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It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I write this post.  Today is the final blog hop and final post for The E-Team.  We’ve had an amazing ride (an E-Ticket ride) . . . and I believe we have accomplished all that we set out to do:


As you might recall, Daisy announced at the beginning of June that she was charting a new course and returning to work at Disneyland.  Now we all know how much Daisy loves all things Disney, which explains the challenge that we were given for our final hop . . . Inspired by Disney or to use our favorite Disney quote on our journal page.

Even though I’m so very excited for Daisy and for the opportunity that she’s been given, today’s hop is also bittersweet.   With the transition of Daisy and eclectic Paperie, The E-Team is retiring.

To make today’s hop special, Daisy has graciously given each designer a prize package to be given away from the comments left on our blog.  There will also be a special prize package on the eP Blog.

I LOVE the way Daisy put my prize package together.  Because of my affiliation with Graphic 45, there is a pad of Once Upon a Springtime and a package of the new Metal Butterfly Staples.  I’ve had a long affiliation with Spellbinders™, so included with the package is Fanciful Flight (designed by Donna Salazar).  Lastly, she has included two of my favorite stamps from Stampavie (Mumu designed by Mo Manning – she reminds me of my great-grandmother).

Prize package

I don’t know what the other E-Team members were given as their prize packages, so you’ll have to visit to find out:

You have until Sunday, July 1st to leave comments, and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, July 3rd.

For my project, I looked at many different Disney quotes.  Not necessarily having a favorite quote, there wasn’t one that popped out at me.   I tried to work a journal page with a couple of them, but my pages just didn’t come out saying what I wanted them to.  Finally, after a little more digging, I came up with this:  “Never say goodbye.  Because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.” – Peter Pan.

AND because I’ve been spending lots of time in doctor and hospital waiting rooms, I decided to do a little tangling/doodling.  (That means that I could take my journal with me and work while waiting.)


Close-up of my quote:


I can’t tell the girls on The E-Team goodbye . . . this retirement thing is absolutely killing me.  I hope you’ll bear with me for a few paragraphs:

Daisy, thank you for asking me to go on this ride with you!  I’m so glad I said yes and will remember always the time we’ve spent together at CHA(s) and the laughs we’ve had.  I don’t think CHA will ever be the same for me again!  Your friendship and support have meant so much and I wish you great success in your new adventure.

Broni, what can I say.  From the time we first started out on Design Teams (which I believe the first may have been the Dirty Dozen), we’ve had at least one team that we’ve been on at the same time.  I’m feeling such a loss that we will no longer be a team together . . .

Starla, it has been such a pleasure for me to watch you grow as an artist.  I’m so happy you agreed to come along for the ride when we asked you (and that you listened to Yoda)!

Micki, who would have thought a few years ago when we met outside CHA that you and I would eventually be on a design team together!  It has been such a pleasure to see what you create each month  . . . each of your projects continue to inspire and amaze me.

Linda, it has been my honor to have served on this team with you.  I’m also thankful that we finally got to meet at CHA in January.  I will continue to stalk your blog to see what challenge you offer up next!

Thank you all for your encouragement, compassion, understanding and inspiration; BUT most importantly, thank you for your friendship!  I feel so blessed that each of you have touched my life in your own special way.  My hope is that we all stay in touch and continue to inspire one another!

I think that wraps it up for me today . . . it has been one hell of a ride!


140 Responses to “The E-Team Takes A Final Ride!”

  1. Love your piece. I will really miss your team and all the creativity here. Happy for Daisy though!

  2. Love your page. That quote is so beautiful and so appropriate.

  3. This is a great giveaway. Sorry the Eteam is ending. Always love all the work you did for them.

  4. Love your Zentangle. It is very creative and I think you are having fun with the whole process of Zentangle and we get to reap the artful benefits. The closing of the e-team blog is sad but i’m happy for Daisy and her opportunities. I may have not always commented but I always took a peek at your work. Nice work today Sherry. TFS!!! 😀

  5. Oh, it’s so sad… I’ve only just discovered the eP blog, and now the Eteam is ending. I’m working round the blog hop finding such great things. I’ll be looking in on all of them, I think, even though this is the last official hop. I love the Peter Pan quote – always makes me cry – and what a fabulous giveaway.

  6. Love your design. I will miss all the creative designs. Your inspiration has been awesome!

  7. I enjoyed your doodle. I blew it up larger and took in all the details. So interesting and fun. Sorry that you are spending a lot of time in hospital waiting rooms. I will miss the E-Team, but will continue to follow faithfully. I love your work. All the best wishes to Daisy. Thank you all for such inspiration.

  8. So sorry to hear this sad news. Will miss seeing what the E-Team has to offer. Have enjoyed it while it lasted. Will continue to watch your blog though. Edna

  9. Great project! Your doodling is fantastic!! I’m sorry the e-team is breaking up, but happy that Daisy will be doing what makes her happy. Great giveaway too!!

  10. Your page is beautiful and I love the quote you chose. Sorry it is ending!

  11. I will miss the E-team! You all have provided so much inspiration and taught us so many new techniques! I will, as you say, “continue to stalk” all of your blogs as you are amazing designers! Thanks to Daisy for the blog candy! Wish her all the best!

  12. Oh so sad and happy for Daisy at the same time. I wish her well. The E-Team has given us all much inspiration. Thanks

  13. Your an amazing inspiration & talent – Blessing to you on each day of your journey. Thank you for all the ways youv’e blessed me.

  14. What a great zentangle! I love it. Thanks so much for the give-away. It’s a wonderful prize.

  15. LOVE your page, nice lettering! So sad you’re all leaving, we will miss you!
    XXX Ellie XXX

  16. just recently started coming to your blog & really enjoy your art! prayerfully all will be okay with all your hospital visits…it is soo exhausting…more tiring than working physically all day!
    love.your choice…my dad passed away 3 years ago & he never said good*bye on the phone or when we saw him over the years leaving his place or when he left ours to go home…even as a lil girl he always said “so*long” & i also say it…do not believe in “good*byes”…we will all see each other again…
    you have been kissed by Gods’ creative kisses…so glad you share your blessing…
    thank*U for the inspirations…take care with hugs & blessings, vikki

  17. The E Team has been an inspiration to me, but your talent will continue to open many other creative doors. Your quote is so fitting and personal. Good luck to Daisy.

  18. All the best to Daisy, but I’m afraid I have a selfish response because I will miss my favorite blog with so many talented artists. Sherry, I feel like I have a personal connection to you. Where will I find you now? The Peter Pan quote is perfect. Your Zentangle is amazing. I want to follow you to see where your creativity takes you next. The prize is amazing. Winning would be bitter sweet as I would mourn the team as I used each and every thing. Best of luck to you all–the best team ever.

  19. So sad to see the team dissolving. All of you are such talented ladies…thanks for taking all of us on the ride with you. What an awesome job on your doodle…and a fitting quote as well. BTW…I love Mumu….what a hoot!

  20. I really like the doodles and the quote. I hope for the best for all.

  21. AWESOME job Sherry!! Very nice doodle work! 😀

  22. Beautiful quote and tangle work,Sherry! So sorry the e-team is retiring!!!But you all have left lasting impressions on us all! Good Luck to Daisy, and thanks for continuing to inspire us, Sherry! You are an amzing talent!!!!

  23. I am sorry to see the end of the E-Team journey. It has been very inspiring and I will miss all of the wonderful creations. A great giveaway to as a send off!

  24. Sorry to see e-team go, but know you will continue to WOW us – please & thanks!

  25. Love your farewell, can just see it colored in red, white, and blue. The e-team has been an enjoyable part of my day and will be missed. Good luck to Daisy.

  26. The Doodles and the quote were lovely. The best to all who participated. Im sad that I discovered you this late.

  27. I also loved your farewell, and well said! Thankyou for your inspiration and sharing your talent also. (love the peter pan quote)
    Dot x

  28. What a beautiful project. I love the doodling and black and white. It is always sad when a great team says goodbye; thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  29. Love all of your work. This was a special team and I am sorry to see it end. I will miss having coffee with you in the morning. I alway spent way to much time in the morning following blogs.

  30. Sherry…it has been a pleasure! I spend a lot of time at the VA Hospital with hubby. What a great inspiration you breathe to tangle while waiting on tests and physicians. Wishing you good health and your heart’s desires come true!

  31. Thanks Yoda for starting me on a creative journey that I would have never considered on my own.
    I still have much to learn. Don’t leave me yet, Yoda!! (love ya!)

  32. Well, darn, darn, darn! I loved the Eclectic Paperie blog and E- Team blog hops and learned from each of you, too. What’s next on your agenda? Will you get on another design team? Don’t you dare disappear from internet land as your blog is my all time favorite!

  33. I LOVE this!!!

  34. oh how I love this quote…. I’ve never been a ‘goodbye’ sayer either. I know this is a bittersweet time for everyone of the team, but everyone has such bright futures ahead. 🙂

  35. I think that quote is so very appropriate…and the fact that you are using zentangles to make your point just makes it better! (I tangle too)

    great job!

  36. I forgot that Peter Pan said that. Great reminder that things only transition, not go away. thanks as always for sharing.

  37. I am so sorry to see the Eteam disbanding. Love this quote and the project dome in black and white. Your work is always inspiring and love your sense of humor. I will still check in every day to what woderful adventure you will take us on

  38. I just love the quote, thank you so much for sharing.

  39. Sherry, I love your doodling and especially the Peter Pan quote!

  40. What a wonderful tribute to your design team members. Your doodling is FANTASTIC and I think I may have found something new to try. Thank you for your inspiration…today and always.

  41. What a thoughtful post. Best of luck in all you do and keep on doodling…

  42. I love the quote you selected. It is perfect not only for your heartfelt journal page but also for your wonderful blog post today. Your Zentangle is a beautiful tribute to the friendship you have with your fellow E-Team members.

  43. Oh so sad that the E team is ending, you gals are awesome. I will miss the inspiration from all of you. I love what you have done with the Peter Pan quote. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win these great goodies.

  44. Love your quote. Thanks for sharing all your creativity with all of us.

  45. Oh no Sherry, I only discovered you last week from the Spellbinders Sneak Peak Announcements. I have looked at your blog over the last few days and have enjoyed what I have viewed from over here in the Uk.
    I hope in your retirement you are able to fill your time with new things to do, see and say.
    I am sure you will be missed by many but we all wish you well.
    Take care and crafting hugs, Ness xx

  46. Sorry to hear about the closing of this chapter. I only hope the next chapter holds even more excitement, satisfaction and joy. Great Zentangle! TFS

  47. Love, love your wonderful Zentangle. Great job!

  48. Wow Sherry, there is so much joy in good byes! Not in the parting, but in the memories you mention! I think I’m turning into a curmudgeon/old poop — see Katherine Hepburn in On Golden Pond, and I’m a little jealous of the joy I hear in your bon voyages (not goodbyes). The “doodling” is of course gorgeous, thank you for today’s post.

  49. I love your new doodling. That is really cool. Will need to show me that at lunch. It is sad that the team is closing down. I know how much fun you have had with Daisy. I remember the first time you two talked. Katie was getting married and we were getting ready to get out of the car at the court house. Wow you two have been together for years. Glad she is going to Disney, but sad about the team not working together any more.

  50. Hi!! So cute this project! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing and for this great inspiration!! Big hugs,, Maggy 🙂

  51. Love your tangling. Looks super. Hate to see the E-Team end, but sticking with you individually.

  52. Love the page and that happens to be my favorite quote and movie!

  53. Love your journal page. So sad that the E-team is breaking up as I’ve derived so much inspiration from you all.

  54. very cool, what a fantastic way to top it off! You did a fantastic job with this!

  55. I love your page, the Zentangle is amazing! I just discovered you all and am sorry this is the end of a great team.

  56. I love your doodling!! This is right down my alley, because I am a huge doodler–nothing like yours, of course! I am very inspired by you!!
    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful creations that you have shared with us–your lovely personality shines through each one!!! Best Wishes!!!

  57. I love your zentangling/doodling. And that quote is such a sad/sweet one!

  58. It is always so hard when a good thing ends, that you really enjoy! My hope for you is that a new team that you really love will pop up for you! I have always heard that when something ends, it makes room for something better. I hope this is true for you Sherri! I love your Journal page! That saying is so perfect. Thank you for offering the blog candy! Hugs Lori

  59. Man so sorry it is end love your work, thanks for all you have done through this team will miss it.

  60. I love how your Farewell doodle turned out, and black and white suits the sad feeling. I hope to enjoy many more of your projects, but I will miss the Eclectic blog hops.

  61. Thanks for the chance to win even if this is a sad ocassion.

  62. Awesome work, Sherry. I’m sure Daisy will love it!

  63. Cool doodling 😀

  64. You’re just fabulous to honor your DT members wish such wonderful thoughts and wishes! I love your pretty card with the creative lettering and I know you’re going to stand firmly on your feet when this is over. Chin up 🙂

  65. Wonderful project and I’m sorry to see the end of this journey for you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

  66. Sherry —wow, you gals TRULY love each other! I can feel the love on each stop of this hop. Truly bittersweet 🙁 Truly bittersweet 🙂 Thank you Sherry for sharing all of your creativity with your bloggy friends:) love Love LOVE your tangle-doodles:)

  67. What a beautiful page….absolutely love that quote. Will miss these hops 🙁

  68. I will really miss the E team! Daisy had a super store and all of the blog hops were marvelous! Love the Peter Pan sentiment for today as this is very true!

  69. Bittersweet indeed. Your choice of quote and your Zentangle are very uplifting. I loved the shading you did in the tangle. Thanks for all your inspiration and I will definitely be continuing to follow you.

  70. So sad when a company closes its business…..and we’ve had several close this year – all for a variety of reasons and not necessarily because we weren’t using their products. I love the package that Daisy selected for you….I love Spellbinders, Graphic 45, and anything Mo Manning is wonderful! I also love your tangling/doodling – very striking!

  71. like your chosen quote it brings out the child in all of us and the reluctance to say good bye to something good, reflected in the lack of colour in your page.

  72. Just LOVE your zentangled page! I can’t doodle to save my life but you seemed to have captured your Disney quote superbly in your drawing. Sorry to see you go but since I follow the blogs separately I can still be inspired by you! Thanks for taking us along the journey with you!

  73. The person who risks nothing, does nothing. This is a journey and one that is not over yet

  74. I know you hate to step away from this awesome ride. Things change and I’m sure with your talents, if you want another dt journey, you will be able to find it. Love your Zentangle! I’ve been doing several over the last 8 to 10 months. I love it, as it keeps my hands busy and out of trouble!

  75. Your unique offering for this final hop is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your heart, it’s a wonderful reminder to all of us to be glad for the people who share our creativity and craziness!

  76. What a sweet tribute to your Design Team members.
    I loved the doodling and you picked a perfect quote. I know it is sad that
    the team will no longer be together but cherish the memories. With you
    in the group, I know there had to be plenty laughs and fun times over the

  77. I love your page. I’m just getting into Zentangles and this is great inspiration. Will miss all of the e-teams ideas. And what a great quote.

  78. Sad to see this. I will miss all the creative work by this DT. Farewell

  79. Love your design!!! Sniff……really, really going to miss the EP hops. Already a follower in my reader so I’ll be back to see what your up to next.

  80. Sorry that you are losing this outlet and your friends’ contact on a regular basis. I do hope you will continue your blog because I always learn something from you.

  81. I like your page and the doodling.
    Savor the memories you have from working
    with your team members. Remember when one door
    closes, another one opens.

  82. Sherry,
    When one door closes another one will open. Just make sure you don’t keep looking at the closed one. You are very talented and will do great things wherever you end up.

  83. Whoa! That’s some awesome doodling! Love it!

  84. Great project. Enjoyed reading your post. Sorry the team will be splitting up, but I am sure you will keep in touch though blogland.

  85. Wow! This is an awesome work! You are very talented! 🙂

  86. Ok, you totally inspired me to try the Zentangle thing and I ordered not just the 1st book but a total of 3. I love your doodles and that quote is simply perfect. Yes, who would have thought, yet I am so glad because you truly are so inspiring and down to earth and tell it like it is and know when I say something but actually am trying to proof a point like reading between the lines. I love ya and you are absolutely right….this is not good-bye.

  87. Absolutely love your doodling!

  88. Such an utterly fabulous quote and a wonderful way to showcase it! I’ll miss seeing the E-Team’s work all together after this retirement! Thanks for sharing all that you have!

  89. Great art work Sherry! So sad to read that the E team will no longer exist but we can still follow the blogs and see more of the great work you and the others produce!

  90. You never know when a new ride is around the corner. I {heart} all the fun times we’ve shared. Your entangle is amazing. I want to learn now, too.

  91. I am so sorry that the wonderful fellowship you obviously feel for this team is ending. I have loved the inspiration all of these eP journeys have provided, and I know you will continue to inspire up with your amazing talent!

    I absolutely love your zentangle, and you could not have found a more appropriate quote, because I know that you will never forget the comraderie of the eP team!

  92. Although farewells are always sad, you’ve created a fun page with all the zentangles. Love it.

  93. I have just begun to tangle. Isn’t it fun? Love yours. Sorry you are in doctor offices!

  94. Sorry that this creative source for me is disbanding…..but YOU will still be sharing won’t you??? Hope so.

  95. Sherry, I love how you doodled your journal page and used the quote from Peter Pan. Thanks for all of your inspiration as part of this team.

  96. Sherry…I am so sad for us…but happy for Daisy. I am going to miss the E-Team. So glad I got to “know” you via EP. I’m a follower of your blog, so we’ll keep it touch.

    Your tangling skills are growing exponentially! Love this project, and the quote is perfect. See you around, lady-o!

  97. I’ve got doodle-envy now! Love your project and your farewell to the team was awesome. I’m sure they will appreciate every word.

  98. Bittersweet, but beautiful.

  99. Thank you for this wonderful post. It is very sad to hear about the end of such a nice group.

  100. What a tearful, charming post….thanks!!!!

  101. this qoute really hit home for me, my DH is battaling a terminal cancer, and i don’t want to say goodbye. i always love your stuff and come to your blog (and others ) for stress releif and to forget about the bad things. thanks for being there. i’ll miss Daisy and EP, but wish her the best.

  102. love your doodling project! thanks for a chance to win!

  103. What an excellent choice! And so beautifully executed! I’m so sorry the E-Team is coming to an end but am happy Daisy is following her heart. You have all been such an inspiration!
    Thank you so much!
    Sue Brailey

  104. Hi Sherry
    my mom used to say, when one door closes another opens
    i have found that to be very true. Thanks for the chance to win this sensational prize. Your daughter continues to be in my prayers. Ida

  105. Really like this, never too say goodbye. The drawing are just fab.

  106. Really, really lovely creation. The doodling/tangling is not something I do well, but you certainly do and I enjoy looking at it. What a beautiful farewell.

  107. Love your Disney quote–Peter Pan is one of my favs! Your zentangle is awsome. I don’t have the patience for that. Thanks for all your inspiration on the e-P blog hops. Bette

  108. Oh, Sherry, your zentangle is FABULOUS!!! You have no idea how much I’m going to miss you all. I’ve told Daisy she has one of the best design teams EVER!

  109. Sherry, awesome tangling!!! I’m such a fan of zentangles and yours is outta sight. I’m so glad your blog will still be available to inspire…. but, did you have to make me cry?! Your quote is so fitting.

  110. thanks so much for the opportunity to learn from all of you..Your generosity to share your art continues to inspire ..look forward to seeing what is aroudn the corner for all of you…thank you..

  111. Fabulous page!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Okay, it’s been a “season” in my life these past few months of major changes, and now this … don’t know if I can handle this!! Like I told the others. I’ll be following your blogs, and I know I’ll see your work somewhere 🙂 Love your page and the expressions of love among you. You girls have taught and inspired in so many ways. I’m using so many of my tools !! Thank you !!

  113. Oh Sherry, your zentangle doodling is wonderful.. And to go with your quote…. maybe it’s not the end but a new beginning down another path… enjoy your art journey. You are very talented! Maybe you will meet up with your friends on a different design team!

  114. I am a long time follower here, which took me to Ecletic Paperie. I have enjoyed these blog hops for a year or more, now. I wish you all wonderful journey’s from here. Thanks for sharing all your talents. I hope to keep hearing more from you, Sherry!!! No Graphic 45 or E-Team now. Keep the tallent rolling!

  115. This one made me tear up-I hadn’t thought of that quote for years.So many times it would have been perfect.Thank you for sharing your wit,wisdom, and talent with us.

  116. So sorry to see EP go. Great page.

  117. Love this quote and it is so fitting for this time. Daisy is the best person every and I’m so glad that you enjoyed being on the E-Team. It was a great team that brought a lot of joy to many of us.
    I’m also sure that your creative abilities are going to open many more doors for you. Good Luck to you and the rest of the E-Team.

  118. Love your tangling, Going to miss the e-team, really enjoyed all the inspiration you all shared.

  119. wow what an awesome farewell card. man I’m not much of a softy but you bout had me on your shout outs to everyone. I just recently found and started following all you all and wish I would have found you guys a lot sooner. E-team’s taste in art is right up my alley.
    Your quote is so true. I NEVER say goodbye to anyone. Goodbye is forever and forever is a long time.. What a perfect piece you threw out there today. Love your work. you rock thank you from parkersburg wv

  120. This is absolutely gorgeous hun 🙂 xxx

  121. Peter Pan was smart for someone who never grew up! Enjoy your new journey!

  122. Oh, how sad – and just when I found you! Love your Zentangle and quote. Now I wish I had found you sooner as well!

  123. Oh I love your quote and zentangle! I hope the next chapter is as good as the first with the eteam!

  124. I’m sad to see the team ending. The quote you chose was perfect though!

  125. Sheri,
    Wow. You are such an amazing and diverse designer. Love what you had to say and always love what you create. It’s clear to me that “you go deep, girl.”

    Cheers and happy creating, Eli

  126. Some of the simplest designs take the most time……this design must have taken hours and it is not simple. Takes me back to high school art design class and that was a long time ago. Thank You for the reminder!

  127. Sherry, sorry the team is no longer going to be, but glad to know that you are sticking around. Love your work.

  128. Oh, this is PERFECT! It’s a fabulous quote and it really sums up what you wrote about your journey with the ETeam. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tangles. Also really like the fact that there’s no color on your page. Losing the ETeam sort of drains the color out of the creative world, at least for now.

  129. Oh Sherry, you are so good at the doodle-ing thing i love it. Great prize wow! i stalk your blog as well as the others so its really not good bye, just be seeing you in a different setting. I love your work keep the inspiration coming! big hugs candy

  130. A absolutely perfect Farewell.

  131. WOW – you have said it perfectly Sherry, love your awesome doodling too 🙂
    Fare the well and keep up the great work!!!

  132. I think you picked the perfect quote. I will continue to visit your blog for inspiration. Your ‘Tangle is amazing!

  133. I am holding back tears. Your messages to your team members are so heartfelt and I too will miss the E-Team. Also I am a huge Disney fan as in cannot get enough. Love your tangles and the quote you chose. Have a magical day.

  134. Loving your “tangle”

  135. Your doodling is impressive! Sorry the e-team is disbanding. Sounds like you’ve got lots to keep you busy though 🙂

  136. Sorry to hear the team is retiring but glad you will still be creating!

  137. I love you tangling page!

  138. love your awesome doodling.. and will bookmark all the eteams sites!

  139. Beautiful ‘doodling’ – my goodness! I have always loved Walt Disney’s creativity. Thanks for the chance to win.

  140. Love your tangling! Haven’t tried it myself, but it looks like fun!

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