26 Responses to “Spackling Compound and Chipboard!”

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. You are so talented. You just amaze me. I can’t wait to see what you do with the bee’s wax. I have never used it so I hope a tutorial will come with it.

  2. Love the final look. It’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  3. Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. gorgeous frame!!!

  5. Beautiful. Hope it does not fall apart because I believe I shall not be waiting very long to find out from you. I just have to try this one myself. Also happy to hear good news about your family. I believe people would not ask if they did not want to know.

  6. Wow Sherry, that is gorgeous!!

  7. very cool frame for your drawing, love the texture it gives, and the great patina!

  8. Man…do I ever love this! The texture is just amazing, and it looks so high end with the finishes you added. Once again, I am wishing you were my neighbor! LOL

  9. Sherry, that chipboard you linked — I’m wondering about the various thicknesses. I have become addicted to Clare Cavell on the G45 DT. I’ve been watching her youtube stuff and she refers to “2mm chipboard” – do you happen to know what a comparable would be in the US? Would we call it medium? I actually found some place to order it and have done so, but now I’m also wondering about cutting it. Jim the Gentleman Crafter mentioned this new Fiskars trimmer that works on thicker chipboard. Anyway, I’m wondering if you have any thoughts, discoveries you’ve already made, actual knowledge about this — I’m thinking of expanding! xoxo Mary
    PS, I hope all is well with the girls.

    • Sherry, Jim (Gentleman crafter), and Laura Denison another G45 DT, both use Paper Accents 50pt chipboard on their projects. It can be found at Scrapadabadoo dot com and at Createforless dot com. It is much sturdier weight chipboard for 3D projects. Jim uses a rototrim cutter for his chipboard, but tried out the new fiskars and says it works on the heavier chipboard. You can also cut it with a hand held quilters rotary cutter or exacto knife. I personally love the rototrim, but it is costly and only worth it if you do alot of the 3D projects including mini album covers. Hope this helps.

  10. wholy cow batman…. that is wonderful. Looks awesome and like it’s a really heavy frame. Perfect for that gorgeous tangle. 🙂

  11. Sherry, your frame is gorgeous. If you like the results of the spakle, you might try dampening your chipboard before applying or preping the area with a primer first. That is what is recommended when using spackleing on wall board that has not been textured or painted yet.
    Have not tried it on chipboard, but definitely have used it on room remodels and wall board has a paper finish when first installed.

  12. Wonderful !! I have some presentation board that I bet this would work for this technique. I wonder if grungeboard would work? Anyway, I love that your beautiful tangle stands out – after all, isn’t that the purpose of the frame 🙂

  13. Love, Love, LOVE the texture!!

  14. WOW!! I love the way this turned out. It’s awesome looking!!

  15. Gorgeous!!

  16. Boy your creative juices are flowing girl! Hoping that spackle sticks cause this is simply gorgeous!

  17. Ah! Inspiring and now I’m off to muck up my own take on your fabulous technique. Woman! I love how you wow me! 😀

  18. The frame is stunning. It’s amazing what you have achieved. The tangles looks right at home inside that glorious frame. beautiful work. TFS!!! ;-D

  19. Very nice. I wish I could come up with something so creative and great looking like that.

  20. EXTREMELY cool!!! Bravo!

  21. oh brilliant and it shows up the zentangle so well. Would love to have a try at the patterns, could you recommend anywhere for patterns and the type of pens please. Love all your projects, so inspiring.
    Lynne 🙂

  22. Fabulous looking frame for the zentangle!

  23. Great frame for your zentangle designs Sherry. I love the texture and the soft colour doesn’t take you away from the striking focal point of the lovely tangle displayed.
    I tried a bit of texture this week too, using glue and metal foils scraps on a wee book I decorated for zentangles (on my blog) I don’t have any spackle. I decided it was too small for sketching in but was just the right size for zentangle doodling.
    I’m looking forward to your beeswax project now, :o)

  24. WOWZERS! This is an amazing project, thanks for the deets!

  25. Fabulous frame, Sherry. I think your spackle should work fine. I recently used it on an art journal page. I never even gave a thought that it might fall off. And of course, I love all your tangles.

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