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  1. Love this and that you even used latex paint in your work. Cool.

  2. thanks for sharing you are all so talented the colours are so vibrant

  3. Just gorgeous! Love everything you make!

  4. What beautiful inspiration!

  5. Loving all the layers and textures and colors on your canvas! Very cool you incorporated Ken’s Pegz Alphabet stamp, too. I want to try that product next!
    And gorgeous, lovely cards!

  6. What a variety of ideas you used. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Stunning! I especially love the cornish petals cards. Beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous layers and texture ~ who would have thought of surgical gauze?! Love that idea. So many wonderful techniques in your post!

  9. Sherry, your canvas is just so beautiful! Love all the wonderful details and especially the colors! The cards are beautiful, too!

  10. It’s looking so very cool. great product

  11. We must be kindred spirits…I love to use interior paints. I’m always cruising the paint aisle looking for cans of “oops” paint! Your work is fantastic…thanks for sharing!

  12. Wonderful works of Art! Each is intense and varied, very nice!

  13. Gorgeous color! I can’t wait to get my hands on these!!

  14. Gorgeous creations! The canvas is extra stunning… love the gauze you used cause I think it made such a wonderful crackled antique effect. Seems like the color bursts can just about be used for anything and with anything!

  15. Beautiful project, Sheri! You’re such a talented artist.

  16. surgical gauze!!! what a fantastic outside-the-box thing to use! all of your art is just beautiful! thanks for sharing Sherry!

  17. So much color and so many layers…LOVE it!

  18. Sherry, I am always inspired by your beautiful creations! I love what you did with Kens color burst products and the Stencils. I am in love with both!

  19. Your projects are beautiful! I really love the idea of using the Color Bursts to dye flowers, and I love the way you used the gauze in the background!

  20. Day 3…really like the canvass and really like how you did the flowers!

  21. Gorgeous projects! I love the vibrancy of these color bursts!

  22. the canvas is beautiful. I love the look that the gauze gave it.
    It’s so fun when you find an odd or end and it works so well into your design. The birdcage is a great find.
    thanks for sharing the cards too. I’m anxious to get my hands on the color burst.

  23. Wow – love the canvas. Love seeing all the ways to use these products!

  24. It looks fabulous. Specially love the flowers in those gorgeous colours.

  25. I love the background on your first piece using Color Bursts, indoor latex paint, and surgical gauze! Wowsers! Thanks for giving more ideas for how to use stencils and Color Bursts together.

  26. Your cards are beautiful! It might be interesting to grind up a bit of watercolor cake to practice before the Color Bursts are available… now where did I leave that mortar and pestle? LOL

  27. This set is wonderful! It seems you can go on and on and on! Must stop reading asnd get arting!

    alhrobkin (at) aol (dot com)

  28. OMG! Your mixed media piece is the prettiest piece of work I have ever seen. I love layers and texture!

  29. love what you made with the color burst

  30. Fabulous project. I love all of the different layers. . TFS

  31. Love that you can add color burst to embossing paste. Will have to get some color burst!

  32. Beautiful cards and canvas!

  33. Hey there! Had to come over to see the layers you created on your canvas <3 And then BONUS! Love the cards you created too! So fun this Color Burs – great inspiration so far…ideas are twirling! LOL!

  34. Oh wow, what gorgeous texture!

  35. i love all od the experimenting…bea

  36. This was a great tutorial! Thanks for the wonderful ideas! I really can’t wait for Color Bursts to hit the market!

  37. love love love all your projects using the color bursts. Such vibrant colors really make your art pop!

  38. This canvas is simply stunning!!! I knew there was a use for all that gauze I salvaged from a closet at work!!

  39. Thank you for choosing 2 of my stencils to create this gorgeous artwork!

  40. You did an amazing job. Seems like there is nothing the Color Bursts won’t do!

  41. Just love what you did with the color bursts on this project. It’s beautiful


  43. Love, love, love the colorburst and the use of the stencils. Already have a stencil addiction now I am going to have to get a collection of colorburst to play with.

  44. Can’t wait to try the Color Bursts on some wonky flowers I clipped from an old hat. Thanks so much for showing how the could be used on something like the floers. I only have green & yellow flowers left in washed out colors, so think the would take several different colors.

  45. I love different mediums that used. I have a lot af canvases in my stash. I have been inspired to use my Color Burst.


  46. great mixed media piece! and I love the watercolor effect on the cards.

  47. Love all the ideas you have in your project Sherry! The surgical gauze gave such good texture! Thanks so much for playing with us this week at StencilGirl!

  48. Magnificent. Love the techniques and color use.

  49. I can’t wait to create with Color Burst!

  50. Wow.. This is Beautiful. The colors and textures are amazing.

  51. I am so intimidated by mixed media, but you make it seem doable. Yours is gorgeous!

  52. I like the modeling paste colored by color burst.

  53. I’m loving all the color burst tutorials, especially the canvas & gauze you did here.

  54. WOW! So many variations. I really loved the technique of mixing the Color Bursts into wet latex paint and then adding the surgical gauze–great effect. I definitely want to try this out. The simpler watercolor paper piece was also beautiful. Thank you!

  55. Really beautiful projects.

  56. Your work is gorgeous! So many ideas for me to explore!

  57. Great pieces Sherry. And thanks a million for using my stencil to such great effect!

  58. These are great. Can you tell me what weight your watercolor paper is? Also have you ever tried Yupo?

  59. I really love the versatility and intensity of Color Burst. Yum!
    textilerecycler (at) yahoo (dot com)

  60. Love your projects – great pieces as usual! The inks and stencils are great – can’t wait to get my hands on some color burst! Thanks for sharing!

  61. Hi, I love the way you used the color burst and the gauze. Thanks for doing the blog hop with prizes.

  62. What an interesting textured background! Love it!

  63. LOVE THESE IDEAS! Awesome project.

  64. I love the color and texture.

  65. beautiful colors and layers!

  66. Love the way all of your artwork turned out! The mediums and textures really enhance the brilliant color bursts. Thanks for sharing with us!Janicebond**at**gmail**dot**com

  67. LOVE this with all the layers and textures.


  69. The ColorBursts are so vibrant, but I so enjoyed the muted look also….

  70. Oh I have GOT to get my hands (and floor and desk and dogs) on this powder! whoot whhot!

    Dana Martin

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