Since so many of you asked to see what we did in classes yesterday . . .  here ya go!

From Suze’s class, 3 Christmas ornaments and 1 boo boo

Suze projects

From Tim’s class, a Christmas chipboard book

Tim project

Of course, and you can’t see it because these pictures were taken outside on Kittie’s pool deck, but they are covered in a brand new Ranger product  . . .  Rock Candy Stickles.  There is also Rock Candy Crackle Paint.  Could you hear me sigh . . . . I will need this stuff in a gallon size jug!!  It’s is marvelous!!!!!  The calendar has the crackle paint on it.

So here we sit in Kittie’s living room after a long but fabulous day at CHA, drinking ‘ritas Smiley from (Kittie is actually slurring her words).  I must say that I am very disappointed in the size this year  . . . instead of three rooms, or even two, it is one.  There are very few vendors and if we had not stopped and chatted for hours with friends, we would have been able to see the entire show in one day.

Even though it took a few hours to get back to the Spellbinders booth, once we walked in it was all chaos.  Spellbinders was the happening booth!  It seemed like everyone you wanted to see was or would be walking in soon.  I finally got to meet Becca Feeken, the master of mixing and master Spellbinders dies.  Here we are with Kim Hupke of Spellbinders.

with becca and kim

Of course I was coerced with the girls twisting my arms, to play Vanna with my Spellbinders projects.

playing Vanna

Heidi was working in the Spellbinders Booth today and it’s always great fun to see her.

with Heidi

We finished the show walking around, seeing more SCSers, chatting and lots of laughing.  So the ‘ritas have kicked in, dinner is almost ready and the pool is whispering my name . . . I’ll post more tomorrow!

6 Responses to “CHA Day 1”

  1. Oh, my, Sherry…look at all the fabulous people you got to meet!!!! I miss ya, girly….have a wonderful time and can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  2. Awesome projects you did, looks like great classes!

  3. (insert HUGE sigh here________). Love the projects (sob, sob) and even tho you are disappointed in the size of CHA… I would KILL (ok….consider) to be there!!

  4. Don’t have to ask if you are having fun….the smile on your face says it all!!!!
    Beautiful projects. Thanks for all the pictures.

  5. Awwww, Sherry… what fun you are having! Good for you! Wish I were there too!

  6. You look like you are having a blast. You go girl, wished I could have been there.

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