Good morning!  Today is the first E-Team Hop of 2012 and I’m so excited to be taking part in it.  Recently Wendy Vecchi posted about today’s technique, Faux Crazed Porcelain, and Daisy challenged The E-Team to give it a try ourselves.

Wendy covered a metal plaque with Ranger’s Glue ‘n Seal and then Rock Candy Crackle Paint (which you can see at the link above), but I didn’t have any metal pieces that were appropriate for what I was working on.  So . . .

I had to come up with something else that was metal to try the technique on.

I stamped the work “Art” on a white tag, put Scor-Tape on the back of the book plate, and stuck the plate to the tag.  Once I had trimmed away the paper, the book plate was covered with a layer of glossy Glue ‘n Seal.  After the Glue ‘n Seal had dried I poured (right from the bottle) Rock Candy Crackle Paint into the book plate, letting the extra run out over the sides.

One word of warning here . . . I thought the Crackle Paint had dried and stuck my finger into the middle of the plate . . . WRONG, it had not dried all the way.  You can probably see my fingerprint right on top of the “A”.  When the top was dry, I painted across the top with Frayed Burlap Distress Stain and wiped away the excess.

I probably should go back and show you what I originally started the project with.

I’ve had this Grolsch beer bottle for probably 20 years.  I had had surgery and a friend sent me some orchids that were put in the beer bottle as the vase.   In the picture above, I’ve already removed the hinged top.

Using the same technique that I used on my Spellbinders Moroccan Lantern (which video will be posted in a day or so), the bottle was covered with matte Glue ‘n Seal which was allowed to dry, and then a very thick coat of Rock Candy Crackle Paint.

Here you can see where I brushed it on the neck of the bottle.

Then around the bottom, I began to pour the paint directly from the bottle to let it drip down the sides of the beer bottle.

You can see (in the above photo) the different layers the Crackle Paint created by pouring it on the bottle instead of brushing.

The finished bottle . . .

The book plate is hung from the neck of the bottle with silver chain attached to the ends of the plate.  That skeleton key is one that belonged to my grandfather that I had in a display case in my dining room.  I thought it needed a new home!  I had the beads from old $ charm bracelets and the crystal is from Maya Road.

This is a project that I’ve been wanting to do for some time and I’m very happy with the results . . . I’ll be saving those wine and other libation bottles now instead of recycling them.  Wouldn’t this look fabulous with a Makers or Jack bottle?

Now let’s get to the hop details.  The designers participating are:


Please stop by and see them . . .  I’m amazed at everyone’s take on this technique!  Oh and Daisy will be participating on the eP Blog!

Of course, there are also prizes to be won!  Three very lucky random winners will each win a $25 eP Gift Voucher.  All you have to do is leave a comment on each E-Team members’ blog between Friday through Sunday.  Three random winners will be drawn and announced January 23rd on the eP Blog.

Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy the hop!


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74 Responses to “The E-Team is Faux Crazed!”

  1. Wowza! This is fantastic! Love my Rock Candy Cracle Paint and what you’ve done with it is fabulous, fabulous! You are definately back.

  2. Fabulous! You have the coolest stuff!

  3. I just love this project its amazing, thank you for creating it and sharing it. I just love all your work.

  4. All of your creations are amazing ! This project is fabulous !!!

  5. Sherry! I am blown away again. You do the most amazing things!! I absolutely adore your work and strive to be you someday.

  6. i love your project!

  7. this is so different and crazy good. not your ususal work i’m used to seeing, not a flower in sight. very very unusual

  8. Great job inspiring your blog readers, Sherry! Love the label especially the metal and beads.

  9. Love the end result with the pouring rather than brushing! Fab altered bottle!

  10. Loved your bottle! I have lots of bottles and other stuff I could try this on. Thanks for getting me excited about recycling some of the things I’ve been saving for years!

  11. Wow, Sherry, what an amazing project!

  12. I love how the bottle is all frosty and crackled…very, very cool technique…and now I know what I Can do with all the cool olive oil bottles I’ve been squirreling away!

  13. Super cool Sherry. I even like the original painted on surface – kinda looks like leather. But after you did the second coat by pooring it on, it gave it a more distressed look as if you had mealted a candle. Your process was sort of a twofer. Thanks Sherry. I am going to have to try this out. Loved it.

  14. This turned out gorgeous!

  15. Super super coooool!!! Love what you did to the beer bottle! Talk about fabulous art…uh huh this is it…great job!!!

  16. How cool is that!!! I love the book plate. The texture shows up really well on the brown glass. It has a spooky spiderweb look. Could be great for a halloween project. Love the crystals, beads and old key too. I have a few of those from my family too.

  17. The brown bottle took the challenge well! I have a few vintage small ones that I’d like to try next. And the whiteness really makes it look even older!

  18. Oh Sherry, this is just wonderful!

  19. Swooonnnn………..I LOOOVE the large cracks that you got!! (btw, that bottle would look GREAT in my house! hint, hint, hehe)

  20. Super cool! I love that you used a brown bottle and the large cracks you achieved!

  21. I love the bottle. It actually looks cracked! I can’t wait to try it. Guess I will have to just drink more to save the bottles! For artistic purposes, of course.

  22. Sherry, you amaze me. This bottle is beautiful, and I love the crackle so much. I love the ideas that twirl around inside your head.

  23. I love will have to try this project its looks fun

  24. You got such a cool look with the bottle you used and how you applied the medium. Artful!

  25. I love how you embellished the bottle

  26. Love the beer bottle crackle! Now that you’ve been finger printed, we can look forward to seeing you in a line-up!

  27. WOW!!!

  28. I love what you did with the bottle!!! and the bookplate!!! Thanks

  29. Very cool technique, it looks fabulous, love the way you have hung the charms and book plate!

  30. this is just amazing! I love the look to your bottle and the key is such a special touch. 🙂

  31. Sherry, I absolutely love this!! You did an amazing job on it!! I can’t wait to try one myself, thanks for sharing it!!

  32. This is truly a work of ART! Fabulous!

  33. Leave it to you to come up with the most creative idea! Your altered bottle is fantastic!!!

  34. My gosh, I had no idea that the crackle distress paint would look so wonderful on a glass bottle. I have some cobalt blue wine bottles that are calling to be altered!! Thanks, Sherry for a great, great project!

  35. Oh my, this blog hop has been such fun. You young ladies have created so much wonderful stuff that I don’t know where to start. I’m not even thru the blog yet and already I’m itching to buy this stuff and get started. This bottle came out so pretty that I just have to make one. Thanks!!

  36. I have had so much enjoyment from hopping today. Does one burn lots of calories hopping this way? Pouring the crackle paint really created an awesome effect. Love it. I am so happy that you have been able to post again. You are a cool crafter.

  37. What a great project. I love the great effects you obtained by your intense labor!! You always have over and above projects that you make seem so simple. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the weekend

  38. Sherry, that is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! I love how it looks on the bottle too! I guess I’ll have to trade my wine box for a wine bottle (or two) LOL!

  39. I love your new heirloom bottle. It is wonderful that you took the challenge and some very special keepsakes and combined them in to a beautiful work of art to cherish! Love It!

  40. I LOVE the effect you got on the bottle by pouring the crackle paint on! This dressed up Grolsch bottle project really ROCKS!!

  41. Sherry, what a great creation. I’m thinking this would look really cool on a blue glass bottle.

  42. Oh for crying out loud. What can’t you do? Again an amazing craft project. You never fail to impress me.

  43. Well I will definitely have a shortage of recycling this next time round!!! Sherry this is so great – I may have to buy some Groltsch sp? beer !!! Just for the bottles LOL…

  44. Love your bottle!

  45. Wow your bottle is beautiful and a keeper for sure. Love your work Sherry you are so creative and inspiring .

  46. I love the bookplate so much!!!

  47. So gorgeous! Fantastic job! I love it.

  48. It looks great! And I’d never would have guessed the A was anything but what it was intended to be. Besides- it’s not a mistake, it’s a feature and people pay extra for those! 😉

  49. Love how this looks on the soda bottle.

  50. This is amazing! Thank you for inspiring us with such unique projects.

  51. I LOVE It! I could even see that piece on a necklace or an the front of an art journal or mini book! Thanx for sharing and thanx for the inspiration!

    I have to give this technique a try.

  52. Girl…I love how your mind works! I’d love to come play in your craft room! This is amazing! Love the idea of pouring the crackle paint. I will definitely have to try this one!

  53. I looooove this technique…need to order the biggo refill bottle of Rock Candy Crackle ! Hubby was walking by and saw the finished bottle…wants me to do 3 of these for each brother…gotta love it when the “hubster” gets involved!

  54. This is absolutely stunning. What a creative work of art.

  55. Wow, you just blow me away! this is an outstanding project. Sherry you always amaze me. i love your work , and the bookplate was extra cool thank you so much for sharing this project. hugs candy

  56. WOW!!! Your bottle is amazing!! I’m lovin’ this crazed glass effect. Thanks for sharing it :o)

  57. WoW! This is stunning! I have this same old bottle (in green!), and I’ve been staring it at for years … just waiting for a great idea! And this. is. it!! Love how you used the Rock Candy Crackle medium in the frame … genius!

  58. That bottle is gorgeous, and the technique seems surprisingly simple. Love it.

  59. You always totally amaze me with your projects. I have been following you for years, but your creations are always unique and SPECIAL!!

    Thanks for sharing! So appreciative of your talents!

  60. Just incredible. Just when I thought I had seen the most spectacular project ( your are my last stop on the hop) I am still surprised! You did great with this bottle! it look like a bottle found in an old shipreck! just fantastici! i want these products!!!! Thank you very much for all the ideas and inspiration!

  61. Wow. This would give a whole new meaning to a frosted bottle of beer! Thanks for always sharing your artwork.

  62. Love this faux crazed look!

  63. This is just faaaaantastic!!! Love the look of the paint dripping down the bottle. Nice work.

  64. Awesome Bottle!! I love all of the charms you added to it. I want to try this SO bad! I can’t see your fingerprint on the A 🙂

  65. what a cool bottle!
    Sandra ltb

  66. Such amazing art. So incredible.

  67. That bottle was so cool and now much cooler with your creativity applied to it! Love the embellishment a lot. You even tweaked how the crackle was applied, ingenious!

  68. Oh my goodness–what a wonderfully creative mind you have!! Your project is so cool!!

  69. I have a gorgeous royal blue beer bottle that I have to try this on.You never fail to inspire me with your incredible creations.You are truly an artist.Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  70. Oh my goodness, I must try this on one of Tim’s tiny bottles…it will be soo adorable. You are quite a talented artist. Thanks for all that you share.

  71. I love this technique…so glad you are highlighting it this week!

  72. I love this technique & so-o-o anxious to try it on some of the bottles I’ve been hoarding all these years! ; )

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