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  1. i loved what you wrote today. i have always wondered about those sections of splitcoaststampers i can not access. if it was worth paying for? well i LOVE what you did today and now i have 2 new things to go create. ThankYou

  2. I love both your cards and your rant is right on! Have a great weekend.

  3. Whew…..I’m glad you wrote what you did….Getting just a little credit is a good thing. I have a friend who taught a class, months later she went to the Orange County Fair, and saw she’d won 1st. place…. on the down side, it wasn’t her card, but rather belonged to a lady who bought her kit at my friend’s card class. Now is that balls or what! I guess we should go by the saying…. imitation is the highest form of praise! (Or Not! 🙂 I love your work….

  4. Hi Sherry, I love the colors in both your cards, and I don’t mind the ranting. You have a valid point and I appreciate you took the time to say it. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  5. I hear you Sherry, and boy I love that card!!!

    I remember when Tim was fairly new and on television – Carol Duvall…back when I had time to watch television and before his name was Ranger products. We were all a lot younger and I had fewer wrinkles – ha…back in those early years of mine I took classes once in a while over in Tinton Falls here in Jersey with Suze Weinberg. Lots of these techniques have been around for 20 plus years – I thank those folks like Suze that inspired many a y0ung stamper years ago and spawned the multi-billion dollar a year industry that it is today. Me? I’m thinking of trying knitting… 😉

  6. Hi Sherry,
    As I keep saying, I love your spirit. If we don’t speak our piece it stays inside where it does strange things to us. I too have observed that taking of old techniques and puting the TH spin on them….. sooooo. good for you. I love you work and appreciate your sharing.

  7. I really enjoy those cards…. they are beautiful! Hope you will be doing what makes you happy when you stamp…. yyyaaaaayyyyy!!! :o)

  8. applause…… enough said! Card is gorgeous and you’re right, I think with everything going on we do forget what made it fun to stamp. And I too have a list of techniques I’ve been wanting to try just never seem to get around to it…. am trying to change that though. Anyway, I LOVE when you get on your soapbox because it’s always straight to the point and always so very true! Again, applauding you here in Oz (grinning sheepishly)! hugs

  9. you rock!

  10. Applause, applause, applause! Boy you don’t mince words! And good for you! Love your style, whether it is speaking out or making projects – cards in particular. Love both your cards and am going to try to duplicate it. I’m a copier but I would never try to enter my “copied” version as my original idea in a contest or anywhere for that matter. Thankfully there are people like you who share their creations and ideas with us. Thank you so much!

  11. Rant on, girlfriend! It needed to be said, for sure! I guess we do ease away from just doing what we love. I’m glad you made me step back and take a look at that. And I’m glad you showed that gorgeous card! Love that technique and how you tweaked it to make it more “you”! It’s perfect!

  12. Great rant. One of the reasons I keep coming back to your blog is because you are you, and say how you feel. (besides your incredible talent!) And I really like that card from Splitcoasters. Keep doing what your doing, please!!!

  13. OMG….have we been stamping THAT long?!!
    Funny, I do miss some of those OLD techniques and yes, need to visit them more often!!

    I do remember that you made so many wonderful creations with this set!!

  14. Oh girl, your new creation is just gorgeous. But then again, so is the old one. I’m glad you are off your soapbox now. I would hate for you to fall!

  15. A beautiful card, Sherry!!! Both cards!!!! You are right… many stampers don’t know just how old many of the techniques these days are… or at least the basic technique… not too much is really, truly new… just a little twist or turn or same process, new product.

  16. Yep, you said a mouthful. Well done, my friend, well done. Carol Duvall did sooooo many wonderful techniques on her show, as did many of her fantastic guests. Dee, Mary Jo, Mary, Michael, Suzanne….those were fun times to be sure.
    And I’m not a great fan of Pinterest….too much freedom.

  17. I love both your cards today, thank for sharing them.

  18. Just a suggestion – add a watermark to your pics – then you will get the credit.

  19. Funny, I was just thinking about this sort of thing… all those old techniques. Remember that thing we used to do with inks on a cotton ball soaked with 90% alcohol — what was that called? Now it’s done with alcohol inks. I’m sure the Pinterest poster didn’t know the origins of the technique, but I sure do get what you’re saying. Old techniques, new products. I’ve always loved your style, then and now. We change, take a little break, come back around. I’m currently trying to reclaim my “self”, but I realize it might be different from the self of a few years ago. After a few years in the industry, you kind of lose sight…

  20. That’s what I love about you Sherry….you never have to wonder where you stand with you. You just tell it like it is! I’ve not been in the stamping world all that long but I try to give credit where credit is due. I too have stepped back a little. I want to remember who I am and why I love crafting. We get so caught up sometimes, we lose sight of why we are here to begin with.

  21. Great rant, Sherry. Yes, I totally agree. There was stamping before TH and loads of techniques. Thanks for stepping up on your soap box. Love BOTH your cards.

  22. Sherry, you were the first “stamper” to inspire me many years ago, well maybe not that many, but you’ve shown a lot of techniques through the years and so many of your followers have learned to take them and create. It’s sad to find out that someone is taking credit for something someone else designed or developed, but it happens all the time. I admire you for speaking your mind and letting your newer followers where you stand on different issues. Both of your cards are beautiful; have to try the batik technique one day.

  23. Hi Sherry! I love your cracked glass card and hate that when credit is given incorrectly! Both of your cards are gorgeous! I have repinned your cracked glass card on my pinterest with the correct credits for you. :)) Hugs Lori Reinholz

  24. Both cards are magnificent! I’m sure whoever pinned your card had good intentions… but I hear ya!

    Stamp what makes you happy, Sherry, and always be true to you!

  25. Kudos!!! Sherry! Sometimes these things NEED to be said. I hope you feel better after letting it out. I love both your cards, and it would be difficult to choose a fave. Keep on stampin’!
    Jean ~

  26. Yea that is the problem with Pinterest I don’t think the actual person is always getting the credit for things, that card is wonderful and so is the one you just made, love the watercolor look!

  27. Beautiful cards, both older and newest! I love the colours you used to water colour the blossoms.
    I tried some Goosebumps spray as a resist and it works like embossing powder without all the steps when stamped on paper.
    I found your rant very interesting. When something is posted on the net, it is out there for all the world and as frustrating as it is to not be credited sometimes we just have to just try to think positive. Think about how many people you may have inspired to try this technique. If Pinterest is used properly, the viewer should be able to click on the image and go directly to the blog or site where the image was pinned from. Maybe more people will be over to see your site and all your awesome work.
    Thanks for all your amazing inspiration Sherry! 🙂

  28. I LOVE your blog, not only for your creations but because you say what you want!

  29. Hi Sherry, I read your blog often and always love to see what you create and read what you are doing. Your cards today remind me of a Roses in Winter card you sent to me many years ago when so many of us were “challenge chasers” . I still have the card. Keep up the great work!

  30. Beautiful cards, love your work! I so understand your post (rant as you call it) in this great community of creative talents, newbies don’t always know the sources, but I’m a strong believer in telling where I get my inspiration from. I don’t consider myself a great artist or anything like that BUT, I do love getting credit for what I create, I’ve had ideas or actual things I’ve made “taken” and used elsewhere, I think it’s “awful” when that happens. I love “scraplifting” BUT I also Love telling who inspired me or taught me ( whose ideas I drew on) I love rubbing elbows with the “Big Girls/Guys ” but they WILL always get the RESPECT they deserve !

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