31 Responses to “Don’t Faint . . . BUT . . .”

  1. Gorgeus, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!!! One of your fabulous pieces again!!!!!
    Been there, done that. When it’s there, it’s there, and when it’s not…it’s not!!!!!
    Big Hugs!

  2. Wow! Sherry, this is so beautiful! And thanks for the link to that fantastic blog!

  3. Wow!! Love the card!!

  4. Your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have missed reading your exploits. And yes, to all who read this, my sister Bad Sherry has imagination like crazy. I tell everyone that she can just create. I have to have instructions from A-Z. But Sherry, beautiful card. Nothing less from you.

  5. Gorgeous card. Keep the mojo coming!

  6. Yea, Yea, you’re back!! I’ve missed you and your creations and am so glad you found that darned ole lost mojo! Love your new card and I’m off to check out that inspirational blog!

  7. WOW WOW WOW!! This is my favorite card by far of yours it just touches me ! Gosh you raced out of your slump for sure keep on going its truly is great!!!! Need my address to send it to LOL LOL

  8. Card is very inspiring, I think I will case your card. Love your sense of humor. Welcome back.

  9. I love this card! I love reading your blog & I’m so glad you’re back!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Your flowers are just unequalled by any out there!! Glad you are feeling better! 2012 will be a better year!

  11. love your riff on her card. that is one fantastic blog. wish i could actually read whart she says.

  12. WooHoo! Sherry, how we’ve missed you and your fantastic creations, and your crazy sense of humor!! Your card is stunning. I love, love, love your flowers. Heck, I just love your style!! Glad you’re back. (((Hugs))) Angi

  13. Beautiful card, thanks for sharing it. I always love your flowers.

  14. Good Job, Sherry~~Glad you found some MoJo!! Plus, I like the card too!!

  15. Sherry – I know what you’re talking about – no mojo – and while some people go through the motions, the spark just isnt’ there. Mine was gone for at least a year, just now enjoying sitting at my table and playing with my ‘stuff’. This young lady is very creative…thank you for sharing her with us. I love your card – love the flower and colors…so playful. Your creativity is awesom!

  16. Beautiful Sherry – may your mojo return ten fold ….
    Sandra ltb

  17. Gorgeous card! Love the flower! May your mojo return soon. Your blog is so AWESOME!

  18. Guess you’ve got it back and glad to see you again. This card is beautiful. Keep it up while you’re on a roll. Edna

  19. Sherry, this card is lovely and very inspiring. Mojo is linked with what is going on in our bodies. If you’re busy healing after being unwell, the mojo may take a little dip. But it comes back. Hope you have a wonderful healthy and happy 2012. WRE

  20. Wow Sherry, I know the feeling….I lost my mojo for about a week. Just sat and stared at a blue piece of card stock and a ribbon. (ok, so maybe during the week I did eat, and sleep, and maybe watch a little TV…oh, ya, and I played Words with friends)….but it did come back, just like yours and boy did yours come back! Welcome home! Love the card, love the flower and love seeing you back on your blog! Have a great week!

  21. I don’t know if you realize it or not, but you have quite a following! We all love just reading about your escapades and when you create it’s just delicious! Glad you are beginning to create again and hope that slippery MoJo doesn’t get out again. This is wonderful….your flowers always just speak to me. I’ll never tell what they say!

  22. Sure missed your cards. But…. your back and that is all that matters. This card is so great!!!! Looking forward to all the new ideas you will have.

  23. Hi, Sherry! So glad to see one of your beautiful creations! I think there’s a lot of “No-mojo-itis” going around right now. We probably all wore ourselves out during the holiday rush. And, if you are on medication for any kind of high blood pressure or heart issues, it can make you feel pretty blah. I think you kinda busted out with this card, though…fabulous, my dear! I love it!

  24. Gorgeous, love what you have done with that flower die!!! Cool flourish behind it too, glad to see you have your mojo back 🙂

  25. Glad to read that your creative side simply took a short break and you’re now back on track.

  26. Gorgeous Sherry!!! Don’t beat yourself up about the mojo, it may be hiding but for you, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t come storming back! You are awesome and your body may be telling you to take a little break.

  27. Go girl, you’ve got it back!

  28. Sherry, I want you to know your blog is one of the few sites I visit on a regular bases. I’m a 57 yr old cardmaker who strays to nic-nac decor. I have “played” with paper, fabric and ribbons as far back as I can remember. (Sear’s catolog paper dolls, match box furniture) I had grandmother’s: one specialized in sewing and cooking and one who specialized in story telling and making beauiful flowers, snowflakes, paper dolls,and furniture from paper, cardboard boxes (cereal, match boxes and such).
    I love to visit your blog to see all the creative ideas you come up with….it sparks memories, ideas as well as my mojo.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your creativity.

  29. Sherry, I’m glad it was ‘no mojo’, and not health issues keeping you from posting. Been missing you, but understand that life gets in the way, and sometimes you just don’t ‘feel like doing it’. Thanks for the pretty card, and hope you are feeling ok.

  30. Wow! Sherry, this is so beautiful!

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