7 Responses to “Mixed Media Storage Box!”

  1. Sherry this is wonderful. I love that you can take a plain empty box and make it so special. I’m still a huge fan of your flowers as well!

  2. Oh! Beautiful!

  3. I am a fool for boxes and you have decorated this one beautifully!

  4. Very cool, like the distress feel of the paste on the side and your arrangement on top is just Gorgeous!

  5. I am laughing as I picture little Hadlee unplugging your laptop. LOL. As you know I have twins, which means double the fun but double the trouble when it comes to seperation of their toys versus Grandma’s toys!!!!! But now that they are 3yrs, they do know that their are some things, that Grandma is not willing to share with them. LOL. My craft room and my office are definitely off limits, but that doesn’t mean they are still not curious and we do set aside a little crafting time together. Usually at the table. I can see some real artistic abilities forming already in those two.
    Your box is amazing. I love all the elements you achieved Sherry!!!!!

  6. I am in awe and oh so very envious of your talent. This box is gorgeous.

  7. oh man, that turned out gorgeous. Even on the picture you can see the awesome texture/crackle you got. LOVE it.

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