand now. These are the books I have picked to read next, but in no particular order. Some more might be thrown on top and reshuffled. The pile on the right is my “read next” pile. The one on the left is always what I’m reading now.

Night Stand

Next we have the books that I’ve read in the last 13 years. This is the shelf over my bed.

Over the Bed

The shelf I threw up on the wall to hold more. hehe — See the coup stick, I made that at Girl Scout Day Camp when Kate was probably in the 4th grade. I think that was the last year I worked a Day Camp and may have been our last year in scouts. Geesh that was a long time ago! She’s in her fourth year of college now!


The piles I have started on my old sewing machine because I thought the shelves couldn’t hold anymore. This is the new place where I add the books when I finish reading them.

Sewing Machine

I do believe that I need to find a way to put all of these books into some type of order and probably in some new book cases. Some day! Oh wait, these don’t even take into account that I once had every murder mystery written by Agatha Christie. LOVE them! However, they were in the basement in a box and we got a little water in the storage room one year. Needless to say, they were all pitched without me knowing it!

All the women in my family are readers, as well as my husband. Luckily out daughters have inherited our love of reading. I love it when I see them sitting around reading a book! AND yes, I still have all of their books from childhood. They are all in the basement on racks — and I can’t part with them either. I might have grandchildren one day!

So tell me, do you think we should start of a book club?  Oh know, I didn’t just ask that!  Tongue in cheek it was!

I hope you all have a great day today and I’m going to finish prepping for the road trip to Akron!

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