Good Tuesday morning!  I know it’s Tangle Time Tuesday and I do have a couple of new tangles to share with you.  BUT first, I have to share a couple of photos . . .

recently we’ve had a number of geese roaming the streets.  There are two ponds by my house, one on each side of the block to the rear of us.  I haven’t gone by recently to check on the water levels but my guess is that they’ve been fairly low.  We always have some type of ducks or geese at the ponds but recently they’ve taken to walking up and down the streets.  This was the scene Sunday morning.


and then at the front end of the boulevard.


These were taken from my front porch .  . . Mr. Stodgy warned me to be careful when walking around the boulevard, watching where I step.   That is my normal walk with the dogs . . . one lap around the boulevard and it’s a half mile.

Geese are not unusual to the area, and in most places where they are there are hundreds of them.  I don’t actually know that they ever leave the area anymore what with the weather we’ve had the last few winters . . . maybe they still do and I just haven’t noticed.

Now for some tangles.

The first was done on a Zentangle Square (you can tell by the rounded corners).


The second was done on hot press watercolor paper.


That’s all I have for today, but wait until tomorrow . . . I’ve got a surprise post coming up!

Thanks for stopping by and remember . . .  life is short, enjoy the adventures that come your way today!


8 Responses to “We Had a Parade!”

  1. You inspire me! These are wonderful!

  2. Love it. Keeps me motivated. Thanks.

  3. You may have all of those ducks (though called Canada geese, they are ducks) you want – VERY much do not like them! They are everywhere here – nasty, dirty things ….
    Ok, off my soapbox … lol
    Your tangles are so wonderful!! I love the flow of yours – they just seem to melt from one tangle into another – love it!!

  4. always so amazing!

  5. Beautiful tangles!!! Missed seeing your work last week. Your parade of geese reminds me of the wild turkey parades we get in our yard. Sometimes thirty to forty of them!!

  6. How funny Sherry. They are just letting all of you know that it is their territory. Our place is built into a side of a mountain and we have a fire break above our property line that we maintain in case of fires that does not belong to us but can be seen from our backyard. In the morning we have a similar sight but our’s is of quail which do the same thing. They form a single line and kind of a running pace. It always makes me laugh because quail bob their heads and move rather fast. We have hundreds of them out here. They dissapear into the natural brush areas about mid morning. Love nature of any kind.

  7. Geese are everywhere at the park where we walk…and you do have to watch where you step!

    Great tangles…and I’m looking forward to the surprise post!

  8. Lovely tangles Sherry. We only have run of the mill Sparrows Blackbirds, Magpies and Seagulls and such, around where I live. I have a park around a mile away with swans, ducks and geese in it though.

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