Good morning!  I found out two things yesterday.

First, it’s Trick or Treat night here in my city.  Now in the past when the city has done this – declare Trick or Treat night earlier than the actual date, we have the little spooks both nights.  Smiley from Their reason . . . its football playoffs and they didn’t want Trick or Treat to interfere if any of the local teams were in the playoffs.  I need to get with Daughter #1 today and see what her plans are.  When my girls were at home and out running the streets on this night, I always made a pot of chili.  My door was open to all their friends and this was the hang out house.  They would come in, grab a bowl of chili and just have fun hanging out doing their thing.  I haven’t made chili in a few years now and believe it or not, one of Kate’s friends asked if I was making chili this year.  I was actually somewhat amazed that one of them remembered and asked for chili!  I guess it wasn’t sheer torture for them after all. Smiley from

The second thing I learned yesterday, was that I will be demonstrating in the Rubbernecker Booth at the Fall Rubber Stamp Show in Albuquerque, NM on November 8 and 9.  So if you are attending the show, please stop by the booth and say hello!

Remember earlier this month when I told you I went to Nashville, Indiana with the women in my family?  I just love Nashville.  It’s an artisan colony with little shops lining the streets and always so festive for the time of year.  I wanted to go to the stamp store there, so my sister and I took off walking by ourselves.  Needless to say I wasn’t so impressed this year, and didn’t buy anything.  Earlier we had spied another stamp store I had never seen before, and that’s where we went.  WOW – what a store!  It’s called Papertrix, and the owners are Cindy and Wayne Hawrys.  I had actually seen the Hawrys at Summer CHA and recognized them.  They also recognized me from CHA.  I believe we were all in the Hanna Stamps booth at the same time actually.

I couldn’t leave the store.  I actually believe I might have been drooling a little.  Their assortment is amazing and I actually purchased some stamps for the first time in a few years.    My point?  Well, I have a project to show you with some of the stamps I purchased that day.  I saw these fabulous images from Magenta and some how, they jumped off the shelf and landed in my little (I can dream can’t I?) hands.

Butterfly NotebookI made this notebook for a dear friend recently.  Of course, I couldn’t just stop with the notebook and added a bookmark to it.  Ah soldering!  What a booger that was, but it finally worked out the way I wanted.  Yes, this is the project I was working on when I groaned in a post one day about attaching those darn little jump rings!

I suppose this is all I have today.  I’ve babbled on for long enough and it’s time for me to get up and get moving.  Chores are calling my name . . . Smiley from

13 Responses to “Things I Found Out Yesterday!”

  1. OOOOO!! What a great idea to use that big ol’ ribbon as a book mark!! This stamp set is so you!! I bet your friend just loved this!!

    While you’re doing chores, want to come over here and help me catch up on mine???? Don’t think that there is enough hours in my day to get done what needs to be done!!

  2. Oh, yummy ribbon! Awesome project!

  3. Love this!!

  4. How exciting!!! I have a booth at the stamp convention!! I’ll have to look you up!!

  5. I am new to your blog – love your projects and especially this notebook and bookmark. However, I would like to see you give us your ‘receipe’ for making it.
    Question: ?? – did you use coasters for your covers and what type of paper is inside for the pages??
    Hope you have time to answer.

  6. Sherry this is beautiful! I’m sure your friend is going to love it!

  7. Just Beautiful!! I luv it!!! I want it!!!

  8. Gawwwjessssss!!!!! I love the new stamps and the ribbon is FABULOUS!!! OK, spill the beans….where didja get it?????

  9. THUD……yep, that’s me hittin’ the floor…..beautiful Sherry!!

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, this stunning piece of loving artwork resides right here, deep in the heart of TEXAS!!
    Sherry, you must know that I truly LOVE this … LOVE the bookmark, and I especially LOVE the love you put into both incredible creations. My DDaughter spied it sitting in a plate holder here in the studio, before I had the chance to show it to her. The Ooooooohs, and Ahhhhhhhs were sincere, and unsolicited. Love the rich colors, the depth you always manage to bring out in your work. And I LOVE the fact the you gave them to me! Thank you!


  11. This sure is pretty, Sherry! I love those Magenta stamps and your beautiful bookmark idea.

  12. Neat project, pretty stamp!

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